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The episode starts out with a recap of Ash's battle with Spenser, it shows Sceptile beating Shiftry, Heracross attacking Venusaur, Claydol Rapid Spinning Swellow, Sceptile's Solarbeam knocking out Claydol and finishes off with Ash posing with his newly won Skill Symbol.

We join the gang on a boat, Ash holding his Battle Frontier symbol case, looking at the 5 symbols he has already won and Max states how he has only two symbols to get before he has the full set. sitting behind Max and Ash, Brock and May sit watching on discussing how the next place for Ash to battle is the Battle Tower and Ash is more than ready, clenching his fist in an action pose.

The boat arrives at the nearby island, our four heroes walk off and Ash full of energy and eager for battling, until all of a sudden two party balls pop infront of them and Jessie and James great them to the island saying that they have won something. This excites the gang and Jessie goes onto to explain how them and their Pokémon have won free massages.

We join them all in a tent, Ash, Brock, Max and Max lying down on separate tables, sitting on a table near them Pikachu, Eevee and Bonsly watch on. James starts the session rolling and then Meowth pushes a button from behind the curtains to trigger metal bars locking the lying heroes into position. Team Rocket reveal their true identities and approach Pikachu who they are after stealing. Pikachu fires a thunderbolt at them under Ash's instruction but it hits a hidden barrier infront of them so causing no direct hit. A cage drops down from above and traps Pikachu, Eevee and Bonsly within it, Ash picks up Sceptile's PokéBall and calls him out to help. Jessie sends out Dustox to counter and James uses Mime Jr to help out, but James grabs it and starts to hug it hoping it doesn't get hurt in battle.

Sceptile jumps up and hits Dustox with a Leaf Blade, we see from outside the tent that Dustox causes the tent to shape around it because it was knocked so hard. Dustox replies with a Psybeam which fires Sceptile back into the tent, again stretching the canvas around itself. Munchlax releases itself from its PokéBall right infront of Jessie, James and Mime Jr, May orders a Metronome from Munchlax which whips up a Sandstorm attack, much to its surprise.

Everybody is clinging on in fear for themselves, Bonsly, Eevee and Pikachu are set free from their cage and the tent is sent flying, along with Team Rocket. The dust settles Brock, Ash, May and Max begin to pull themselves up from the wreckage of what was the tent. Eevee walks forward from where it was hiding but Bonsly and Pikachu are nowhere to be seen, Max looks up towards the sky and realises that Pikachu and Bonsly must have been blasted off along with Team Rocket.

We pan up to the sky and then back down again to where Team Rocket lay injured from their fall, James stands up in distress, he cannot find Mime Jr, Jessie also says that Meowth is nowhere to be seen. The camera pans up a city, we hear the scuffling of the missing Pokémon who we see to be trapped in the tent which has wrapped itself up dangling the Pokémon over the edge of a building. Meowth falls out of the bottom as it tears opened, followed by Pikachu, Bonsly and Mime Jr who all land on Meowth who then struggles to get to his feet.

Suddenly a huge black car pulls up along side the Pokémon with an Electrike on the front in the style of a Rolls Royce. Out step three rather sinister looking men in black suits, hats and dark sunglasses, terrifying Meowth who cowers behind Pikachu. The men attempt to grab Bonsly and Mime Jr but before they can the tent cover falls onto them and the Pokémon seize their chance. The men give chase on foot, the Pokémon come to a corner as the car pulls around infront of them cutting them off. Meowth spots a thin alley which they use as a getaway squeezing down their as two of the goons are two big to fit. The third goon is on his phone in the background.

Meowth, Bonsly, Mime Jr and Pikachu are resting under a bridge, Meowth gets upset wondering what will happen to them, what they have done wrong.. but the other three Pokémon just look on confused at what he is going on about. He stands up only to hear the three goons, they have tracked them down and start to give chase again so they run up the side of the embankment nearby, closely followed by the goons, but two of them slip and fall back down. The car again tries to cut them off but the four Pokémon just run across it's bonnet, Meowth grabbing the Electrike from the front by accident on his way over which he tosses aside.

In a yard the four Pokémon hide in some pipes as the goons run by unaware that they have fooled them by doing so, the Pokémon let out a sigh of relief and begin to relax for the first time since the chase began.

Later on the four Pokémon are walking through a residential area, there are clothes lines hanging over head above them, their stomachs rumbling they struggle to walk on through. Meowth complains of hunger and the other three Pokémon collapse behind him. Meowth spots a woman who is carrying 7 or 8 boxes of Pokémon food up into her flat but cannot get them all through the door. Meowth walks over, stealing some clothes on his way dressing up as a worker and offers the woman some help, he runs all the boxes of food up to her flat but keeps one for himself, but as he tries to make his getaway the woman notices him trying to run off with the food however the lady is kind enough to let him keep the food for which he thanks her. Upon arrival back to the other Pokémon he presents the food however Pikachu does not trust him, he explains himself and the three Pokémon lighten up excited at the concept of a decent meal.

Brock, Max, May and Ash are walking through the town, all three with concerned looks upon their face, Brock says how Bonsly gets hungry easily but is only a baby so needs it's bottle and as he says this we cut to Bonsly who although having his food infront of him is crying. Pikachu explains the situation to Meowth who mixes up Bonsly's food with some water from a pump so that it he can drink it through a straw, cheering him up. However their lunch break is rudely interrupted by a car which screeches to a halt next to them with the Electrike selotaped back on. The three Pokémon run off again pursued by the three goons again.

We see James and Jessies looking for Mime Jr and Meowth at the end of an alley, Jessie lifts up a blue cloth and sees underneath it a Bonsly and Mime Jr but they have scarves around their necks. James doesn't think that the Mime Jr is his and as he says so the two Pokémon run off out of the alley and straight into Ash, all of a sudden a screaming horde of women come running towards the gang and chase Mime Jr and Bonsly off down the road shouting "Bonsly King" and "Mime Jr Queen" which confuses Ash and Max, but May being a girl knows exactly what they mean.

May goes on to explain how they are crossed lovers which upsets Brock because he is so happy and he begins to cry jealous of their situation and Max says something which really upsets him and he begins to hit the wall.

We see a bridge over a river with people on it but we cannot make out what is going on, the four pursued Pokémon run straight into the middle of what appear to be a movie set on the bridge. The cameramen spot the Pokémon and start to question them where they have been, but the director holding a script comes up to them but notices how they are missing their scarves. They compare them to a picture of the real Bonsly King and Mime Jr Queen but realise it is not them, Meowth watches this a gets an idea, he is going to try fool the director but as he starts to run off he is grabbed by a disguised Jessie who has already had this idea. Brock hugs his Mime Jr and Jessie runs off to the director and manages to get him to film Bonsly and Mime Jr instead of the real Bonsly King and Mime Jr Queen.

Bonsly and Mime Jr stand their with their newly found scarves around their necks, we see two men dressed up as Bonsly and Mime Jr acting out the next scene as being described by the director. The two men act out the scene, they walk past each other completely oblivious and then turn around saying each others name and a sparkle appears in their eyes and they jump into a hug. Jessie compliments them and begins to talk to the Pokémon but Bonsly starts to cry, Jessie unaware of what to do starts to panic so picks him up and comforts him.

Mime Jr rehearses along side the man dressed up as a Mime Jr, and does exactly what he does, much to the director's delight. Everybody now is sitting at a table eating some food, Jessie is acting all nice to Pikachu who is still unaware of their identity but after doing so whispers to Meowth about stealing Pikachu when the time is right.

We see Ash, May, Brock and Max walking through a street, there are many posters of the Bonsly King and Mime Jr Queen on the walls around them, as May worryingly talks about Bonsly and Pikachu she spots the goons holding Bonsly and Mime Jr. Ash approaches them and the goons make up an excuse asking for a Pokémon Centre, he shows his card as a colleague explains the state of the Bonsly King and Mime Jr Queen and so Max helps by finding the Pokémon Centre on his PokéNav. The goons thank Max, Brock interrupts and explains his situation with Bonsly and how it is missing, the goon thinks and remembers seeing the group of Pokémon and says how he saw a Pikachu, which triggers a response from Ash immediately, so he and his friends prepare themselves to go find the missing Pokémon.

The director is on the phone ecstatic that Bonsly King and Mime Jr Queen have been found, Jessie over hears the conversation but a cunning grin comes from her when she thinks up a new plan to steal the Pokémon in question. She stands up and starts to talk to the director but is interrupted when Ash and Brock scream out the names of their Pokémon from a distance. Pikachu and Bonsly run into the arms of their trainers and receive a big hug from Ash and Brock respectively. Jessie watches on in awe, her sunglasses fall down off her eyes but she leans away to correct them.

The director and his crew are talking to the gang about filming the rest of the movie; Jessie and James are listening in from behind them, the director wants to include Pikachu into the movie, the gang are excited at this concept while Jessie comes walking up to them laughing and agreeing.

The filming begins, some crew are high up on a crane with a camera doing the overhead shot, the director and two more crew members are watching on via three TV screens, he calls out action and the acting starts. Ash and May are being used as walk-ons, behind them Bonsly and Mime Jr are doing their bit, the camera zooms onto them as they turn about to face each other. The director is very excited, we see Mime Jr and Bonsly meet in the middle and start to hug but then Jessie, James and Meowth walk infront of them and start to camera hog. This annoys the director and he calls out cut, Jessie asks him why he cut but he just gets them removed by some crew members who run on and do this swiftly.

Jessie is sitting upset and angry, James is trying to reason with her though, Jessie really is getting frustrated and decided instead of being a film star catching Pikachu is more important. The filming starts at the hug, the camera zooms in on the two Pokémon but before it finishes an explosion goes off somewhere off camera. Team Rocket emerge from the dust and start to do their motto, after doing so the director barges in and shoves them off camera in a head butt style move whilst shouting cut. He hurls abuse at them, but Jessie replies with a head butt right back at him knocking the wind out of him. Brock orders a barrage of flail attack from Bonsly on Jessie and in response James orders a Mimic from Mime Jr which copies and thus attacks Bonsly.

Bonsly as told by Brock uses Fake Tears causing Mime Jr to hold its hands over its ears however James tells Mime Jr to use Tickle on Bonsly making it laugh really hard. The director is loving this and so is filming it all from the crane, James however is getting fed up so he orders a Teeter Dance, but everybody around gets confused by it and starts to do the dance. The whole crew are dancing but as it finishes Jessie turns back into her evil self, she sends out Seviper but an Iron Tail from Pikachu cuts Seviper down to size. A swirling Poison Tail is sent back at Pikachu who manages to avoid it with ease, and Pikachu finishes off Seviper with a Volt Tackle. Who flies into Jessie and James who in turn are blasted off, James with Mime Jr in hand therefore happy.

The director calls out cut and congratulates everyone on a brilliant show and as the camera pans down from him we see Ash, Brock, May and Max lying in a heap in rubble with Pikachu standing there with a cheeky grin on its face knowing it had destroyed the whole set.

Thanks to grem for writing this for us

442: King & Queen For A Day

442: King Bonsly & Queen Mime Jr!



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