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The gang are walking down a country path, nearing their next destination and with both Brock and Max stating that the Battle Tower is just past the next town. This pleases Ash as it won't be much longer before he can challenge it and try to win his sixth Frontier Symbol. Just then, May spots something up ahead, a cute Smoochum hiding behind a bush. When it sees them it twirls on the spot causing May to fall in love with it. She reaches out to pick it up but before she can a blue light appears around the Pokemon, which Brock recognises it as a Psychic attack. As they watch Smoochum being lifted into the air and freezing wind is blasted at them from beyond the cover of the trees.

As they wonder where the wind came from Smoochum disappears behind the trees and another blast of cold wind is launched. They gang walk on through it, trying to find the source of the attack. Up ahead the Smoochum is lowered into the hands of a Jynx and the gang arrive finding the Jynx and its two companions, with max realising that they must have created the cold wind. As Ash approaches them two of them attack again, covering him with snow. This angers Ash who tells Pikachu to fight back with Thunderbolt. However as it charges up the attack, one of the Jynx uses Ice beam, freezing Pikachu. Ash is furious at this but May stops him from attacking again as she realises the Jynx are only trying to protect Smoochum. Brock suggests they find another way around, so Ash grabs as the gang back off. As they disappear, one of the Jynx turns rounds to check on Smoochum and finds it is gone. The Jynx panic and scatter as they try to find it.

Nearby, Meowth is moaning about how exhausted he is after all of their failed schemes and poor living conditions. Jessie and James reprimand him saying that there are Pokemon worse off than him and they still have one rice ball left. The three of them try to grab it and begin to fight as they are all unwilling to share it. James suggests they play rock, paper, scissors to decide who gets it, however this doesn't solve anything as Jessie cheats. She and James argue as Meowth tries to get the rice ball while they are distracted. Jessie and James stop him but in the scuffle they knock the rice ball off they tree stump it is placed on and down a slop. It falls into a bush as the three of them chase after it, but when they catch up they are dismayed to discover Smoochum eating it. Jessie groans about how hungry she is until Smoochum smiles at her causing her to forgive it, James and Meowth are also wooed by Smoochum's charm. Jessie cuddles it in her arms and hatches a plan to make money out of Smoochum's cuteness, which involves turning Smoochum into celebrity pop star. As the three rejoice at the formation of another seemingly fool proof plan, Smoochum looks confused. Meanwhile the three Jynx continue searching for Smoochum and eventually one of them spots Team Rocket's balloon, with Smoochum in it. They can only watch on horror struck as the balloon floats away to a nearby city.

At the town centre, Nurse Joy gives Ash Pikachu back, declaring it fully healing. Brock uses this opportunity to make a move on her, as usual, but Ash pushed away by an exasperated Ash. Just then they hear a screeching sound outside, Cars are skidding over frozen roads and crashing into giant mounds of snow. The three Jynx are on rampage and are attacking the city in an attempt to find Team Rocket and Smoochum. The gang track the Jynx next to a pond the city park where a Magikarp and a Spearow have been frozen. They question the Jynx as to why they are doing this and the Jynx use their Psychic powers to project the image of the Team Rocket's balloon into their minds. The gang realises that Team Rocket must have taken Smoochum and the Jynx are trying to get it back. Ash sends out Swellow and tells it to find Team Rocket. As it flies off, Ash tries to calm the Jynx down but they continue attacking the city. Trying to stop them, May sends out Combusken and tells it to use Fire Spin. It appears to have stopped the Jynx but then they break free of the attack and strike back , knocking Combusken out. At that moment Swellow returns having found Team Rocket. The gang wonder how to get the Jynx to follow them. Ash has an idea and tells Pikachu to attack the Jynx with Thunderbolt. This provokes the Jynx causing to chase Ash and Co. allowing them to lead them to Team Rocket.

Meanwhile, Jessie is trying to teach Smoochum to dance so they kick off their scheme to make millions out of its appeal. At first Smoochum seems confused but starts to follow Jessie's instructions and joins in. However the gang have arrived and at the site of them, Team Rocket start to recite their motto, with Smoochum joining in at the end. When they finish, they see Ash and Co moving out of the way, giving the Jynx a clear shot at Team Rocket. They attack with icy Wind, covering Team Rocket in snow but they refuse to return Smoochum. They run off, as both the gang and the Jynx follow. Team Rocket hide in some bushes as they try and think of a way to distract them so they can get away. Jessie decides to disguise Meowth and Mime Jr. as Smoochum to buy some time. Their plan works as the two Pokemon leave the hiding place, the Jynx chase the fake Smoochum's. They are angered when they discover their them to be fake, and to make matters worse for Team Rocket, Jessie didn't use her time wisely. The third Jynx finds Jessie's hiding place, causing her to flee, she runs right past Ash and Co causing them to follow. Jessie reaches a phone mast and decides to climb it in order to get away from the Jynx. Unable to climb it themselves, the Jynx repeatedly fire Ice Beam attacks, which Jessie barely manages to keep ahead off. Luckily for her, the Jynx are soon too exhausted to continue, and she manages to reach a platform on the mast where she can wait for James and Meowth to get her in the balloon. The gang catch up and spot Jessie near the top of the phone mast. She taunts them as Ash decides to climb up to get to her. The Jynx see what he is doing and, thinking he is helping Jessie, and start firing their attacks at him. Brock, May and Max try to convince them otherwise and as they reconsider, Ash is able to catch Jessie. She radios James and Meowth asking where they are with the balloon but they are delay as they are still trying to inflate the balloon. Ash demands Jessie gives back Smoochum but she still refuses, however she leans too close to the edge of the platform and a strong wind makes her loose balance. She wobbles but manages to cling on to the edge but drops Smoochum. Ash jumps of the platform and manages to catch it, but goes into a freefall. He plummets to the ground at high speed but is saved when the Jynx use Physic to stop him and lower him to the ground. The Jynx approach him and bow their heads in thanks but Ash says he should be thanking them for saving him. Back on top of the phone mast Jessie weeps at the loss of Smoochum just as James and Meowth arrive in the balloon. She angrily jumps in and fires the robotic hand, grabbing Smoochum and taking it from the Jynx once more. The enraged Jynx freeze the arm with Ice Beam preventing it from retracting further. Ash then has Swellow use Aerial Ace, which snaps the arm and frees Smoochum, who starts to fall to the ground again. Brock, May and Max try to catch and trip over each other in the process, but still give Smoochum a soft landing. Team Rocket, having failed again, try to get away in one piece, but Ash isn't willing to let that happen. The Jynx freeze the balloon, and as it drops Pikachu destroys it with a Thunderbolt, sending Team Rocket blasting off.

Later at sunset, the gang are on a nearby cliff and are giving Smoochum back to the Jynx. Smoochum has grown found of Ash and as he sets it down, Smoochum starts to glow and evolves into another Jynx. The three other congratulate their companion, as May comments on how happy the four Jynx look. The Jynx again bow their heads in thanks to the gang as Ash reminds the newly evolved Jynx not to get lost again. May complains the events of the day have made her hungry and wants to go back to the Pokemon Centre. Ash still wants to get to the Battle Tower, but can't resist the prospect of a warm meal and a comfortable bed. The episode ends with the gang looking forward to Ash's upcoming battle for his sixth Frontier Symbol.

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445: Three Jynx & A Baby!

445: Smoochum & The Three Jynx Sisters!


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