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The episode starts with Ash, Brock, may and Max walking through a wood with Ash repeating his desire to get to the Battle Pyramid and his rematch with Brandon.

As they continue along the path the notice a strange Parrot Pokemon sitting in a tree and run over to take a closer look. May wonders what Pokemon it could be and Brock recognises it as a Chatot. The Chatot starts to copy what the gang are saying and Max comments how amusing it is when it is when it does this.

At that moment a girl runs up to them and shouts to them to help her grab her Chatot, but before any of the can do anything Chatot flies off. The five of them give chase and eventually Chatot lands on a tree stump which allows Ash to grab it. The girl thanks him and introduces herself as Ada and Ash and friends introduce themselves as well.

Max says it must be fun to have Chatot copy what you say all the time, but Ada says sometimes it does get annoying. Chatot demonstrates this by continuing to copy what Ada says which sparks and argument between the two of them, causing the gang to laugh. Ada explains that she is planning to enter the Comedy Grand-Prix held in the Johto region and Ash and friends ask her to give them a demonstration of her routine.

She starts of by introducing herself as 'The Seesaw Chat-a-Lots' and the two of them start, with the pair using Chatot's ability to create a convincing argument that amuses the crowd. They then do a Pokemon Rap where Chatot says battle commands for a Pikachu but makes a mistake in ordering a rock type move. The gang applaud saying it was really funny, but Ada explains that she has a problem whenever they go on the road as Chatot keeps escaping, and although Chatot returns every night it does the same thing the next day.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket are watching from nearby and Meowth comes up with a plan of how to steal Chatot and give it to the boss. He imagines how Giovanni could use Chatot ability to help him and they three of them believe success will fill their wallets.

Ada invites the gang back to her house for lunch, but on their way Team Rocket show up disguised as two salesmen. They claim to be selling 'surprise bags' which have a special surprise inside. The 'surprise' is a recording of people laughing which appears to creep May out. However, Ada buys some to use in her comedy routine, as she believes they will help her when she is struggling to get a laugh. She decides to test them out but the bags blow up, creating a cloud of smoke that blocks their view.

Team Rocket uses the diversion to grab Chatot and recite a mini version of their motto in the process. As the smoke clears, the gang chase after Team Rocket as they escape in their balloon. Inside a smug Team Rocket become amused by Chatot's ability, but become distract and forget about Ash and friends.

Ash sends out Swellow who uses Aerial Ace. The attack hits the basket and causes Jessie to drop the cage holding Chatot, allowing it to escape. Ash then sends out Aipom and tells it to use Swift. It does so, and the attack bursts the balloon and sends Team Rocket blasting off. As Chatot returns to Ada, it says something strange, to which Ada states that Chatot has been saying a lot of things like this lately and she is wondering if this has anything to do with where it keeps disappearing to.

Back at Ada's house, the gang ask Ada how often Chatot says these strange things. She says it is saying stuff like that all the time, but just then Chatot suddenly bursts out of its Pokeball and flies off.

The five of them run after Chatot along a river as it starts says more strange phrases. As they emerge into a clearing the find that Chatot has disappeared. Max wonders if these phrases that Chatot keeps saying could be a clue as to where it keeps going. The gang try to remember what it has said and conclude that Chatot must be going to a nearby hospital.

Chatot arrives at the hospital and is greeted by several young children who look very happy to see it. As Ash and friends arrive, they hear Chatot with the children. A nurse comes to close the window and notices the five of them and asks what they are doing here.

In the hospital office, a doctor and the nurse explain how this hospital is just for children and how all of them are upset as they are away from their families. When Chatot started turning up a few weeks ago the children became much happier. A girl, called Harina, comes in to the office holding Chatot and explains how all the children like Chatot as they enjoy listening to it mimic what they say.

Ada walks over to the girl and Chatot flies over and lands on her shoulder. Ada explains how the two of them are going on a journey to compete in the Comedy Grand Prix in Johto. This upsets Harina as it means that Chatot won't be able to keep visiting the hospital and she runs away crying. The doctor asks Ada if she will perform her comedy routine for the children as it would cheer them up and be good practice for the journey. Ada agrees and Ash and friends decide to pitch in and help as well.

As the show is about to start Max is trying to convince Harina to come out and watch but she just pulls her bed covers over her head and ignores him. Brock is the first to perform and does his singing and dancing act about girls, with Corphish crawling across the stage. This performance seems to creep the children as they stare at Brock with strange expressions on their faces.

Max watches from the window of Harina's room and comments on how he has a one track mind. Curious, Harina appears from under her bed covers.

Ash is next and has Donphan use Defence Curl with Pikachu jumping on top and running along as Donphan spins. The children enjoy this and laugh when Pikachu loses its balance and falls off.

Harina has now come over to the window to watch and Max tries to encourage her to come outside.

He is up next on stage, throwing Pokemon food for Munchlax to catch in its mouth. Harina comes outside and Max gets her to through some food to Munchlax. She does, and starts to enjoy herself as she sees Munchlax swallow it.

Now its May's turn, doing her Pokemon Contest routine with Squirtle and Eevee. She has Eevee fire a Shadow Ball high over the crowd which Squirtle destroys with an Ice Beam, creating a dazzling wave which the children stare in awe at.

Finally its Ada's turn on stage with her Chatot. The two of them start off with the rap about Pikachu, and the children laugh when Chatot calls the wrong attacks.

Before they can continue a bunch of Team Rocket's 'surprise bags' drop down on the stage. Team Rocket appear and attempt their own performance which doesn't go well with the audience except for the part where Cacnea attacks James as it comes out of its Pokeball. Max criticises their performance and annoyed, the seize Chatot and try to escape.

Jessie send out Dustox and Ash responds by sending out Sceptile. Jessie tells Dustox to use Tackle but Ash has Sceptile dodge the attack. Jessie commands Dustox to use Poison Sting but Sceptile uses Quick Attack to dodge it and them knock Dustox back. The children seem to be enjoying the Pokemon Battle and start cheering for Sceptile. Team Rocket are a bit intimidated by this and James has Cacnea enter the battle, however after the earlier routine Cacnea can only flop on the floor. Ash tells Sceptile to use bullet Seed and Jessie tells Dustox to dodge. The attack missies but follows through and frees Chatot from Meowth's ring. Ada has Chatot use peak, and Meowth complains and gets irritated when Chatot copies to voice, causing the children to laugh.

Team Rocket try get away in their balloon but Ash has Sceptile use Leaf Blade which sends Dustox crashing into the balloon causing it to explode, sending Team Rocket blasting off.

The children all say that they enjoyed the show and wish Ash and friends luck on their travels. Harina gives a box of cookies to Ada, the same ones she told her about earlier. She says that she knows that she and Chatot will win the Comedy competition.

The episode ends with the children saying goodbye to Ada and Chatot and the two groups parting ways on the separate paths to their own goals.

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Chatot Makes it's First Appearance in the Anime
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