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The episode starts with Ash in the hot springs at the Pokemon Centre. Max is watching him and asks him what he is going to do before his next re-match with Brandon. Ash is unsure as he doesn't what to do to train himself and his Pokemon.

Meanwhile, at the Contest Hall May is having the same problem. She seems depressed despite Skitty and Beautifly's attempts to cheer her up. Eventually they catch her attention and bring her out of her daze. May decides to practice their combinations. She tells Skitty to use Blizzard and then has Beautifly control it with Psychic. The combination seems to go well but May doesn't think that it is working right.

Ash and Max find her and are surprised to find she has Beautifly and Skitty with her. May says that her Mum sent them over after she told her that Beautifly had learned Psychic. Ash asks how her training is going and she says that it isn't going well as she can't get her combinations right. Max says that seeing as the two of them are struggling with what to do next why don't they train together Ash likes the sound of it but May refuses as she says she needs to overcome this on her own. Just then Prof. Oak finds them, saying he has something for Ash with him.

Back in the main part of the Pokemon Centre, Prof. Oak is gets a large roll of paper out of the bag he is carrying. He explains that when all of his Pokemon found out about how he was struggling to defeat Brandon they decide to do something to show their support. He rolls the paper out on the floor and Ash is amazed to see the prints of all his Pokemon scattered across the paper. As he scans it matching the prints to his Pokemon, Scott turns up and Prof Oak thanks him for guiding Ash through the battle Frontier. He also gives Ash a package from him Mum containing some home cooking. He also gives him a special lure sent by Misty and a postcard from Gary. He explains that it is from the Sinnoh region, which is where Gary is currently doing his research. Ash imagines what his oldest rival would say to him and awakens from his daydream knowing what he has to do. As Prof Oak creates a new poem to mark the occasion Nurse Joy spots him and asks for his autograph, presenting him with one of his poetry books.

May sinks back into her depression as she still feels stuck. Just then she spots Roselia and Drew, who seems happy to see her after the Grand Festival. Nurse Joy starts to get over exited at the appearance of so many Pokemon celebrities, and rushes up to Drew asking for his autograph as well. Back in the Contest Hall, May is taking to Drew. They ask what they having been doing after the Grand Festival. Drew says that he has been caring for his Pokemon and guesses that judging by May's sullen mood, she is still holding on to her loss to Soledad. He explains that this is because she has discovered her weak point and now she doesn't know what to do.

Drew suggests that the two of them have a battle. This takes May by surprise but the rest of the gang turn up to encourage her. Max decides to get Prof Oak and Nurse Joy to be judges for the battle. However, Team Rocket turn up disguised as the three Contest judges, saying that having a Contest battle without the real judges would be a violation of rules. The gang are suspicious of them but before any of them act, Harley turns up and has his Cacturne use Bullet Seed. The attack blows off Team Rocket's disguises and Harley reminds them that they are not to interfere with May's Contests, that is his job. Team Rocket try to make a break for it but Harley stops them saying he wants them to stay and watch as Jessie could pick up some Contest tips from the battle. The gang gather Prof Oak, Scott and Nurse Joy, who now asks Harley for his autograph. Scott and Prof Oak say they will be the judges for the match whilst Nurse Joy says she will be the MC.

The battle starts with May sending out her Combusken and Beautifly and Drew sending out Roselia and, his new Pokemon, Butterfree. May tells Combusken to start off with Fire Spin and Beautifly with Psychic. The two attack combine with Psychic seeming to boost Fire Spins power, however Drew remains calm has Roselia block the attack with Petal Dance. This move turns the cyclone into a couple of scattered flames, but May has Beautifly use Psychic again to direct the flames towards Drew's Pokemon. Once again, Drew calmly has Roselia block the attack with Magical Leaf. This creates a layer of flaming leaves which float above the battle flied. May then has Combusken charge in but Butterfree uses Gust to send the flaming leaves at Combusken which knock back into Beautifly. Drew has Butterfree follow up with Psybeam but May tells Combusken to dodge and use Sky Uppercut. The attack hits but Drew isn't phased. He tells Roselia to use Petal Dance and May tries to have Beautifly block it with Silver Wind, however the attack is strong enough to keep on going and hit its target. May makes one last attempt to win by having Combusken use a full power Overheat on Roselia, but Drew has Butterfree use Protect to shield his Pokemon from damage. Drew use a combination attack of Butterfree's Psybeam and Roselia's Solarbeam. The two attacks make direct hits and knock Combusken and Beautifly out. Drew is declared the winner by Nurse Joy, as May accepts her defeat and thanks her Pokemon for their efforts.

Afterwards, goes outside to the valley cliff talk. May tells Drew how she thought she had caught up to him but he got ahead of her again. Drew reminds her of how you have always got to keep moving. She also thinks that she was getting over confident which she realises is something which was holding her back. She says their battle helped her to realise a lot of thing like that she needs to create her own battle style to help show off her Pokemon in a way that is suited to only her.

May asks what Drew is going to do next and he says that he is going to compete in the Johto Contests, and also says that that's where Soledad is going as well. Just Harley comes up to them having overheard their conversation and says that he's going to Johto as well. He then asks Jessie if she is going to compete in them as well, but she says she isn't as she is sticking with Team Rocket. This infuriates Harley who sends out Cacturne and has it use Bullet Seed to send them blasting off.

Harley asks Drew and May if they should travel together but they turn him down, so Harley leaves in order to get to Johto first. Alerted by the explosion that sent Team Rocket blasting off, the rest of the gang arrive to see if everything is okay. May says Harley got rid of Team Rocket before leaving just now. Drew leaves as well saying that next time he meets May he wants to she her new battle style. Max wonders where he is going and May says that he is heading to the Johto region. As Ash remembers the time that he spent in Johto, Brocks says it was almost as though Harley and Drew were destined to come here and help May get over her loss. May says that she is no longer confused and knows what she has to do know.

The episode ends with May and Ash now putting their recent losses behind them and preparing to train to further their dreams.

Thanks to Celibitwo for writing this for us

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Professor Oak
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May & Drew have a Contest Rematch. May loses the match
Drew & Harley explain their desire to go to Johto for the Contests
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