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The episode starts with Ash recalling Charizard after its loss to Brandon's Dusclops. He thanks it form its efforts and calls out his next Pokemon, Bulbasaur. May comments how happy Bulbasaur looks to be battling and Scott says he is curious as to how Ash will try to turn the match around.

The two Pokemon face off ready for battle as the referee starts the match. Outside, Team Rocket are climbing up the Pyramid walls so that they can sneak in and try and steal some Pokemon. Meowth complains about his aching kneecaps ans Jessie aks who came up with this stupid idea. James and Meowth tell her that it was her.

Back inside, Brandon commands Dusclops to use Shadow Punch and Ash tells Bulbasaur to take the attack before using Razor Leaf. Brandon also has Dusclops take the attack before using Mean Look. Nurse Joy comments that Bulbasaur is now stuck in battle. Ash says it won't matter if they beat Dusclops and tells Bulbasaur to use Vine Whip but Brandon has Dusclops dodge before it hits back with a Shadow Punch. Ash has Bulbasaur use Leech Seed plant a Leech Seed on Dusclops and Max says how it will keep draining energy from Dusclops for the rest of the battle. Brandon says it doesn't matter if they win quickly and Has Dusclops attack with Will-o-wisp. Bulbasaur counters with Razor Leaf and the attacks collide in mid air and explode. Nurse Joy says how evenly matched the two of them are whilst Dusclops takes some damage from Leech Seed. Ash tells Bulbasaur to start charging up a Solarbeam and seeing his chance, Brandon has Dusclops use Confuse Ray.

Brock is alarmed as Bulbasaur is trapped due to the effects of Mean Look. As Bulbasaur wobbles due to its confusion, Team Rocket have finally made it to open Pyramid roof. They stop for a rest but get blasted off by Bulbasaur's wayward Solarbeam. Bulbasaur remains dazed and Brandon has Dusclops use Will-o-wisp, getting drained by Leech Seed at the same time. The attack hits and Prof Oak comments how it does extra damage as Will-o-wisp is a fire type move and Bulbasaur is a grass type Pokemon. Ash decides to do an all or nothing attack and commands a Vine Whip, but Bulbasaur is so confused it attacks itself. Brandon has Dusclops use another Will-o-wisp and Jenny remarks on how it made a direct hit. The attack sends Bulbasaur flying and but Ash runs and manages to catch it, but is sent flying into the wall with it. Bulbasaur is still using Vine Whip, and is now hitting Ash as well. Ash remembers how Bulbasaur always fought stronger Pokemon in order to help its friends, he cries out for it to stop and Bulbasaur breaks out of its confusion.

Prof Oak notes that Ash has achieved the impossible, Ash has Bulbasaur charge up another Solarbeam.. Dusclops is zapped by Leech Seed again before Brandon tells it to use Will-o-wisp. Ash has Bulbasaur dodges and then tells it to fire the Solarbeam. The attack hits and knocks Dusclops out and Max comments that Leech Seed must has severely weaken Dusclops throughout the battle. Brandon returns Dusclops and sends out his second Pokemon, Ninjask. Ash recalls Bulbasaur to rest it and send out Squirtle.

The referee begins the match and Brandon tells Ninjask to start off with an Aerial Ace. Ash tells Squirtle to use Rapid Spin and this manoeuvre causes the Aerial Ace to bounce off. Brandon tells Ninjask to follow up with a Sandstorm which sends Squirtle flying. Squirtle lands on its back with Ash encouraging it to get back up. Brandon has Ninjask use Double Team but Ash has Squirtle use Water Gun which destroys all of them copies. The real one is soon exposed and Squirtle attacks it with another Water Gun but Ninjask dodges and uses Aerial Ace. The attack hits and Ash calls for Squirtle to hang in there. He tells it to use Hydro Pump and Brandon tells Ninjask to counter with Sandstorm. Oak comments how perfectly matched the two moves are but Sandstorm pushes Hydro Pump back. Brandon has Ninjask follow up with Sand Attack, blinding Squirtle and Scott says that using a minor move after a major one is a typical Brandon strategy. Brandon has Ninjask use another Aerial Ace and May comments how Squirtle won't be able to see where it is attacking from. Ash tells Squirtle to listen for Ninjask's wings and then dodge and use Hydro Pump. Ninjask avoids it and comes in with another Aerial Ace but the wall of water crashes down on Squirtle and washes the sand out of its eyes. Ash tells Squirtle to uses Skull Bash and it slams into Ninjask, knocking it into the wall and leaving it out for the count.

The referee declares Ninjask unable to battle and Ash and Squirtle celebrate. Nurse Joy says Brandon has only two Pokemon left and Brocks says Ash still has three. Officer Jenny comment how Ash has taken the lead as Brandon recalls Ninjask. He calls out his next Pokemon, Solrock and the referee starts the match. Ash tells Squirtle to use Hydro Pump by Brandon tells Solrock to block it with Psywave. Ash has Squirtle use Skull Bash but Brandon once again stops the attack by telling Solrock to use Confusion, which halts Squirtle in mid air before sending it crashing into the wall. Brandon has it follow up with Shadow Ball but Ash has Squirtle use Hydro Pump on the wall which allows it to dodge. Ash tries to finish it off with a Rapid Spin but Solrock dodges, and as Squirtle crashes into the opposite wall, it charges up a Solarbeam. Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny say the grass attack will be super effective against Squirtle. Ash tries to get it to dodge, but it is too late and the attack hits, knocking Squirtle out.

Team Rocket have changed tactics and are now trying to dig their way into the Battle pyramid. James and Meowth seem to be enjoying the fact that they are back to doing what they do best but Jessie clearly isn't happy about the situation. Back inside the Pyramid, Ash recalls Squirtle and sends out Bulbasaur, and Max guesses that Bulbasaur might still be tired from its Battle with Dusclops. The referee starts the match and Brandon has Solrock use Psywave but Ash has Bulbasaur dodge and use Razor Leaf. Brandon tells Solrock to stop the leaves with Confusion and then has it send them back at Bulbasaur. He has Solrock follow up with Confusion and the attack sends Bulbasaur flying. It bounces off the wall and Brock comments that by doing this it took no damage. Brandon tells Solrock to use Shadow Ball and Ash tells Bulbasaur to dodge before using Leech Seed.The seed plants itself and zaps Solrock as Brandon tells it to launch another Psywave. Ash tells Bulbasaur to start charging up another Solarbeam, as Brandon tells Solrock to do the same as it is being zapped by Leech Seed. The two attacks are fired and collide causing a massive explosion. Both Pokemon are sent blown into the wall and are knocked out. The crowd comment that both Ash and Brandon are down to their last Pokemon and despite being relatively sure of which Pokemon Ash will choose, they wonder which one Brandon will call upon.

Meanwhile Team Rocket have finally dug into the Pyramid and emerge from their hole. Jessie wonders why it is so dark just as the lights turn on. The three of them see Regirock and Registeel advancing on them and cower in their wake. Both Pokemon use Lock-on as Team Rocket run back into the tunnel, trying to escape. Regirock and Registeel both use Hyper Beam which follows Team Rocket into the tunnel, creating a huge explosion which sends them blasting off again. Back in the Battle Pyramid, Ash and Brandon recall their Pokemon, thanking them for their efforts. Ash calls on Pikachu, with May commenting that there are no surprises with Ash's choice. Brandon now sends out his final Pokemon, the ice golem Regice, and Scott remarks that this must be the Pokemon that Brandon was searching for in the ruins.

The referee starts the match and Ash, trying to win it quickly, tells Pikachu to attack with Thunderbolt. The attack hits but Max says that doesn't seem to have done any damage. Brandon tells Regice to use Blizzard and the freezing attack affects even the crowd. Ash has Pikachu use Iron Tail and Prof Oak says that it should do extra damage against an ice type Pokemon. Brandon has Regice use Ice Beam to stop the attack and Ash has Pikachu dodge, but the attack freezes half of the arena. Ash tells Pikachu to use Quick Attack and Brandon counters by having Regice use another Ice Beam, which stops Pikachu's attack and freezes the rest of the arena. Officer Jenny comments that Regice will but more manoeuvrable on the ice but Brock says it will have the Pikachu opposite effect on Pikachu.

Brandon says the stage is set and order Regice to use Focus Punch. Pikcahu slips but Ash tells it to use Thunderbolt which it does, and stops the attack. Max comments that Regice definitely felt that attack as Ash tells Pikachu to follow up with Iron Tail. Brandon has Regice use Ice Beam and it attack create several icy pillars on the battle field which trap Pikachu. Brandon has Regice use Rest, and Oak says this will heal Regice and it will be able to continue like nothing has happened. Ash has Pikachu breaks free with Iron Tail and it and it dodges the falling pillars as Regice wakes up. Brandon has Regice use another Ice Beam and it scores a direct it, freezing Pikachu solid.

The situation looks dire and Pikachu doesn't seem able to respond to Ash's commands. He encourages it, saying has never given up and always gets the two of them out of jams. He screams at t to use Thunderbolt but Pikachu doesn't react. The referee is about to award the match to Brandon when sparks start to appear around Pikachu and it manages to break free. It also directs the attack at Regice and score a powerful hit. Brandon tells Regice to use Focus Punch and it sends Pikachu flying back, bouncing off the remaining ice pillars. However, as it bounces of the wall Ash tells it to use the momentum to deliver two Iron Tails. The attacks hit and do major damage. Brandon tells Regice to use Ice Beam again, which traps Pikachu in the ice pillars before using Rest. Ash has Pikachu break free with Iron Tail before using Volt Tackle. Max is worried as if this doesn't work Pikachu will be badly injured. Regice wakes up and Brandon tells it to use Ice beam, but Ash has Pikachu dodge and it slams into Regice, sending it crashing into the wall.

The referee declares Regice unable to battle and gives the victory to Ash. Brandon recalls Regice and congratulates Ash. Ash says it was Brandon's advice that helped him win and he acknowledges this and presents Ash with the Brave Symbol.

Outside, Scott congratulates Ash and presents him with a completion plague, as recognition that he is champion of the Battle Frontier. He then offers Ash the position as a Frontier Brain but Ash declines saying that there are still so many places he hasn't been and battles he has yet to win. Scott is disappointed but says the offer will still be there if he changes his mind. Brandon says the two of them will battle again before he departs in the Battle Pyramid.

The gang of four disperses as Prof Oak takes Bulbasaur back to his lab, Officer Jenny taking Squirtle back to the Squirtle Squad and Charizard flying back to the Charific Valley.

The episode ends Ash and co stare into the sunset as one journey comes to an end.

Thanks to Celibitwo for writing this for us

466: Pace - The Final Frontier!

466: Deciding Match! VS Regice!


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Ash conitnues his battle with Brandon
Ash defeats Brandon and earns his final Frontier Symbol
Ash declines the offer of a Frontier Brain position
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