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For once, the show does not begin with Ash, Misty, and Tracey riding Lapras. They are already on an island, or rather, the harbor of an island. In the harbor is a large paddleboat, which serves as a floating theater. This theater isn't a normal one, however, for all the characters and actors are Pokémon. Misty suggests that they see the show and they climb aboard.
The part of the show we see features a Hitmonchan beating a Machoke in a boxing match. A Clefable, who plays Hitmonchan's girlfriend rushes out and hugs it. In the audience, everybody cheers, and Togepi jumps off of Misty's lap. Ash comments that Meowth isn't the only Pokémon who can talk and Misty asks him where Togepi went. They see him climbing up the stairs onto the stage, and all rush after it. It's about to run onstage when Misty grabs it. Ash notices three people standing at microphones and Tracey suggests that they must have been giving the Pokémon their voices. A young girl appears behind them, asking them to be quiet. She comments that Pikachu and Ash seem to be very close.
The show ends, and one of the voice actors tells the girl (Kay) to have Raichu go on stage. It seems very reluctant, however, and Misty points out that they seem to have a problem with each other. The next day, the paddleboat pulls out of harbor with Ash and his friends still on it. They thank one of the actors (Roger) for allowing them to ride to the next island, and he suggests that Ash give Kay a few pointers on how to get along with her Raichu. Misty doubts that Ash will be able to help.
Meanwhile, Team Rocket follows in their Magikarp sub. Jessie tells James and Meowth that the boat is filled with Pokémon. James and Meowth imagine being in a show, but Jessie whacks them back to reality. She says that if they can get all the Pokémon, the boss will thank them by giving them huge bonuses. They keep pedaling after the boat.
Later, Ash and Kay talk on the stage, while Roger and the other actors along with Misty and Tracey watch. Tracey comments that Ash seems to really know what he's talking about, but Misty tells him that he's only repeating what Brock told him. Soon enough, Ash runs out, and to cover up asks Kay to perform with Raichu. Kay recites a poem, but Raichu doesn't move its mouth. When Kay asks it to participate, it sparks its tail. Ash goes over and puts his hand on its head, only to get a huge shock (literally). Kay asks him if he's OK, but he says he's used to it. Raichu sits sadly.
That night, Ash asks Kay if Raichu is afraid of her. Kay tells him that it's the other way around. She tells him of when she first met it, it shocked her when she hugged it. She was frightened and pushed it away. Ever since then, she's been afraid of being shocked and Raichu gets nervous. She tells him that she'll do anything for it, though, and he tells her that it'll all work out sooner or later. Just around the corner, Misty, Tracey, and Roger have been listening. Misty says that sometimes Ash knows just the thing to say.
Suddenly, the ship is rocked by a torpedo from the Magikarp sub. Ash and Kay rush to the top deck and see Raichu hunched among some crates. Another torpedo connects, and it is hurled through the air. Kay catches it and lands against the wall. Raichu's electricity gets out of control, and Kay tells it that she's not afraid. Ash and Pikachu run over and Kay asks them what caused the explosions. As if on cue, Team Rocket (in full pirate garb) start their motto from atop one of the tall smokestacks. They jump down and threaten to blow up the boat if they don't get what they want. Ash refuses, but Roger tells him that they can't afford to put the boat in danger.
After tying everybody up, Jessie and James go off to round up their Pokémon. Roger, Kay, and the others all stand up at once and move over so that they can see behind the curtain. Hitmonchan punches James, and they all "tell" Team Rocket that they'll never be able to fight them all. James is astounded that they can talk (we know they can't) and they surround the three Rockets. Hitmonchan uses Fire Punch on James, and his head is engulfed in flames. He runs around for a moment and it goes out. He sends out Victreebel who (surprise, surprise) eats his head.
Jessie uses Weezing's Smoke Screen to fill the area, but it gets to them as well. Ash and his friends wiggle free of the ropes, and Ash and Tracey go to take care of Team Rocket while Misty checks on the actors. James returns Weezing and the smoke dissipates. Pikachu Thunderbolts the Rockets and Tracey's Marill Water Guns them into a wall. Kay runs over to Raichu, and it realizes that she's not afraid of it anymore. Pikachu uses Thunder and Raichu Mega Punches them out of the episode. Everyone applauds Kay and Raichu.
At the next port, Ash checks in with Professor Oak. When he hangs up, Kay runs over, telling them that something's wrong with Roger. They go inside, and he tells them that Weezing's smoke damaged his throat and he can't go on. They'll have to cancel. Raichu starts to jump up and down as if to say that Kay should take Roger's place. Roger consents, and Ash offers to help out too.
The show begins, and Raichu and Pikachu introduce the Pokémon chorus line. They all sing and dance to the Pokémon theme song and everyone cheers.

092: Stage Fight

092: Dance! Pokémon Showboat!




Pikachu Squirtle
Psyduck Staryu Togepi
Victreebel Weezing
Special/Other Trainers:
Clefable Abra Machoke Hitmonchan Chansey Mr. Mime Jynx

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