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Ash, Misty, and Tracey are riding Lapras towards Kumquat Island, the home of the fourth Orange Crew badge. Tracey tells the others about the luxury hotels and hot springs on the island. Misty makes a crack about if Ash loses, they'll be in a nice place, and Ash is hurt. They get to the shore and listen to all the barkers on the pier, trying to get tourists to come to their hotels. One woman out yells them all, proclaiming that the Kumquat Hotel is the best. Misty wants to check it out, but Ash wants to go to the gym. Tracey suggests that they go down to the beach for a hot dog, and they do. Just as they walk down the steps, the woman from the Kumquat Hotel notices them and seems to Ash is her son. As Ash and his friends walk to a stand, they here a loud rumbling. They look over to a large cloud of dust and see the woman, Luana, running towards them yelling out for her son (Mama Wamma, hehe!). She embraces Ash in a big bear hug. Ash pushes her away, saying that he's not her son. It takes her a moment, but she realizes that this is true, Ash isn't her son (whose name is Travis, by the way). She apologizes, blaming wishful thinking. She says that Ash looks just like Travis, and they both have a Pikachu even.
Suddenly, a scream pierces the air. More screams sound as a giant Rhydon robot looms out of the water. Unsurprisingly, it's Team Rocket. They say their motto then laugh evilly. They tell the crowd that the robot is Pokémon-Powered, and James hits a button. Deep inside the robot, Lickitung and Arbok run on treadmill that powers the mechanical beast. Jessie hits another button, saying that no robot would be complete without a Hyper Beam. The Rhydon's mouth opens and a mallet hits Weezing on the head, who lets out a bunch of Smog. Jessie asks why there was no Hyper Beam, and James admits that he never got around to teaching his Pokémon that move.
The Smog works fairly well for confusing the crowd and making them run around a lot. Jessie is thoroughly enjoying herself, but James reminds her that they're supposed to be trying to steal Ash's Pikachu. The robot moves forward and stops in front of Ash, who yells at Team Rocket for attacking innocent people. Team Rocket replies with a Poison Sting attack, but it is blocked by a quick thinking Reflect from Luana's Alakazam. Luana chews Team Rocket out for a moment, but it doesn't do much good. Jessie calls her "Grandma" and Misty calls Jessie an "old witch" (Ho boy...). Needless to say, Jessie is infuriated. James and Meowth try to soothe her, but only make her worse.
Ash tells Luana that she should let him handle Team Rocket, but she says that, as an Orange Crew gym leader, she should be able to take care of it herself. Jessie orders up another Smog attack that fills the area. Luana's Alakazam shuts the Rhydon's mouth with a Psychic attack, and the control area starts to fill with smoke. Ash sends out Charizard who, listening to Ash, uses Take Down. The impact causes Jessie to hit another button, and two cords whip at Lickitung and Arbok. Arbok spits out some acid, which burns a hole in the Rhydon. The Smog starts to filter out, but Charizard's Flamethrower right through the hole causes the controls to malfunction. The robot explodes, and Team Rocket is thrown into the air.
Luana congratulates Ash on a job well done, and he asks her if he could have a match with her. She accepts, telling Ash that she won't go easy on him. She takes them to her hotel, which also houses the gym. The doors open, and several bellhops bow. Luana tells one of them, Chilton, to prepare a deluxe suite for her guests, and then shows Ash and his friends the gym. The gym looks a lot like a Stadium. Luana suggests that they do a double battle for the match, saying that if two Pokémon will team up and if one of them can't battle anymore, the other person wins. Tracey compares this process to a game of tennis (Pikachu playing tennis? I'd like to see that) and Ash accepts. Slapping Ash on the back, Luana tells Ash that the match will be at the beginning of the next morning.
Later that day, Ash and his friends spend some time at a hot spring. Ash thinks about what Pokémon he's going to use, and Tracey notes that Luana is probably going to use Alakazam. Suddenly, Ash turns red and sinks into the water. Tracey and Misty pull him out, saying that he stayed in too long. The next day, Chilton acts as the announcer for the battle between Ash and Luana. Luana sends out Alakazam and Marowak and Ash uses Pikachu and Charizard. Unfortunately, Pikachu and Charizard don't seem to want to work as a team and start attacking each other. Ash is dismayed, but nothing he can say will get them to stop. The match begins and Pikachu runs ahead of Charizard to attack first. Charizard uses Flamethrower on the electric mouse, lighting its tail on fire. Ash it puts it out, Charizard flies at Alakazam for a Tackle. Alakazam's Psychic stops him and lifts him into the air. Ash tells Pikachu to help Charizard with a Thundershock, but it shocks Charizard instead of Alakazam.
Luana decides to focus on Charizard and has Marowak use a Bonemerang and Alakazam use another Psychic. The attack lifts Charizard into the air and slamming down into the ground again. Marowak uses another Bonemerang and Alakazam lifts Charizard back up yet again. Ash yells at Pikachu, saying that if Charizard faints, they'll lose the match. This finally convinces Pikachu, who uses a Thunderbolt on Alakazam, breaking the attack. Marowak Body Slams Pikachu, who is thrown backwards. Charizard catches Pikachu in its wing, and Pikachu then jumps onto its back. It flies into the air, and another Bonemerang from Marowak misses. Pikachu Thunderbolts Marowak, but it doesn't do much. Alakazam prepares for a Hyper Beam, but Charizard pulls up just in time. The return Bonemerang slams into Alakazam, who falls over. The Hyper Beam goes haywire, hitting Marowak instead of Charizard. When the dust clears, both Alakazam and Marowak are defeated. Ash has won.
Ash hugs Charizard and Pikachu, and Misty and Tracey congratulate him. Luana gives Ash his final badge, the Jade Star. She tells him that now he can battle other Orange League trainers in the competition games to get the Orange League Trophy. To get it, however, he'll need to beat the challenging Orange Crew Leader. Luana tells Ash to work together with his Pokémon and they'll do fine.
As Ash and his friends set off, Luana asks them to tell Travis that his mom loves him if they meet him. They all wave goodbye and sail away on Lapras. Meanwhile, Team Rocket sits stranded in the middle of the ocean. Jessie and James worry that if the boss finds out about the robot, they'll be in big trouble. Now guys, if you would stop screwing up, you wouldn't have to worry about your boss, would you?

110: Pokémon Double Trouble

110: Tag Match! The Last Gym!




Pikachu Charizard Lapras
Arbok Lickitung
Alakazam Marowak
Special/Other Trainers:
Venusaur Wartortle Raichu Sandslash Poliwhirl Machop Jynx Electabuzz

> Ash beats Luana and earns a Jade Star Badge
Charizard used properly for 1st time