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Continued from Hello Pummelo!: After the devastating collision of Lapras and Gengar's attacks, everyone awaits to see who stands victorious. As the dust clears away, the battle field comes into view. Both Gengar and Lapras are unable to battle after the repercussion. After the trainers recall their incapacitated Pokémon, the terrain changes to a sandy desert terrain. Drake calls out Venusaur while Ash calls out Tauros. Tauros tries to start out with a Fissure attack, but it doesn’t work because the sand absorbs the impact. Venusaur tries to do a solar beam, but Tauros hits him with a takedown, knocking the Venusaur in the air. From there Venusaur flips over upside down launching his solar beam. Tauros gets pushed to the side and attempts another takedown, but is stopped by Venusaur’s vine whip. Tauros then tries yet another takedown (but this time he is pissed off), he pushes through Venusaur’s vine whips and hits Venusaur for a victory. Ash has now defeated 4 of Drake’s Pokémon and still has 5 left to battle.
Drake sends out Electabuzz, and Ash decides to send out a fresh Pokémon so he sends out Bulbasaur. Electabuzz hits Bulbasaur with a thunder attack, and Bulbasaur counterattacks with razor leaf. Electabuzz attempts a Thunder Punch while Bulbasaur tackles him. Unfortunately, Electabuzz gets off a Thunder Punch and knocks Bulbasaur unconscious. Ash sends out Charizard, and Electabuzz hits him with a Thunder Punch then a Thunder attack. Then Charizard counters with a Ember attack and Electabuzz tries another Thunder Punch but Charizard performs a Seismic Toss and defeats Electabuzz. Ash has now beat 5 of Drake’s Pokémon while Ash still has only 4.
Drake thinks that he has underestimated the level of Charizard but says it won’t stand a chance against his ultimate Pokémon. He removes the Pokéball from his necklace and sends out Dragonite. Charizard attempts a Flamethrower, but it is countered by Dragonite’s watergun. The watergun busts through Charizards attack and hits charizard. Dragonite charges up for a Ice Beam, but Charizard flies and dodges all the frozen beams of ice. Dragonite flies up with incredible speed and attempts another ice beam, while Charizard dodges it and tries a flamethrower. Charizard goes into a ‘dizzy’ spin to avoid Dragonite’s ice beams. Next Charizard attempts another seismic toss, but Dragonite grabs on to Charizards back and uses a slam. Ash says, its time for something special, and summons a Dragon Rage. Charizard and Dragonite both perform Dragon Rage, causing a huge explosion. After the dust fades away, they stand there, but Charizard falls down. This is the first of Dragonite’s victims, as Ash says that Charizard’s job was just to weaken Dragonite, and sends out Squirtle.
Squirtle starts out with a hydropump, but gets taken Dragonite’s Watergun. Squirtle gets knocked to the floor and does a withdraw as Dragonite hits him with a Thunder attack. After the attack is over, Squirtle comes out and tries out a Bubble attack. Dragonite at first starts getting damaged by the Bubbles but then hits Squirtle with his tail beating him. Ash now only has 2 Pokémon. Team Rocket takes this time to attempt to capture Dragonite, because it is looking tired. Dragonite flies and breaks TR’s balloon. After this little scuffle, Ash sends out Tauros and tells him to do a takedown, but Dragonite flies into the air. Ash tells Tauros to just stop while Dragonite takesdown. Tauros absorbs the shock from the sand and Dragonite is also stuck on Tauros’ horns. Tauros throws Dragonite a few feet and Dragonite hits Tauros with a Thunder Attack, beating Tauros.
Ash’s only hope is Pikachu. Pikachu charges up and charges Dragonite with Ability. Dragonite wacks Pikachu and launches him into the air. Pikachu falls to the ground and gets up. Then Dragonite powers up for a hyperbeam, and Pikachu uses his tail to push himself into the air dodging the hyperbeam. Pikachu falls from high up in the sky and lands on Dragonite’s head. Dragonite tries his hardest to shake Pikachu off. Pikachu sends a Thunder attack through Dragonites body, then jumps off onto the ground. The two stare at each other, but Dragonite falls to the floor. Leaving Ash as the victor!... Ash gets Orange League Cup. Each of the Pokémon and Ash place their hand/appendage print in a stone and is placed in Hall of Heroes. The episode ends with ash saying "Wait till Brock Sees This!"....yes...

114: Enter The Dragonite

114: Final Battle! Dragonite's Appearance!




Pikachu Bulbasaur Charizard Squirtle Tauros Lapras
Venusaur Gengar Onix Electabuzz Ditto Dragonite

> Ash Wins Battle with Drake And Gets The Orange League Trophy