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Ash, Misty, and Tracey have finally made it back to Pallet Town. Tracey can barely contain his excitement to see Professor Oak. Ash suggests that he show the professor some of his sketches and turns to see Tracey sitting among a large pile of sketchpads. Ash tells him to do that at his house and Misty adds that they can have lunch as well. Tracey agrees and the three start running towards Ash's house. When they reach it, Ash hesitates then goes in. It's dark and he calls out that he's home. A familiar voice sounds from inside the kitchen and Ash runs in to see whom it is. Much to his surprise, it's Brock! Ash is taken off guard and skids into the wall. Misty and Tracey dash in and Brock greets the two of them. He then offers everyone some tea (Indigo Oolong). Ash and Misty ask Brock whey he's back in Pallet Town, and we flashback to the scene where the two left Brock with Professor Ivy. Brock curls up into a fetal position, however, and refuses to say anything except mumble "That Name!" Misty concludes that he was dumped.
Just then, Ash's mom comes in and Ash and Pikachu run to greet her. She says hello to Pikachu first then Ash. Then she asks Misty how Togepi has been doing and says hello to Tracey. Misty asks her how long Brock has been in Pallet Town and she tells them that about a week ago she and Mr. Mime had been walking home from the market when they heard a strange noise. They looked around then went back and heard the noise again. They walked around in circles and kept hearing the strange noise until they realized it was coming from someone they were stepping on. Mrs. Ketchum apologized and then noticed that it was Brock. She continues by telling them whenever she mentioned Professor Ivy's name, he kept doing the same thing he did moments ago.
Suddenly, Brock runs by and starts to try to grab a broom from Mr. Mime's hands. Mrs. Ketchum says that they argue about who gets to do the chores a lot. Ash sighs, saying that they'll never know what happened. Misty interjects, repeating her opinion that Professor Ivy dumped Brock. When he doesn't understand, she tells him that sometimes he's just as immature as Gary. Ash then goes into the same position that Brock had earlier. Mrs. Ketchum suggests that she make some deep-dish chilidog pizza-pot pies and Ash eagerly agrees. They talk about what more to have when Tracey, who has been trying to ask Ash something for the past few minutes, yells at him. There is an awkward pause, and then Mrs. Ketchum asks Tracey if there's something he'd like to ask. Stammering, Tracey apologizes for yelling and says that he was wondering when they were going to see Professor Oak. Ash remembers the G/S Ball and takes it out of his backpack, along with the trophy he got for winning the Orange League Championship. He gives it to his mom, who happily accepts it saying that now she won't have to buy another dumbbell to work out. Everyone facefaults, then Tracey eagerly asks to go to the lab.
They set off down the path to Oak's house and as they walk, Tracey asks Brock if he was excited when he first met the professor. Brock curls up into a ball again until Misty reminds him that Tracey was talking about Oak, not Ivy. Brock gets up and says that he was, mainly because his lab is one of the best in the world. Excited even more, Tracey starts to run towards Oak's lab, with the others soon behind. Meanwhile, Team Rocket watches from the grass. James tells Meowth that they should call their boss, but Meowth tells him that it wouldn't work out to well since they haven't caught a single Pokémon. James then notices that Brock is with them, and they wonder why he's back.
Moments later, the group reaches Oak's lab. They go in and look around for a minute to find him. Suddenly, Muk comes barreling around a corner and jumps onto Ash. Professor Oak is soon behind and Muk soon jumps onto him too. Tracey introduces himself and starts to sketch the scene, but Ash asks him to stop. Oak stands up, muttering about how he's getting old, and says hello to Pikachu and Togepi. He also tells Brock that Professor Ivy sends him her best regards but, unsurprisingly, he curls up once again. Tracey reminds Ash about the G/S Ball and Ash gives it to Oak, apologizing about how long it took. Oak says that he'll start to examine it later that night.
He takes them into his PokéBall storage room and sets the G/S Ball on the shelf. He tells Tracey that most of them are from trainers that started out in Pallet Town then asks them if they want a tour. He takes them outside and Ash quickly sees his Snorlax, who's eating apples from a tree. It then falls over and goes to sleep. Tracey sees a cloud of dust a ways away and asks what it's coming from and asks Ash what they are. He tells him that they are all of his Tauros then sends out the one he used in the Orange League Championships to join the others. Just then, Kingler walks by, greets Ash, and then jumps into a pond.
Professor Oak walks up to Tracey, who's drawing a sketch of the Tauros and asks him about his pictures. Tracey tells him that he'd picked out some of his best sketches and asks Oak if he could take a look at them. Oak agrees and takes them back inside. He gives them all some tea and sits down with Tracey's pads. As he looks at them, Tracey sits across the table shaking with nervousness. It gets so bad that the whole sofa starts to vibrate and Ash and Misty tell him to calm down. Brock asks Oak what he thinks the sketches and he starts to whisper his opinion when a loud rumbling sounds from outside.
The whole group looks out the window and sees that something is covering the building. The shot goes outside and we see Team Rocket's balloon hovering overhead with a large canvas surrounding the house. Team Rocket cackles, saying that Pikachu and the Pokémon in the storage room won't be able to get away. Ash and the rest run outside and see the three Rockets up on a tightrope set up. They do their motto, then jump down and ask Brock what he's doing back in Pallet, mentioning Professor Ivy's name. Brock somehow jumps onto the rope with James's parasol and starts to sulk.
Jessie tells Ash and the rest to just hand over all their Pokémon and they'll leave, but Ash refuses. He starts to send out Bulbasaur, but Muk comes over and tells him that it wants to battle. Jessie sends out Lickitung, but Muk goes right by it and jumps onto Jessie. Oak tells her that Muk is fond of humans and doesn't care what type of human it is. James sends out Victreebel, but it jumps on to him. Muk then jumps onto both. A Razor Leaf has no effect, so Victreebel sucks on Muk, getting most of it inside. James and Ash both order a Poison attack at the same time, and since Muk is clogging up Victreebel's only opening none of it can escape. Victreebel gets badly poisoned because of this and jumps off.
Jessie attacks with Lickitung, but that doesn't have any effect on Muk either. Finally, a Sleep Powder attack from Victreebel is able to subdue the gloopy Pokémon. Ash is about to send out Bulbasaur and Squirtle when Jessie and James toss some rings onto them. The rings tighten and bows appear. A vacuum hose descends from above and Team Rocket starts to suck up all of the PokéBalls from Oak's storage room. Tracey's sketches fly out of the window as well, soon followed by the G/S Ball.
Suddenly, the tent is ripped open. Jigglypuff, who has been trying to get in the entire time, gets thrown into the air and over the horizon. The canvas falls to the ground and the balloon soon follows. A cloaked figure stands next to a Nidoqueen. The figure reveals himself to be Gary and tells Nidoqueen to attack. Lickitung lunges, but Nidoqueen grabs its tongue and hits Team Rocket with it. It Mega Punches Victreebel who slams the entire group into a tree. Jessie throws Meowth in, but its Scratch attack does nothing. Nidoqueen uses Strength and Team Rocket is heaved into the air and out of the episode.
Nidoqueen then frees Professor Oak and the rest. Oak thanks him and Brock and Misty comment on how stronger a trainer he's become. Not wanting to be outdone, Ash tries to say how he's still a better trainer by saying how he won in the Orange League and did better in the Indigo League. Gary tells him that he's a lot better trainer than he used to be, so Ash challenges him to match. Everyone gasps as the two face off. Who will be the victor?? .

117: A Tents Situation

117: Return to Pallet Town



Professor Oak
Delia Ketchum

Pikachu Muk Kingler Mr. Mime Tauros Snorlax
Special/Other Trainers:
Jigglypuff Butterfree Nidorina Nidorino Vileplume Dodrio Rhyhorn

> Brock Returns to the Group
Ash And Gary Begin A Battle