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Brock stands on the same rock as Ash did long ago overlooking Pewter City. He comments that it is good to be home, and he is interrupted by a man asking if he would like to by some Pewter City souvenirs, which are just rocks. He starts to give the same speech he gave to Ash, but Brock just interrupts, knowing it’s his father Flint. Flint collapses and Brock begins to yell at him. He jumps down and asks Flint why he is still selling rocks and not running the gym while removing the hat and beard disguise his father is wearing. Flint gets up and explains that the gym was running fine for awhile. He had the most mouth-dropping rock field set up. He then explains that it all changed when he met a new girl, Misuho.

Flint takes Brock to the gym. Brock is annoyed and shocked to find the gym is surrounded in flowers and other shrubbery. Brock asks if this is Misuho’s doing and Flint says it is. Brock notices the closed sign on the door and Flint explains she changed the place so much he couldn’t even bare to keep it open any longer.

Flint then takes Brock to their house behind the gym. He opens the door t find two of his brothers playing ball in the hall. They notice him and are glad he is back. The older one calls to the rest of his siblings, and soon all of Brock’s brothers and sisters are present. Brock then notices a woman fiddling with a painting on the wall. She plays with it some more then thinks it’s perfect. She turns around and asks Brock and the kids if they like it, but Brock is just a little annoyed. She excitedly explains how much she loves decorating, but Brock doesn’t seem to like this. Flint nervously appears behind Brock and Misuho asks him if he likes the painting. Brock whispers to his father that this isn’t too bad of a change, and Flint replies that he will freak when he sees the gym.

Flint shows him into the gym and Brock freaks out. The whole gym is covered in pink confetti and graffiti, and the rock field is flooded with water! Flint weakly says he told him so and Misuho asks if Brock likes it. Brock goes insane with rage and tells her she turned an official gym into a laughing stock. Suddenly, many water Pokemon burst from the water and Misuho exclaims that she loves water Pokemon and thinks they are much better then rock types. She rushes onto a rock and begins to wave to them all. Brock is now very ticked off and asks his father how he let this happen. Flint weakly replies that he fell in love with Misuho and couldn’t say no. (Sounds like someone else we know ¬¬.)

Misuho is now on the other side of the gym and Flint is on the opposite. Brock tells Misuho that she and Flint will battle to determine the fate of the gym’s appearance, but Misuho happily says she doesn’t want to battle her beloved. Up on the catwalk, Brock’s siblings look down. The eldest, Jiroo, says Brock doesn’t seem to like Misuho. Brock gets angry and says she will or the gym is going back to the way it was, and she happily says she could have a tiny match. Jiroo doesn’t think this is a good idea, as his father uses rock types while Misuho uses Water, which can cream rock types. Flint agrees and doesn’t want to battle, but Brock screams at him, saying he will battle and win so he can turn the gym back to normal. He then explains that if he learned one major thing while traveling with Ash, it was that Pokemon type doesn’t always determine the outcome of a match, as Pikachu beat many ground types and even his own. He then says it’ll be a 1 on 1 match.

Misuho pulls out a Pokeball and releases a Marril. Flint calls out a Golem. It lands on a small rock and struggles to keep its balance so it won’t fall into the water. Jiroo thinks this match is over before it will even begin. The match starts and Misuho begins by telling Flint to go easy on her, as she’s his beloved. He stops for a second, then says he has to win for the gym’s sake. He tells the kids to watch him win and has Golem use earthquake. The water rumbles and Brock’s siblings look on as the water begins to get very choppy. Marril tries to stay on a rock, but it is swept into the water and driven back by a wave. Jiroo says Flint could win after all and Misuho blocks as the wave crashes by her. Flint thinks he has won, but Misuho informs Marril to ride the wave with surf. Marril does so and the wave heads straight for Golem. With nowhere to go, it is struck and sinks below the surface. It tries to hold its breath, but can’t. Misuho is frightened and tells her Blastoise to go and retrieve it and it leaps into the water. Jiroo is depressed that it was a massacre.

Blastoise and Marril are now giving CPR to Golem and getting all the water out of its mouth. Flint is on his knees ashamed with his loss. Brock then dries Golem off with a blow dryer while Jiroo watches. Brock explains to him the importance of keeping rock types dry. He also explains that as a breeder, he is very good at making sure Pokemon are in prime health, and Jiroo seems interested.

Flint begins to walk out of the gym, saddened by his loss. He tells Misuho that she won and he’ll go now, but she tells him to stay. She begins to do a little flirting and saying she loves him, and he rushes to her. They hold hands and stare into each other’s eyes, but are interrupted when Brock says that his siblings are hungry and they should stop this little flirt and make dinner.

Brock prepares some food and his brothers and sisters help. In the gym, Flint and Misuho talk for awhile. They talk about Pokemon, then get on the subject of their love for each other, and again fall in love and hold hands. At dinner, Brock and his siblings awkwardly watch Flint and Misuho at the end of the table feeding each other like newlyweds. Misuho exclaims that Brock’s food is delicious, but Brock just snuffs her off. Her and Flint begin to flirt again, but Brock can’t handle it anymore. He explodes and tells them to stop. Misuho and Flint look at him then Misuho explains that he should be happy, as her and Flint have decided to change the gym to a water type gym. Brock freaks out and stares at them, when Jiroo suddenly stands up. He exclaims that his brother worked hard to make this a great rock type gym and they aren’t going to change it. He gets mad and rushes from the room. Brock’s sister explains that he is taking this a little hard, so Brock goes to see what’s wrong.

He finds Jiroo at the edge of a lake looking up at the moon. Brock jumps down and asks what’s wrong. Jiroo says that he doesn’t want the gym to change. Brock agrees and explains that he loves rock types. Jiroo then tells him that it is his dream to follow in his brother’s footsteps and be a great rock type gym leader. Brock is flattered and says it’s like his dream of wanting to become a great breeder. Jiroo says it may not happen now that his father and Misuho are changing the gym, but Brock says he won’t let that happen. Jiroo hopes so and lies down while looking at the moon. He begins to imagine how great it would be to be a great rock type gym leader, and Brock rubs his hair. Jiroo then leans back up and says they can’t let Misuho change the gym. Brock agrees and he stands up and puts his fist out, exclaiming that it’s time he saved the Pewter Gym!

The next morning, Brock finds Flint and Misuho at the front of the gym. He asks what they’re doing and they show him the new banner for the gym, which says Pewter Gym with a wave splashing under it. Brock freaks out and says the gym is not changing, causing the banner to crack. Flint gets mad, but Brock says he doesn’t want them to change what type the gym is. He says he knows now the only way he can prove to them that he wants it to stay the same is to defeat Misuho in a Pokemon battle. Flint doesn’t like the way his son is acting, but Misuho decides to accept the challenge. Jiroo watches from behind the gym.

In the gym, Flint says it’ll be a 1 on 1 match. Brock calls out Onix and Misuho calls out a Mantine. Jiroo feels confident his brother can put up a great match. Misuho wishes Brock luck and he does the same. Brock looks at Jiroo and tells him not to worry. He tells Onix to use dig and it crashes under the water. The water begins to drain into the hole and soon there is no water left in the gym. Mantine flops around like a fish out of water and Misuho is worried. Brock then orders Onix to come out and it smashes up, sending Mantine flying. Misuho tells it to use bubble beam, and it glides back down and strikes Onix with a bubble. Brock orders a wrap and it grabs Mantine and squishes it hard. Misuho is worried and Jiroo tells his other brother that Brock is doing well for the type disadvantage.

Misuho tells Mantine to use bubble beam, and it strikes Onix. Brock tells it to release Mantine and it chucks it into the air. Jiroo thinks Brock may have a tough time now. Misuho orders another bubble beam and it strikes Onix hard. Brock thinks fast and tells Onix to attack, and it smashes Mantine with its tail. It flies through the air and crashes onto the ground unable to battle.

Flint declares Brock the winner and Jiroo and his brothers and sisters cheer. Onix breathes heavily and Brock thanks it. Misuho recalls Mantine and says it did a great job. She then informs Brock that she realizes that rock types are great too and will allow the gym to remain that type. Flint walks up and thanks her and they begin to flirt, making Brock feel uneasy. Jiroo walks up and congratulates Brock, and Brock says he will get his dream now. Brock then looks up at Onix and says he’ll be staying with Jiroo for awhile, and it agrees. Jiroo is confused and Brock tells him that if he wants to be the new gym leader he’ll need some Pokemon. He releases Geodude and Crobat and tells them they’ll be staying with Jiroo also and they agree. Jiroo doesn’t know how to thank him, but Brock says that with his Pokemon, he can be a worthy and great gym leader. Jiroo agrees and asks about Flint, but Brock says he’s more interested in Misuho. He adds in that Jiroo is going to have to take care of them now.

Outside the gym, Brock is now in his new Hoenn clothing. He tells his family that he plans to head off to Hoenn now to find his friends. Misuho congratulates him on his great batting and Brock now accepts her as family. She asks if how he plans to be a Pokemon Master if he gave all his Pokemon to Jiroo, and Brock releases Forretress. He says Forretress and him should make it ok and he then recalls it. Jiroo walks up and thanks Brock again. He then says he’ll do his best to take care of his Pokemon, and Brock says he’ll do fine. He then adds in the fact that he has to take care of the family now, and Jiroo laughs. Brock then waves goodbye to his family again, and heads off down the road for a new adventure in the Hoenn region.

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A Family That Battles Together, Stays Together!

Brock! Save Pewter Gym!



Geodude Onix Crobat Forretress
Blastoise Poliwag Tentacruel Slowpoke Gyarados Vaporeon Marill Mantine

Brock Finally Finds his long lost Mother

Gives his Geodude to his Brother Jiroo

Gives his Onix to his Brother Jiroo

Gives his Crobat to his Brother Jiroo
Brock leaves to go to Hoenn to catch up with Ash
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