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Having not long received a message at the Viridian Pokémon Center and saying her goodbyes to Ash & Brock, Misty Cycles along the path to the Cerulean Gym with Togepi in her front basket.

Upon arriving into Cerulean she notices a large group of people looking at something, its a big TV screen with a news reporter standing outside the Cerulean Gym. then 2 men known as the PIA (Pokémon Intelligence Agency) come onto the screen explaining about the Gym being empty and why there is no gym leader and that it will be closed if no one returns soon. Misty then has a terrible thought of the gym being closed with loads of big red X's stamped on it, and She hurries as fast as she can to the gym. Not long after she has disappeared the 3 Fighting brothers known as Shin, Chan and Rin appear from an alleyway noting how they met Misty back in Viridian City with Team Rocket. The scene then cuts to Misty Entering the gym with Togepi beside her she says its good to be home and relaxes her head in her arms, she then hears someone shouting of which the noise coming from behind the doors which lead into the main arena of the gym. We then see a Gyarados angrily moving about in the pool along with 4 teenage looking boys and Nurse Joy looking on, the Gyarados makes a huge splash and 1 of the boys slips and falls in and starts swimming as fast he can along the pool with the Gyarados angrily chasing him. Misty looks on as the Gyarados rampages across the pool chasing after the boy who fell in. Misty runs up to Nurse Joy and asks what's going on and Nurse Joy Explains that a Gyarados was released into the pool and is scaring all the other pokémon in the gym.

The boys introduce themselves and suddenly Gyarados makes another big wave soaking Misty. Misty wish it hadn't been a Gyarados that was on the rampage as she is scared of them1 of the boys point out that she could return it to a pokéball, Misty thinks that's a good idea and goes and picks 1 off a stand with some pokéballs on. but then Nurse Joy explains that it would be no good as the Gyarados is too restless and would not return. Misty says "your right" and decides to get her pokémon to battle it "Politoed Go" she says but then a huge splash makes the pokéball fly out of Misty's hand, Politoed comes out along with Pysduck who came out by himself, Pysduck dives in and starts gasping for breath as he can't swim. Gyarados then headbutt's Pysduck who then fly out of the water with the boy who fell in and the boy lands on top of Pysduck. Politoed starts doing his cheerleading clap and the boys with Nurse Joy run off as they don't want to be left to deal with the Gyarados. It then makes a huge splash again making Misty wet, Misty then walks down to the basement of the gym where she can see into the pool she sees the Gyarados swimming angrily about whilst all the other pokémon are too scared to move and are hiding from it. just then Horsea and Starmie come up towards Misty, she cries out "HORSEA.. STARMIE!!!" the Gyarados then appears behind them and scares them. Misty sighs and hopes she can calm the Gyarados down soon as she remembers what the PIA said, Nurse Joy explains that the Gyarados somehow needs calming down. Misty explains to Nurse joy that she doesn't like Gyarados and starts to explain that as a baby she crawled into a Gyarados's mouth whilst it was sleeping a on a beach and it woke up and the Gyarados spat her out and she started crying and that's how she became afraid of them ever since that day. Nurse Joy and Misty sit above the pool and Misty says that she is the Cerulean gym leader and she shouldn't let her fear bother her, Nurse Joy agrees. Meanwhile Shin Chan and Rin are spying on Misty through a window in the roof of the gym thinking how they'd love to get their hands on that Gyarados.

The scene cuts to Misty in her mermaid outfit standing on the diving board of the pool, Nurse Joy asks what she is doing and Misty explains that she is in her costume to show she is friendly towards the other pokémon. Suddenly the Gyarados jumps out the water towards her which scares Misty, Nurse Joy then reminds her to not let her fear bother her and Misty jumps in and starts swimming about and all of the pokémon in the pool join her she then swims up and Horsea follows her and she starts dancing around with it. Misty shows Gyarados how fun it is to join in as it sits staring at her. It then gets angry again and creates a whirlpool trapping Misty and the other pokémon, Nurse Joy watches in horror from above with Togepi. meanwhile on the roof Shin Chan and Rin watch on as Misty is trapped by the Gyarados, Misty wishes Ash and Brock were there to save her as she suddenly blacks out. Horsea rushes her to the surface and Misty sees Horsea pushing her to the surface and she blacks out again thinking about Ash and Brock as they turn to say goodbye to her as she says don't leave me! she tries to walk forward but trips because the Gyarados is gripped onto her leg she screams and suddenly wakes up! she wakes up thanking herself she's alive. Nurse Joy brings her a drink and says she shouldn't give up, Misty then agrees. Misty tries returning it to a pokéball but it fails as the Gyarados is just too strong to return and it dives back in soaking Misty and Nurse Joy, Misty then lowers a cage into the water trapping the Gyarados and it starts growling and hitting the cage trying to escape. It then fires a hydro pump through the bars and up out of the pool and Misty backs away and starts getting scared again. Just then Chan appears shouting through a microphone at the top of a diving board announcing that a pokémon battle will take place now inside the cerulean gym and everyone outside hears it and starts rushing in and Misty sighs oh no.

Chan, Rin And San Then introduce themselves. Misty then gets annoyed with them and the pool rises to show the pool in the viewing tank and Misty asks what they want, Chan explains they want a rematch battle with her and the crowd start cheering. Nurse Joy says she will referee and Misty agrees, The battle begins and the boys with Nurse Joy from earlier commentate to the crowd.

Nurse Joy says it will be a 2 on 2 Pokémon Battle no time limit, and the battle commences with Misty releasing Staryu and Chan releases Hitmonchan which fakes itself drowning and starts to float up, Misty tells Staryu to go and help it but as soon as it gets close Hitmonchan punches it towards a rock in the water making Staryu loose the round. Hitmonchan then jumps out of the water, Misty says he cheated and Nurse Joy says the same also therefore the round goes to Misty and the crowd cheer once more. Misty returns Staryu to its Pokéball and the commentator says what pokémon will she choose next and Togepi starts waving its arms back and forth.

Misty then releases Corsola and Chan releases a Tentacruel, Chan tells Tentacruel to start off with a bubblebeam attack and Corsola faints. Misty then tells Corsola to use Recover and Corsola is back to normal and Misty orders it to use a tackle attack then Rin and San release Tentacruel's Too and Corsola gets knocked from into a rock next to Gyarados's cage by 1 of the Tentacruel. Nurse Joy then says its against the rules, Chan says they don't play by the rules Misty then does a cute pose and the 3 brothers get angry. and tell their Tentacruel to use poison sting against Corsola. Gyarados looks on in shock at how the Tentacruel are attacking Corsola and Misty dives into save Corsola and Nurse Joy shouts at Chan saying it was unfair for the 3 of them to do that. Meanwhile Misty brings Corsola to the surface and Chan tells the Tentacruel to attack the Gyarados with poison sting and the Gyarados gets hit Nurse Joy gets angry with Chan Rin And San as they start telling the Tentacruel to carry on. Misty dives in to protect it as she gets shot at by the poison stings then 1 of the Tentacruel charges at her knocking her into the cage and Misty lets out some air, blacks out and starts to float up towards the surface and hears Ash and brocks voices, she then floats down as the Gyarados starts banging the cage trying to escape.

The crowd watch on in anticipation as they await to see what happens now. Suddenly the cage breaks open an Gyarados carry's Misty to the surface on its huge eyebrows and Misty thanks Gyarados and it dives back into the water as Chan, Rin and San watch on in amazement and get soaked at the same time by a splash that Gyarados makes. Chan gets angry and tells Tentacruel to attack it and Gyarados whacks it away with its tail and Rin tells his to use a bubblebeam attack on it and Gyarados counters back with a barrier attack whilst San orders his to use water gun and Misty orders Gyarados to use a Hyper Beam attack which blows the Tentacruel out of the pool through the roof into the sky. Gyarados rises to the surface with Misty still on top and tells it to use a Hydro pump on Chan Rin and San and they get blasted through the roof too and the crowd cheer Misty thanks Gyarados and it rubs her with its face and Misty is happy. She then asks for it to return to its pokéball and it agrees, Nurse Joy comes behind Misty and congratulates her on a job well done and says that the gym can stay open and shows she is part of the PIA too. Misty is grateful and the crowd let out a cheerful roar.

Misty says her goodbyes to Nurse Joy and says she hopes to become a good gym leader and keep the cerulean gym running. Nurse Joy walks away waving and Misty stands thinking of Ash, the Scene cuts to misty in her bathing suit as she dives into the pool as she is now back as leader of the Cerulean Gym.

Special Thanks to PiPikachu for writing This for us

Cerulean Blue

Revenge Match at Cerulean Gym!


Nurse Joy

Psyduck Horsea Staryu Starmie Gyarados Politoed Corsola
Hitmonlee Tentacruel
Hitmonlee Tentacruel
Special/Other Trainers:
Shellder Goldeen Seaking

Misty Returns Home

Gets her Horsea back

Gets her Starmie back
Misty gets the Gym Pokémon
Misty saves the gym and passes the Inspection
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