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The episode begins with a weird scientist shadowed in the window. He is in a large lab on top of a hill. He grins, exclaiming that it is now time to test out his invention. He activates a switch and a robot down below starts up. It begins to roll towards a small town up ahead. A villager on a lookout tower notices this, and informs everyone that it's time to protect the crops. The men rally and have a little pep talk, then throw up their pitchforks and rush to protect their crops. A woman rushes outside, telling them to be safe. She places her hands together, praying they won't be hurt.

Up above, something twinkles in the sky. It turns out to be Team Rocket. They ironically land right outside the village from a recent blast off. They land with a thud in hard rock and Jessie sighs. She says they have to stop making such hard landings and James agrees. Meowth collapses, saying they shouldn't blast off at all anymore.

Suddenly, the village men rush toward them waving their pitchforks. Team Rocket jumps up, ready for a fight. The woman from the village cuts in front, exclaiming that her prayers have been answered. Team Rocket is confused, and she notices their outfits. She exclaims that they must be heroes sent from the heavens to help them in this time on need. Team Rocket tries to explain to her by saying their motto, but she just turns to the villagers and exclaims that they are going to help them fight the robot! Team Rocket sighs and turns to see it heading their way.

Jessie remarks that it looks a lot like one of their inventions. Meowth says it looks like a battery, and James is shocked. Jessie then says that this is the perfect time to gain support from Hoenn people. James agrees and they decide to help out. They release Arbok and Weezing. James orders Weezing to use smokescreen, but it doesn't seem to stop the robot. Jessie has Arbok poison sting it, but it still comes.

Jessie and James decide to run away, and Meowth follows, but trips. He looks back to see the robot closing in on him. He sees the giant blades that it has and prepares to be cut up, but the robot suddenly stops! A section opens up and a watering can comes out. It begins to water a flower right next to Meowth. Meowth stares awkwardly at it, and then explains that this is their chance. The rockets agree and they leap at the robot, knocking it down. The robot short circuits and Team Rocket takes a breather. Jessie then remarks that they should be hearing the loud cheers and many thanks from the villagers. They turn to see them. They villagers lightly call out, thanking Arbok and Weezing. Jessie, James, and Meowth collapse.

At the village church, Team Rocket is presented with a banquet. They watch a projection of a reenactment of what happened, except Jessie and James look different and are surrounded by bad people instead of a robot. James whispers to Jessie about the villagers finding out they aren't heroes, but Jessie says to just keep the act up. The woman from before steps up and asks for their names. Jessie and James tell her, and she introduces herself as Itsumu. She thanks them again, and James blushes.

Jessie then asks where the robot came from, and Itsumu explains that years ago, a weird scientist moved into the mansion on top of the hill. She then goes on to explain that each year, he sends the robot to destroy their crops. Jessie then says that they'll take care of this scientist. Itsumu thanks her and Meowth asks Jessie why she wants to get involved. Jessie whispers to them, explaining that Team Rocket will be well known if they take out a mad scientist, and then they can always turn on the village, making them look evil and powerful. The other two agree, and they tell Itsumu they'll be happy to help.

The next day, Team Rocket speeds toward the mansion in a robot just like the scientist's, but this one has Meowth's face on it. Meowth begins to yell out, and Jessie says all this hero stuff is going to his head. The villagers follow the robot up. James watches Itsumu on a screen, and she wishes him luck. He then becomes determined, saying he'll take this scientist out.

The monitor suddenly shows they have made it to the mansion, and they stop the robot. The villagers hide in the trees and watch. The mansion doors open and a giant humanoid robot leaps out. It towers over Team Rocket's robot, and they begin to have second thoughts. The weird scientist sits in the entrance. He presses a button and the robot's chest opens up. A large ramp comes down and several small robots exit bearing flowers. The robots say welcome over and over again, and Meowth wonders why the scientist would welcome them. Jessie says it must be a trick, and she orders Meowth to smash the robots.

Meowth presses a button and one of the robot's hands smashes a welcome bot. The hands then go ballistic, crushing welcome bot after bot. Meowth then presses another button, and their bot tackles the humanoid bot. The bot gets up and rushes back inside the mansion. Team Rocket follows and the doors slam behind them. Outside, Itsumu wishes them luck.

Inside, Team Rocket glares at the humanoid robot. They prepare to destroy it when Jessie notices the scientist in another doorway. He leaps out, telling them not to hurt his creations. Team Rocket is now very confused. They jump out of their robot to find many bots in this room. The scientists begs them not to hurt him, and they tell him to calm down. He explains to them that he is just a simple robotic scientist and he doesn't wish to harm them. James asks him about the robot he released before, and he explains that he likes to release his creations to test them, but he doesn't mean for it to destroy the villagers' crops. Team Rocket turns back to their robot and Jessie says they can exit the mansion and say they took care of everything. James agrees, as they will be heroes.

The villagers wait outside wondering how Team Rocket is faring. The doors open and Team Rocket tells the villagers that they won't be bothered anymore. They then open the front of the robot to reveal the scientist. He apologizes to the villagers, who don't accept. After some convincing from Team Rocket, they then understand.

Suddenly, a flock of Taillow flies by. The villagers begin to worry, exclaiming that if they make it to the village; they'll eat all their crops. Itsumu begs Team Rocket to stop them, and James begins to have second thoughts about this. Meowth and Jessie are also getting tired of the hero business, but Itsumu begs again, and they decide to help. The robot speeds out of the mansion while the villagers cheer. Meowth locks onto the flock and releases a net to snag them all. Jessie cheers, but the net soon breaks and the Taillow flock attacks their robot. Meowth screams that they give in, and the Taillow flock continues toward the crops. The villagers begin to worry.

The scientist then says he has a robot that might be able to stop them, and he presses a button. The roof of the mansion opens up, revealing a flying robot. A ramp launches it up and it attaches itself to the Meowth bot. Team Rocket is confused, and suddenly realize they are flying! The robot flies toward the flock, which turn and begin to peck at it again. Jessie and James are out of ideas, but the scientist shows up on the monitor. He says he built this flying bot with a built in vacuum, and he activates it. The vacuum sucks up all the Taillow into a small bag.

The robot stops in front of the villagers, and the scientist tells them he stopped the Taillow. He again apologizes for what happened, and the villagers forgive him. Inside the bot, Jessie goes over how she'll respond to the praising. She and Meowth then notice James down below talking to Itsumu. He tells her that he has to go, and he was never really a hero. She says he was, and then rushes off.

James returns to the bot and tells Jessie and Meowth that they should maybe stay here and protect the village. Meowth and Jessie start to agree, when James suddenly hits a button. The bot flies high into the sky. James gets angry, asking why Meowth put a button like this on it. The three fiddle with the steering wheel, but it breaks, and they are sent blasting off again.

The villagers look on confused. The scientist smiles, saying though they may be gone, they won't forget them. Itsumu agrees. Team Rocket lands somewhere in Petalburg woods. They land on the branch of a tree and begin to sulk. They then notice Ash and co below and James remarks that they've been so preoccupied that they forgot their real mission. Meowth agrees and says it's time to catch Pikachu. They all cheer and Wobbuffet pops out, breaking the branch they were on. The rockets then happily chase after Ash and co.

Special Thanks to GoldenNoctowl77 for writing This for us

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Arbok Wobbuffet
Machoke Taillow

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Team Rocket helps stop Taillow from destroying a village
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