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The special begins with Misty on a ladder overlooking the aquarium. She tosses some Pokemon food in and Horsea happily eats it. Misty smiles and asks if it's good, and Horsea nods its head. Misty laughs and looks at Togepi. She then moves on and feeds a Seel as Psyduck wanders around the edge of the pool. It falls in and freaks out, making Misty come to its aid. She pulls it out and lays it down, exclaiming that it needs to learn to swim.

A voice is suddenly heard outside and Misty approaches to find Tracy. Misty is overjoyed and asks why he's here. Tracy informs her that Oak told him to come to help and study the water Pokemon. Misty laughs, saying he can start with Psyduck.

The three take to the pool and Tracy starts to show Psyduck the basic swim techniques, but it doesn't seem to get it. Misty leans down and grabs Psyduck to make it do what Tracy does. Tracy then gets in the pool and tells Psyduck to jump in. At this, Psyduck freaks out and rushes away frantically. Misty sighs and brings it back to the pool. After awhile, they decide to give it an inner tube. It happily swims around and Tracy decides to teach it how to breathe underwater. He places his face in and out and tells Psyduck to do the same. After some shoving from Misty, its face enters the water. It again freaks out and rushes off as Misty and Tracy give chase.

Meanwhile, none other then Sakura is outside the gym. She checks her map and exclaims that this must be it. She asks Espeon if it's ready to see Misty, and the two of them walk inside. She calls for Misty when Psyduck suddenly smashes her in the face. Misty apologizes and sits her down, saying it's good to see her. She then lightly punches Psyduck on the head. Sakura says it's fine, and Misty asks why Sakura is in the area. Sakura then explains that she is out and about earning badges, so she decided to come here.

Tracy waves and Misty then introduces her to him. Sakura asks if he is her boyfriend, and Misty embarrassedly laughs, exclaiming that he's just a friend here helping her out. She then informs her that Tracy is actually Professor Oak's assistant. At this, Sakura becomes overjoyed. She says she really wants to meet Oak and his assistant must be just as good. Misty laughs and begins to explain to Tracy how she and Sakura met.

She has a flashback of Ecruteak City, where she and Sakura bonded. After she returns, Tracy asks Sakura about Espeon. Sakura laughs, exclaiming that it's her strongest and most loyal Pokemon. Tracy says it looks so well trained. Misty sighs, wishing she could say the same for Psyduck.

Misty then shows Sakura the pool, exclaiming that this is the battlefield and home of her water Pokemon. Sakura is impressed, and says she has earned a few badges herself. She shows Misty her badge case containing the Zephyr, Hive, and Storm badges. Misty is impressed, and Sakura explains that she would like a battle with Misty to earn a Cascade Badge. Misty accepts and goes to find a Cascade Badge before they start.

She opens a drawer to find it empty and exclaims that there is probably some in the safe. She opens that to find it empty too. She then decides to phone her sisters. She introduces them to Sakura and explains the predicament. The three explain that they must've run out of badges from all the matches they lost, making Misty annoyed. Her sisters then exclaim that there's a badge maker not to far away in the next town. They then say they have to go and hang up. Misty doesn't feel to into going to the next town. Tracy and Sakura both offer to accompany her, so she decides to go.

She places a closed sign on the gym and gives the keys to Nurse Joy, telling her to watch it while she's gone. Nurse Joy says it won’t be a problem, and the three head off. They approach a mountain and Misty exclaims that the town is just on the other side. The three begin to press on, but Espeon senses something and rushes the other way. The three make it to a small cliff where a man had fallen. They help him up and he explains that he broke his leg when he fell.

Espeon leads the group to the man's house and they bandage up his leg. After some conversation and introductions, it is revealed that this man is Kokojo, the badge maker. Misty and co are overjoyed, and she explains the predicament she's in. Kokojo becomes annoyed, exclaiming that badge making is hard work. After some conversation, he agrees to help if they help too. All three agree and he says they can spend the night.

In the middle of the night, Kokojo enters the room and dongs a bell, waking them all up. Misty asks what he's doing and he explains that they have to start now. Everyone is so tired, but they have to start. Kokojo makes them first run up a hill, tiring them out. He then has then chop logs. After, they stick some metal pieces in a kennel, and then they chisel them. After many more tasks like torching and welding, and lots and lots of shining, the three each have an uncolored Cascade Badge.

Kokojo then tells them to go to bed and they'll finish them in the morning. Misty and co are exhausted. The bell is rung in the middle of the night again, and Kokojo then has them paint their badges. He then tells them to run up the hill whilst they dry. When that is done, he inspects each badge and says they are worthy. He then exclaims that he won't give her the badges till she proves herself a worthy water Pokemon Gym Leader.

The group steps outside where Kokojo releases a Feraligatr. He eagerly awaits Misty's choice, but Psyduck pops out before she can choose. Feraligatr is too intimidating and Psyduck runs, falling down a hill and into a lake. Misty rushes and pulls it out. Kokojo is annoyed, exclaiming that a water Pokemon Gym Leader's own water Pokemon can't swim. He tells her he won't give them the badges now until she proves herself, so the three begin to teach Psyduck to swim again.

Misty tries to shove its face underwater, but it freaks out and rushes toward the house. Kokojo opens the door to be smacked into by Psyduck. He falls down and Misty and co apologize. He then exclaims that when he got back to the house he found the badges stolen! He shows them the broken safe and Sakura says they have to look. She goes outside and releases a Beautifly, shocking Misty. Tracy begins to sketch it and Sakura tells it to find the thieves.

The group follows Beautifly and Kokojo says he'll look in the opposite direction. Meanwhile, the two guys who stole the badges walk along, happy with their theft. Espeon then leaps in their way followed by Misty and co and Kokojo. They demand that the thieves return the badges, but they naturally refuse. The two send out a Poochyena and a Zigzagoon.

Tracy begins to sketch them as Sakura takes action. She has Espeon quick attack Poochyena. Misty tells Psyduck to use scratch, but it just trips. Zigzagoon tries to tackle Espeon, but it dodges. It then uses swift on Poochyena, but it dodges as well. Poochyena then tackles Psyduck and bites down on its head. Zigzagoon approaches Espeon as Psyduck's headache grows. It opens its eyes and lets out a confusion, stopping Zigzagoon. It then sends Poochyena and Zigzagoon flying into their masters. It then picks all 4 of them up and smashes them into a tree. Kokojo is impressed at Psyduck's power.

The two thieves then beg for mercy, handing the badges back to Kokojo. He forgives them, and tells them to get an honest job not in stealing. They thank him and rush off down the road. Back at his house, Kokojo tells Misty that he was very impressed with Psyduck. After some conversation, he hands her a case full of Cascade Badges. Sakura grins, saying now she can earn one.

Back at the Cerulean Gym, the two are already battling. A tackle from Espeon sends Misty's Corsola flying. Tracy comments that this is a great match. Corsola then uses spike cannon, which Espeon dodges by taking to the pool. Misty is shocked that Espeon is such a good swimmer when it isn't a water type, and she tells Psyduck to learn from this.

Espeon then leaps from the water and swifts Corsola. Misty has it recover then tackle Espeon. It flies into a wall, but flings off it and tackles Corsola right back. Corsola then tries another spike cannon, but Espeon dodges and psybeams it into the water. When Corsola surfaces, it is unable to fight. Tracy declares Sakura the winner, shocking misty. She is a little disappointed, but happy that Sakura did so well.

Misty thanks Corsola for a great job, and Tracy says she has trained it well. Misty then hands Sakura a Cascade Badge, exclaiming that she earned it. Sakura thanks her and hands Misty the Cascade Badge that she made. The two smile at each other and Sakura tells her to keep that one as a sign of friendship.

Outside the gym, Sakura and Tracy say their goodbyes to Misty. Tracy says he has to get back to Oak, and Sakura exclaims that she is going to go earn some more badges. The two then wave and take off down the road. Misty reenters the gym and decides to try one more time to teach Psyduck how to swim. She places its head in the water again, but it freaks out and runs away. She begins to chase it, exclaiming that this will take forever.

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The Blue Badge of Courage

Misty! Get the Cascade Badge!


Nurse Joy

Psyduck Horsea Togepi Corsola
Espeon Beautifly
Feraligatr Poochyena Zigzagoon
Special/Other Trainers:
Feraligatr Poochyena Zigzagoon

Misty Trys to teach Psyduck to swim

Returns with a Beautifly
Misty Learns How to create the badges
Sakura Beats Misty and earns the Cascade Badge
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