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The episode begins with Misty throwing some Pokemon food into the Cerulean tank. She calls for her Pokemon as Horsea and Starmie come to eat the sinking food. As she does so, Psyduck walks up to the bucket containing the food. Togepi happily dances next to it as Psyduck dives headfirst into the bucket. It begins to chow down until Misty sees what's going on. She pulls it out and scolds it.

Suddenly, the door to the gym opens and Daisy appears. Misty asks what she is doing home, and Daisy exclaims that she is back from their trip. Misty asks what all the bags are for and Daisy holds them up exclaiming that she went shopping. Misty then wonders where Violet and Lily are. Daisy explains that Violet is off taking ballet while Lily is working out, but all three of them can't wait to come back as the Sensational Sisters of the Cerulean Gym. Misty interjects that she has been doing a great job at handling the gym. Daisy thanks her, but says it is time they returned. She is then interrupted when Misty realizes that Psyduck has gotten into the food again. She pulls it out as it gasps for air. Misty sighs wondering what she is going to do with it.

Meanwhile at some local fast-food restaurant, an employee is waiting on some customers. As they leave, she tells them to come again. The next in line approach. They are dressed in black overcoats and whisper that they want the Rocket Special. The employee smirks and pulls out a thing of fries. She tells them it's coming right up and she dumps the fries onto the table. A small computer chip falls and the woman grabs it.

The two shadowy figures turn out to be Butch and Cassidy. They sit down at one of the booths and activate the chip. Dr. Nanba's voice is heard. He explains to them that a local boy in the area has a very rare Pokemon that he has his eyes on. A hologram projection shows a picture of a Delcatty. Butch greets him and Cassidy tells him to be quiet. Nanba continues to explain to them of where the boy is located. He then tells them that the chip will self destruct. When he stops talking, the chip overrides itself and begins to steam. Butch and Cassidy smirk at each other.

Outside a baseball stadium, our old Electabuzz fan Casey is looking up at it. She turns to Meganium and says it's too bad the tickets were sold out. Casey then turns and exclaims that they have some time to kill before it starts, so they should head to the Cerulean City Gym to see if anyone there has a ticket. In the gym, a doorbell rings and Misty approaches to find Tracey. He holds up a bag and remarks that he has the supplies she asked for. Misty thanks him when Casey suddenly appears at the door. She recognizes Misty and instantly rushes up.

Misty sees her and rushes to meet her as well. The two begin to mingle and Misty asks what she's doing here. Casey explains that they are holding an Electabuzz baseball game at the local stadium, and she is searching for tickets. Misty says she doesn't have one. Casey then exclaims that the Electabuzz are growing tougher just like her. With that, she begins to chant her Electabuzz song. After a few verses, Misty interrupts her to introduce Tracey. Tracey waves and Casey elbows Misty. She asks if he's her boyfriend and Misty angrily remarks that he is just Oak's assistant and a friend. Casey laughs and says it is good to meet him.

Misty then shows Casey and Tracey to the gym. Daisy approaches wondering who Misty's friends are. After some explaining, a Pelipper flies in through the open window. Misty and co wonder what it's doing here when it flies down and tosses a letter to them. Misty reads it to find that a trainer named Tsutomu would like her to meet him at the local lighthouse for a match. With the note delivered, Pelipper flies back out the window. Misty a little confused and reads on to find there is more to the reason, but he can't say. Everyone thinks she should go, and Misty says she would but she has a bunch of chores to do. In the end, Casey and Daisy convince Tracey to do them for her.

Somewhere in a distant alley, Butch and Cassidy lurk. Butch exclaims that he has found out that the trainer purchased tickets to the Electabuzz game. Cassidy says they should get going then. The two take off their disguises and head off. Meanwhile, Casey and Misty wait at the lighthouse for Prince Charming to show. Casey is on alert as she believes there may be a harmful motive to this letter. A large bulky man walks by and Casey thinks it must be him who sent it. Misty tells her not to jump to conclusions as the man walks by.

A young boy weakly says hi and Casey is instantly on him. She asks him what he's planning on doing and carries on. He is barely able to explain that he doesn't plan any harm to Misty, but Casey still has her doubts. Misty pulls her back and says she's sure he doesn't. She then asks nicely what he wants and Casey yells for him to spit it up. He says he was planning on it and she continues to try and get it out of him. Finally, he weakly exclaims that he has a crush. Misty and Casey look confused and shocked. After a few seconds, he says his crush is on Misty! At this, Misty freaks out in shock.

Casey pulls out the letter and exclaims that it must have been a love letter. The boy now known as Tsutomu nervously says that he was to shy to say it in person. Misty thanks him for his interest, but she doesn't really want to. Tsutumo exclaims that she is the prettiest girl he has ever seen. Misty is a bit intrigued and Casey nudges her. She laughs and says Misty has a crush, but Misty yells. Psyduck then comes out of its ball and starts to crack up. Misty gets mad and recalls it. Tsutumo then pulls out two tickets to the Electabuzz game and explains that he would like to take her to one. Casey cuts in all starry eyed. She begs him to take her as she loves the Electabuzz. Tsutumo is a bit nervous from her sudden outburst, and she begins to daydream of cheering for the Electabuzz from a suite.

Tsutumo then tells them that they can have a Pokemon battle to determine who gets the tickets. Casey agrees and looks at Misty. She exclaims that she should loose as she is the real Electabuzz fan. Tsutumo reminds her of his crush and she becomes saddened. Misty and Tsutumo both prepare for battle. Casey explains the rules as Misty exclaims that as a gym leader, she cannot go easy on him. Tsutumo agrees and Misty releases Corsola. Tsutumo responds by releasing Delcatty. It purrs and licks its arm.

The battle begins when Delcatty rushes at Corsola. Before it reaches it though, a claw grabs it from above and pulls it up. Everyone looks up to see Delcatty smashed into a round egg-like cage. Butch and Cassidy are also above. They say their motto as Tsutumo demands they return his Pokemon. Naturally, they decline and take off on hang gliders. Tsutumo wastes no time in releasing Pelipper. It catches up to the rockets and begins to peck at their hang gliders. After some complaining from Butch and Cassidy, their gliders crash into the beach below.

Misty and co rush up and Tsutumo has Pelipper use water gun on the rockets. They blow back and weakly get up. Tsutumo tells them once again to hand over Delcatty, but Butch and Cassidy won't give up without a fight. Cassidy releases Sableye and Butch sends out Mightyena. Misty calls on Corsola and Casey sends in Meganium. Sableye tries to furry swipe Corsola, but it dodges and uses spike cannon. Ironically, it actually works. Meganium then dodges a take down from Mightyena and retaliates with a razor leaf.

Sableye then tries a shadow ball, but Corsola dodges once again and tackles it. Mightyena then uses iron tail on Meganium, but it doesn't do much damage. Casey tells Meganium to use body slam and it smashes down on top of Mightyena. Finally, Meganium sends them blasting off with solar beam. Tsutumo then releases Delcatty and hugs it. He thanks the two girls for their help, then reminds them that they have some battling to do.

They all return to the lighthouse where Misty and Tsutumo continue their match. Both Pokemon tackle each other, but each one stands their ground. Delcatty then iron tails Corsola back, then smashes into it with tackle. Casey remarks on how well it is trained. Tracey continues to clean the gym when Daisy approaches. She asks for his help and he follows her under the gym. There he shines a flashlight on a leaky pipe. Daisy remarks that the pipe is part of the aquarium's main water supplies and so it needs to be fixed right away. Tracey says he'll fix it lickety-split as he is used to helping Oak with stuff like this. She thanks him saying how kind he is.

Back at the match, Corsola uses spike cannon. Delcatty dodges and uses double team. Misty and Corsola are worried, but she has it try another spike cannon. Corsola only hits the fake ones allowing the real Delcatty to hit it with a very strong ice beam. An explosion follows making Misty worried. When the dust settles, Corsola looks out. Tsutumo smirks, exclaiming that this battle is over. Misty interrupts and says that it isn't over at all. She has Corsola use recover, and it stands up jumping happily. Tsutumo is now worried, and with good reason. Corsola strikes Delcatty with spike cannon, then smashes into it with tackle taking it out.

Casey declares Misty the winner of the match. Tsutumo tells Delcatty it put up a great fight and he isn't surprised to be beaten by such a talented gym leader. Misty thanks him as Casey nudges him. She reminds him that she too has to battle lover boy for a chance at the tickets. He agrees. Tsutumo decides to use Delcatty again and Casey goes with her new pitch-hitter Elekid. Misty signals for the match to start and Elekid blasts in with a thunderpuch. Delcatty dodges and smashes into it with tackle. Elekid flies back, but gets right back up.

Casey then has it use thunderbolt. It begins to swing its arms charging electricity, and then it sends it towards Delcatty. Tsutumo then has Delcatty use double team. Before Elekid can find the real one it runs out of electricity. Delcatty then takes this time to iron tail it. Elekid flies back still on its feet and looks ready for more, but it then falls over stiffly. Misty declares Tsutumo the winner. Casey falls to her knees recalling it. She then begins to mope as now she'll never get to see the Electabuzz play.

Suddenly, Tsutumo holds out the ticket to her. She is confused, and he explains that though she lost, she put up a heck of a fight. He then adds in that she seems to be obsessed with the Electabuzz so they should go together since Misty doesn't seem to want to. Casey leaps for Joy and shakes Misty's hands. She tells her no hard feelings and continues to do the happy dance. Misty laughs and says they seem like a better couple.

That evening, Casey, Meganium, Tsutumo, and Delcatty all walk towards the stadium. Casey wonders if they have good seats and Tsutumo says they are great. He then adds in that he loves the Electabuzz too. The two then happily walk off towards the stadium singing the Electabuzz theme song together. Back at the Cerulean Gym, Misty is greeted by Tracey and Daisy. She explains what happened and they find it funny. She then notices Tracey has a wrench in his hand and asks what happened. He explains about the leak. Misty seems happy that it's fixed.

Daisy then remarks that now that she is back, Misty doesn't have to take care of the gym anymore. Misty sadly says she knows. The scene then changes to night in the cerulean gym. Misty sits on the diving board with Togepi in her arms. She asks herself what she should do now as of the current situation. She then exclaims to Togepi that she may just travel to Hoenn to find her friends. With that thought in mind, she looks out at the night's sky as the episode ends.

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