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It’s a fine bright morning on the Pallet Town beach, while Proffessor Oak is taking a vacation and shopping at the stands for some presents, and his assistant Tracey is doing some observing of the water. Suddenly, Tracey calls for Oak’s attention. Apparently they got an invitation from Gary Oak, the Pokemon researcher, who needs their help. Tracey doesn’t know Gary, so Oak explains to him that he’s his grandson, and ex-rival of Ash, whom Tracey knows. He used to also be a Pokemon trainer, and later decided to go off and become a Pokemon researcher instead.

While they’re talking, suddenly a motorboat pulls up, which the man there seems to recognize Oak and Tracey. He introduces himself as Takumi, and says that he came to give them a lift to Saida Island, home of the Pokemon research institute where Gary needs their help. On the way, Tracey enjoys observing the Pokemon in the water, and even makes a few sketches of a couple Seaking jumping out of the water. Of course, as the boat pulls away, they don’t notice Butch and Cassidy spying on them, ready for a plan to make money…

As Oak, Tracey, and Takumi arrive on Saida Island, they make their way to the research center. Suddenly, they get an intimidating feeling as they hear a creepy noise, and the next thing they know, a huge Aerodactyl swoops on them with a loud roar! Thinking fast, they lay facedown on the ground to avoid it. Of course, Oak is shocked to see an Aerodactyl, since it’s a known fact that they are extinct in the Pokemon world.

As they get up, Gary and some lady hear the whole thing, and help them up as they all introduce each other, the lady being Professor Kobara, the head of the Saida research center. Odd how Gary calls Oak “Professor Oak” instead of “Grandpa”. After the reunion, they take them to the lab, where Oak hopes to get an explanation for that Aerodactyl, which they hinted as part of the problem. Butch & Cassidy have arrived on the Island too, and make their way towards the research center to devise a plan…

First, Kobara takes them through the museum display, which is open to the public. There, they see many replicas of prehistoric Pokemon like Omanyte, Omastar, Kabuto, Kabutops, and that Aerodactyl. Although they still haven’t gotten an explanation for that Aerodactyl attack which Oak is desperate for. Gary then explains that that’s what the top-secret area of this research institute is focusing on, the revival of ancient Pokemon by transforming the fossils into eggs. That’s part of the root of that Aerodactyl problem. When they get to the top-secret lab, Oak and Tracey are in for a surprise. Everything in there is totally wrecked, smashed, and taken apart! However, that seems to be no surprise for the rest of them, since they already knew it. Then, they finally tell the story as it happened: They were testing this cloning method on fossilized amber of Aerodactyl, but it went all wrong. It hatched a bit prematurely for an odd reason, and escaped from the machine in utter anger, destroying the whole lab. That’s the least of their worries, though, because as professionals, they always have spares. Their main concern now is to stop that Aerodactyl, find out why it’s angry and was desperate to hatch, and not harm it.

As they ponder what to do about this, suddenly a little girl comes up, which happens to be Kobara’s sister, Misawo. She, being a Pokemon expert as well, immediately recognizes Professor Oak, as she was expecting him as well. She happens to also have heard everything about that Aerodactyl, and wishes to help. Despite her youngness, she claims to have a talent of knowing how to act around wild Pokemon and get their affection, causing her to be able to control them. Oak isn’t sure whether to believe her on this, so they have her do some demonstrations.

As they stand on the cliff by the shore, Misawo whistles loudly, summoning a pack of Lapras! Oak is impressed, as they follow her command to search the sea and try to spot Aerodactyl, and set off, almost as if she owns them. Now it’s time to show off some more talent. This time, Misawo whistles a slightly different pitch, summoning a peck of Farfetch’d this time! Just as before, they obey her command to search the area for Aerodactyl. Watching the way Misawo is doing this, Oak is convinced that she does indeed know her stuff.

In the other neck of the woods, Butch & Cassidy are sitting in the tree, looking after the research center, and spying to make their next move. To their shock, Aerodactyl flies near them, stares for a few seconds, and knocks them off the tree with just wind (and a little intimidation, of course)! When they get up, and find it gone, they immediately come to their senses that the Pokemon they saw, Aerodactyl is said to be a long extinct Pokemon! Knowing this, they realize the perfect plan for money…

While Kobara is doing some work in the lab, Tracey, Oak, and Gary are out in the woods, calling for Aerodactyl. Unfortunately, Gary’s getting rather tired, and almost feels it’s a hopeless case. Oak, however, is still interested in studying Aerodactyl, and Tracey remembers how Ash used to never give up, and always was prepared for the worst missions. Being reminded of Ash, Gary asks how he’s doing. Oak says that last he heard, he was training in the Hoenn region for their league, and is on a badge-collecting spree. Tracey is anxious to hear from him as well; especially what kind of new Pokemon he’s gotten there. Gary then remembers how they were rivals and always at each other’s throats back in the day, and kind of misses being a trainer. Oak, however, is very proud of him and believes he made an excellent choice to become a Researcher.

Suddenly, one of them Farfetch’d swoops down, and motions that it found something! While in another neck of the woods, another Farfetch’d finds Kobara, Misawo, and Takumi on their search, and comes with the news as well. As the two Farfetch’d lead the way for the crowds, they end up meeting at the top of a tall hill, where Aerodactyl was last spotted, taking a nap. Luckily, it’s still there, so they creep up from behind the rocks very quietly, and plan their first move. As they creep closer to it, Misawo suddenly trips, waking up Aerodactyl! As it gets ready to fly off in anger, Tracey shamelessly climbs on a high rock, grabs its leg, and they both go soaring through the air! While Tracey clings to its leg, Misawo whistles her Farfetch’d call, and tells them to follow Aerodactyl. Everyone else chases, while it desperately thrashes about, trying to throw Tracey off. Suddenly, they get to an open field, and Aerodactyl starts flying lower. Thinking fast, they yell for Tracey to let go, which he does. Luckily, he lands safely, and the Farfetch’d are still on the trail of Aerodactyl.

Suddenly, they hear a bullet fire out of nowhere, and the next thing they know, Aerodactyl is knocked down in a trap net! Gary is appalled that they’re using such violence, but isn’t surprised when he realizes it’s Butch & Cassidy, resident TR members. Thinking fast, Gary sends out his Umbreon, while they send out their Houndour and Hitmontop. Houndour tries to bite, but Umbreon dodges it and Tackles it while it’s getting up. However, Hitmontop’s Rolling Kick easily stops Umbreon from hitting it. Next, it’s Misawo’s turn, as she sends out a Pokemon she actually has trained, that being an Ivysaur. A pretty strong one at that, since it damages a lot by Tackling Houndour, and Vine Whipping Hitmontop. Finally, Gary has Umbreon take care of them both with a Quick Attack. Now Ivysaur uses Solar Beam, its strongest attack to blast them off, with surprise help from inside the net of Aerodactyl’s Hyper Beam! However, Aerodactyl, not knowing its friends yet, flies off in agony.

Once again, as the five of them search for Aerodactyl throughout the woods, they realize that thanks to Butch & Cassidy, Aerodactyl doesn’t like them. Oak also realizes the fact that Tracey was holding its leg by force made the matter even worse. Then, they remember that Hyper Beam that blasted them off, which could not have been from Umbreon OR Ivysaur. It must have been the power of the prehistoric Aerodactyl. As Pokemon researchers, they take note that Hyper Beam is Aerodactyl’s special attack. That’s the least of their worries right now though, but Oak has an idea how to handle this. They must find some info on Aerodactyl that will make it happy, and its weak spot. Kobara and Misawo then easily catch on to where he’s coming from, and decide to do some genetic research on Aerodactyl. Surely they must have some DNA… and then they remember that they indeed do have some DNA, there are still shards of Aerodactyl’s egg lying around in the lab from when it hatched!

Back at the lab, they go by their plan. Taking the egg shards and scanning their DNA, they’re going to find Aerodactyl’s favorite fruit. As it closes in on the scan, they do a fruit search, and the DNA lights up… on Aspears! If this was run right, Aerodactyl’s favorite fruit must be the Aspear. There are a few Aspear trees on this island, so they know what they must do.

As they find the first Aspear tree, Misawo has her Ivysaur take a few down with Vine Whip. Suddenly, they hear the loud familiar cry of Aerodactyl again, so thinking fast, they hide behind a rock. As they spectate, they realize that their process went right! The Aspear fruits sure to catch its attention, as it starts to take a small snack break on them. Gary is about to walk out and be the big man and feed Aerodactyl one of the ones Ivysaur took down, but unfortunately they’re interrupted once more by another familiar foe.

Butch & Cassidy’s helicopter looms above, but as they threaten to take Aerodactyl, it flies up and begins to attack their helicopter! However, they survive the aerial chaos of flips and turns, and don’t give up. As it flies away once more, it notices the helicopter chasing it again, and slows it down with Whirlwind. Time for the famous manipulator arm! As it grabs Aerodactyl, Misawo thinks fast taking out Ivysaur, and having it Razor Leaf. Unfortunately that fails as well, so she uses her way of getting along with wild Pokemon, and yells for Aerodactyl to try its hardest to escape the grip. But they’re too persistent to take that Aerodactyl to Professor Namba, they don’t give up! Now it’s Gary’s turn, as he sends out a Dodrio, and has it use its long legs to jump all the way up to the helicopter. Butch & Cassidy nearly lose their grip on Aerodactyl and the sole sight of Dodrio at their window, but Dodrio’s Drill Peck gets too much for them and the helicopter, that it pokes a hole and releases all the gas plus Aerodactyl, blasting them off.

It seems like Aerodactyl is still not really too fond of the research crew, so they go by their original plan that was interrupted by Butch & Cassidy. Waiting for it to take a snack break on the Aspear tree, they hide behind a rock once again. As it starts to eat, they sneak up, until they get close enough that Aerodactyl notices them, and doesn’t seem to happy. Luckily, Gary still has that ripe Aspear on his hands, and all their Pokemon including Umbreon, Farfetch’d, Dodrio, and Ivysaur are there to give Aerodactyl the news that they’re on its side. Gary even pets his Umbreon to demonstrate that he cares deeply for Pokemon feelings. Aerodactyl then starts at them for a few seconds, and gives a loud roar of delight, and goes back to the snack.

Gary is about to make his move, but Oak warns him that it could be risky. Gary seems to know what he’s doing, as he takes the Aspear out of his pocket and calls for Aerodactyl’s attention. As it gives him an odd look for a few seconds, it also smells it to make sure this isn’t a trap of some sort, eats it from Gary’s hand, and nods in thanks. Everyone cheers for Gary, and Misawo wants a shot at it as well. Holding up a basket of Aspears, Aerodactyl swoops down on her, and gobbles them all in one bite!

Now that they seem to have earned the Aerodactyl’s trust, it agrees to spend some time with them on the island and help with their studies. As the crew thanks Oak and Tracey for their help, they agree to let Oak in on their study of Aerodactyl, since he’s interested just as much. Tracey also has a goodbye present for his new friend Misawo, as he gives her a rolled up piece of paper. Unrolling it, it’s a sketch of her Ivysaur in action drawn by Tracey himself! As they all wave their goodbyes and thanks, Takumi gives them a lift in his motorboat back to Pallet Town.

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