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As the snow falls in a distant town, the evening draws near and the shops get ready to close. However, the coffeehouse seems to be still open, but empty. The owner is getting ready to close up shop, but he seems a bit nervous like he's waiting for something to happen before he closes. Suddenly, the door cracks, and Butch and Cassidy walk in, disguised. They happen to be rather familiar to the owner. As they make their specifically vivid order (Parfait Special with an addition), the owner recognizes them immediately, almost as if they're talking in some kind of code, and gives them the order. As B&C sit down to eat it, they wolf it down, and on the last spoonful they find a radio chip with a message. Apparently the owner of the coffeehouse is a secret agent as well, and Dr. Namba had sent them there to make that exact order as a signal for him. As they play Dr. Nanba's message, similar to before with Delcatty, an illusion image of a Luvdisc appears. In the message, Dr. Nanba tells them that he's after the "Rendezvous Pokemon" Luvdisc, and that as far as he knows, their best bet is to go to the Cerulean City Gym (how does he know this stuff anyway?). B&C are well familiar with the Cerulean Gym, as are they with its leader, Misty, who has ruined their plans. It's payback time!

Currently, while Misty is in charge of the Cerulean Gym, Daisy has returned from her trip and is there to play substitute or janitor. Ding-dong! They've got a visitor, and it's none other than their good friend Tracey Sketchit. As Misty greets him, he says that while at Oak's, he'd gotten an invitation from her sister Daisy to the Gym. He heard that she wants to show him some kind of new Pokemon. First of all, he asks how the other sisters, Lily and Violet are doing. Misty tells him that they haven't been around much, as Violet's been spending most of her time getting her hair done at the local salon, and Lily has been getting massages at the local chiropractor.

Suddenly, Daisy notices from the other room that Tracey's finally here, and excitedly greets him, referring to him as "the prince" and drags him to the aquarium room. There, she shows him the Rendezvous Pokemon, Luvdisc. As he observes and sketches it, Daisy explains that recently, she and Misty had each captured a Luvdisc, in hope of using it for the next big show. This one is Misty's Luvdisc, Kasurin, and she's very proud of it. Suddenly, Tracey notices it turn its head. As a Pokemon Watcher, he figures this must mean something important, like it's after someone. They both explain that it's attracted to Daisy's Luvdisc, Raburin. Suddenly, Tracey notices Raburin (with a crown) nearby in the tank, just as Kasurin gets a romantic look and starts to lust after it, Raburin followed. Daisy gloats about how she's proud of Raburin's pimping skills. However, the news is broken later when Kasurin goes up to it and starts flirting, Raburin rejects it and swims off.

As Kasurin sulks, heartbroken, Misty explains that this is part of the reason Misty and Daisy needed Tracey, to figure out why exactly Raburin isn't interested, being a Pokemon Watcher and all. Daisy then explains that they need them to be able to get along well for a show, but having called Tracey, she now explains that she also wants him and Misty to play the prince and the mermaid princess in her next show, hence the address earlier. Tracey sighs, not being aware that this was part of the reason she lured him here. The problem is that the Luvdiscs are supposed to kiss and create an Attract, but they can't seem to get along very well. Of course, it seems a little strange to Misty and Tracey, since they see each other as just friends, but after all, this would just be a show. However, Daisy seems to be taking this a little too far and going on, but eventually they get back on topic, to Raburin and Kasurin, and getting them to like each other. Suddenly, out of Misty's bag comes our old friend Psyduck, splashing about in the water. Misty throws him a life saver, but just then they get an idea. Raburin and Kasurin swim up to the surface, and the three watch as Psyduck floats between them. It seems Kasurin is up first and explains to Psyduck about its unrequited love. Never trust Psyduck for a matchmaker. As Raburin swims up, Psyduck asks about why it doesn't like Kasurin, and gets shot down with a Water Gun. Kasurin starts crying, and then they realize that they shouldn't have trusted Psyduck.

Suddenly, underwater, unbeknownst to them, a small trap pod is floating around, within seconds capturing Raburin! The trio then notice, as a sub pops out of the water, revealing Butch and Cassidy. After the motto and confrontation, Cassidy sends out Sableye who hurls a Shadow Ball at them, filling the area with smoke. As it clears, B&C escape the Gym with Raburin, and drive off in their pod just before Misty, Daisy, and Tracey catch them.

Before they start chasing them, Tracey gets an idea. Perhaps they should bring Kasurin and have it help save Raburin and win its love. They all like the idea, and fill a small tank with water and bring Kasurin along for the road. Kasurin seems to still be a bit sad from the rejection to cooperate, but upon hearing the plan, it gives in.

Daisy has never really driven, but this is an emergency. She's a bit excited to go driving for the first time, so she puts on her sunglasses and does an excitement pose. As they rev up the engine, Daisy feels like a pro with the wind in her hair, and they eventually catch up to B&C. However, they seem to notice they caught up in the rearview mirror. Butch tries to speed, but unfortunately this is the fastest. Daisy eventually catches up to them and yells to give Raburin back, but of course that's a hopeless case. Suddenly, they start going too fast and pass them, and Daisy has trouble remembering how to stop. Eventually she slams down on the brakes, skidding to a stop. However, B&C aren't too far behind, and their pod is also a water proof sub, so they jump off and escape into the water!

Their car is not water proof, but they do have a small raft. However, they need to inflate it. With all his might, Tracey pumps it up as fast as he can, and manages to finish as they head into the water with it. Unfortunately, Daisy doesn't have much experience controlling one of these either, and rapids shake them up. Luckily, they make it to a group of rocky islands. Kasurin is getting a little queasy in there, but Misty reminds it that this is to save Raburin and win its heart, and manages to calm Kasurin down. Daisy then notices a rocky island bigger than the others, with a cave, and figures that this must be the perfect place for the famous local TR hideout, so they go check it out…

So it is. B&C are in there, watching the screen. Sure enough, they notice the raft there, and wondering if it's really possible that they found the secret hideout.

As they get out and try to find them, a panel opens behind them as a giant arm reaches out, grabbing Kasurin's tank! It manages to lift Tracey, who is carrying it, but he can't bear it and lets go. In that time, a trapdoor opens under them, and they fall. As they get up, they hear a familiar laughter, and realize that B&C are behind this as well, and now have Kasurin! A hidden door then opens, revealing the duo and their tank which Raburin and Kasurin are held hostage in!

While B&C go to report this to Namba (leaving the tank there as it's too heavy and they will be back in a few minutes), Misty and the others worry a bit, while Tracey wishes Oak was there to help. However, Misty has a plan. She can communicate to the Luvdiscs in the tank, so she does just that. Pointing at the skylight above the tank, she tells Kasurin to jump up as hard as it can to Tackle the cage open, and then somehow hit the skylight open. It's very high, and Kasurin is a little wimpy to do it, but Misty gets frustrated and reminds it that being a quitter won't get any affection out of Raburin. Looking at Raburin, it decides to give in and jump-tackle it. To no avail, he bumps the bars, which remain rock solid. A few more failing attempts with all of his might determine him more, as Raburin has her attention focused on Kasurin. Kasurin cannot give up in front of Raburin, although Raburin is starting to get a little nervous that Kasurin will hurt himself, even though she knows he's trying to impress her.

Finally, Kasurin manages to break the cage open (and yes, Raburin is relieved), and now it's time to take care of the skylight! Misty has Kasurin try his Water Gun on it, but it remains tight in there. However, a deeper breath of it sends the glass out the window, opening the skylight for escape!

Their troubles are not over. Suddenly, the alarm goes off, alerting B&C of the recent happening. Quickly, they make their way to the scene…

Now it's Raburin's turn to act. Daisy has her shoot a Water Gun out through the hole, while Misty has Kasurin use its Ice Beam to freeze the arch of water Raburin is making! Sure enough, it works, and now they just have to climb out. But just then, B&C arrive on the scene, and Butch opens the trap for them, all over again! Thinking fast, Misty has Kasurin use Double Team, confusing Butch in controlling the machine to catch the right one. While he fumbles with the controller, R&K use this as a chance to escape by climbing the arch. While Butch's still fumbling, Cassidy climbs out after them, alerting him of the situation to drop it and follow (how it manages to not break is beyond me).

As the two discus fish bounce across the hills and valleys, they eventually find themselves cornered at a cliff with nowhere to run, B&C trailing them. As they approach, Kasurin things fast, motions for Raburin to kiss him. Of course, she's a slight bit reluctant, but she trusts him enough as a friend. Slowly, the two fish begin to make out… and B&C are too shocked to make any moves, oohing and awing at the incredibly cute scene. But with their lips locked in place, they jump off the cliff, and form a "butterfly", enabling them to use their bodies as wings and glide down slowly, and safely. Clever Kasurin, thinking of a plan to score a bit.

As they land, they look at each other in acknowledgement, and it seems Kasurin has finally won the love of Raburin. Back inside the cave, Tracey has managed to grab hold of the trap pod controller which Butch forgot, and stands back with the others as he self-destructs it. Time to round up the Luvdisc and head back to the Gym!

Or not. While the couple swim towards Cerulean City, a fence pops up in the water in front of them. They assume it's just a dam, so they head back to find another way… but another fence has popped up, and as they look up, they realize B&C still haven't given up! This time they send out their Pokemon, Sableye and Mightyena as Kasurin sprays Butch in the face. That doesn't threaten them, so Cassidy has Sableye go for the Fury Swipes… but unfortunately, it can't physically attack them, since it's gravitated and can't swim! Butch then pushes a button, making the fences close in. Then, it's about to have Mightyena do something, but the calls of Misty and the others distract them. As they couple notice them, just as the fences are about to crush them into a valentine cookie, they jump out at the last second. Misty and Daisy then quickly discuss among themselves a plan to get rid of them, and when ready, Daisy has Raburin hold Kasurin up with her Water Gun. Mightyena tries attacking them with Iron Tail, but just then Kasurin jumps off Raburin's geyser and stops it with Water Gun yet again. Sableye then hurls a Shadow Ball at them, but R&K think fast and use the Water Gun/Ice Beam combo again, freezing the shadow ball in place! B&C are amazed and worried at this strategy, as they're worried about the Shadow Ball exploding once unfrozen. Butch tries to destroy it as soon as possible by having Mightyena hit it (as well as them) with a Hyper Beam, but Daisy has Raburin use Sweet Kiss, charming Mightyena and distracting it, before it fires the beam while it still glows at the mouth. As Mightyena swaggers about with a mouth glowing with a Hyper-Beam-to-be, it happens to spit it out in the direction of B&C. To finish this off, Misty and Daisy have both their fish use a combined Water Gun, blasting them both off. The Sweet Kiss effect seems to have rubbed off on Sableye too, and it and Mightyena playfully lick and hug each other as they blast through the air.

Back at the Gym, the show seems to be quite a big success. Of course, they don't need Misty and Tracey anymore now that the feeling is mutual with the Luvdisc as it is. Also, it seems Daisy has added an unexpected last bit into the script (might have not been there to begin with), as the Luvdisc spray the audience with Sweet Kiss. All the couples that went to see the show now feel the love stronger than ever, and applaud as the curtains close and Daisy thanks Misty and Tracey for their help.

Special Thanks to Zak for writing This for us

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