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As the special begins, N comes through the fog with a Menger Sponge in his hands and metal bracelets around his wrists. He is standing on top of Dragonspiral Tower, as he looks out into the world and asks how a trainer and their Pokémon reach their goals. The viewpoint changes, as the whole Dragonspiral Tower and the clouds surrounding it are shown. The clouds move passed the tower and hide it from view. Several Swanna fly high into the sky, as a male character and his rival run through the streets while they pass by trainers that have a Patrat, Cottonee, and Deino. The rival says that they should go get their fuirst Pokémon, as the rival agrees. They run up the stairwell to see Bianca, as she says that she is glad to meet them and they walk towards each other.

Bianca opens up the capsule which holds three Poké Balls, as she says to them that they contain their starter Pokémon. The male character looks very excited about getting his first Pokémon. Under a crescent moon, the male character with his Lucario and Akuroma with his Magneton are talking near a fountain in a park. Akuroma tells the male character that Team Plasma has said that Pokémon have skill potential, but they must be released from humans. Akuroma says that they shouldn't. A side view of Akuroma and the male character are shown, as they look right at each other.

The male character and his Emboar walk down a runway surrounded by a large crowd and spotlights to a large stage in the Nimbasa City Gym, as they walk towards Elesa. Elesa has a yellow jacket, black hair, and pointy ear muffs on her ears. Elesa welcomes them to her stage, both her sweet Pokémon and his. She wonders which Pokémon will show true brilliance in battle, and says that they shall begin the battle. Emboar is pumped up, as it releases flames in front of her. She takes off her jacket, as she reveals a yellow and blue t-shirt. She has her Emolga on her shoulder and a Zebstrika next to her. Behind her is a screen that shows shadows of her, and the badge that a challenger earns.

Wingull fly over a ship that the male character, Cheren, and the rival are on with their Pokémon. The male character has an Arcanine, Cheren has a Stoutland, and the rival has a Samurott. They look around and see that seven Team Plasma members are there, with Seviper, Metagross, Scrafty, Muk, and Klinklang are with the ones in front of them and Liepard, Magnemite, Zangoose, and Scolipede with the members behind them. Team Plasma congratulates them on finding where they are at, but they must give because they are outnumbered. The rival says that he is now angry, as Cheren fixes his tie and says that he is completely meaningless and very troublesome. The rival says that it will be over soon, and asks the male character for his help as he taps him on the shoulder. The male character decides to help out.

Team Plasma commands Seviper to use Bite, and the male character commands Arcanine to use Bite as well. Seviper moves in to use bite, but Arcanine Bites Seviper and throws it high into the air. The rival commands Samurott to use Ice Beam, as it uses Ice Beam to freeze part of the ship and Seviper, as it creates a cold mist around the ship. The member of Shadow Triad is jumping and running on roofs, while the male character is following him with his Lucario and trying to stop him. The whole are is covered in clear ice and ice statues. The male character tries to cut the Shadow Triad off in front of a large building. Lucario jumps onto one of the ice crystals, as the male character commands him to use Aura Sphere. Lucario uses Aura Sphere at the member of Shadow Triad, but Bisharp uses a protective barrier to protect him. As the attack hits the barrier, cold mist surrounds the area. The other two members of the Triad show up, as one of them holds out a capsule. He says that they will succeed in their mission no matter what. The Shadow Triad jump away, as the male character looks very angry.

The Black Kyurem is shown in its Overdrive Mode, as it uses an Electric attack. The White Kyurem is shown surrounded in flames, as it uses a Fire attack. Both Black Kyurem and White Kyurem are shown with Black Kyurem on top, as they rotate around with blue and red backrounds.

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Plasma Grunt
Shadow Triad

Arcanine Lucario Emboar
Zebstrika Emolga
Plasma Grunt:
Magnemite Muk Zangoose Seviper Metagross Liepard Scolipede Scrafty Klinklang
Shadow Triad:
Special/Other Trainers:
Patrat Cottonee Deino
Wingull Swanna Kyurem

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