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This is a story set when Hoopa's companions Balza and Mary were still children. The three of them lived happily together with the villagers in "Arkhe Valley", a place far from Désser City where Hoopa later met Ash and the others. Everyone there loved Hoopa's rings, which could make anything and everything appear! One day, the three of them were helping an old woman make donuts. Hoopa's eyes started glittering at the sight of these round treats it had never seen before! But when Hoopa's rings get used to make donuts, things quickly get silly!

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Hoopa, The Mischief Pokémon

The Minidjinni of the Word "Appear!": Hoopa



Special/Other Trainers:
Marill Azumarill
Graveler Phanpy Hoopa

Hoopa sets off on its journey
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