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The Indigo Series. The Series set in the towns and cities of the Games Red, Blue, Yellow and Green. The Subsequent events of the Indigo League are as follows:

It all starts with one person named Ash Ketchum starting off with a disobedient Pokémon: Pikachu:

He earns Pikachu's trust and gains 2 travelling companions the girl Misty and the Gym Leader Brock:

The events happened in this order:

  • Team Rocket start to try and capture Pikachu
  • Ash catches a Caterpie
  • Ash catches Pidgeotto
  • Caterpie evolves into Metapod
  • Metapod evolves into Butterfree
  • Ash beats Brock in the Pewter Gym on the second Attempt. Brock Joins Ash. Ash gets the Boulder Badge
  • Brock catches Zubat
  • Ash gets to Cerulean City. He beats Misty in a battle (a close one at that). Ash gets the Cascade Badge
  • Ash gets given a Bulbasaur
  • Ash Catches a Charmander
  • Ash catches a Squirtle
  • Ash Catches a Krabby
  • Ash beats Lt. Surge on second attempt in The Vermillion Gym. He gets the Thunder Badge
  • Ash trades Butterfree for A Raticate and Back Again
  • Misty catches a Horsea
  • Ash releases Butterfree
  • Ash finds Sabrina. Loses to her 1st time round
  • Ash Catches a Haunter in Lavender Town
  • Ash gets to Sabrina and beats her (Not in Battle).
  • Ash gives Haunter to Sabrina
  • Ash catches a Primeape
  • Ash beats Erika in the Celadon Gym and gets the Rainbow Badge
  • Brock catches Vulpix
  • Ash gives Primeape away
  • Ash catches a Muk
  • Jesse and James evolve Ekans and Koffing into Arbok and Weezing
  • Ash beats Koga in the Fuschia Gym. He gets the Soul Badge
  • Misty catches Psyduck
  • Ash catches 30 Tauros (not seen in US)
  • Ash tries to release Pikachu and fails
  • Charmander evolves into Charmeleon
  • Jigglypuff starts to follow the gang
  • Ash sees all 5 extinct Pokémon
  • Charmeleon evolves into Charizard
  • Ash finds a Togepi egg
  • We find out that James has a Growlithe
  • Togepi hatches. Everyone has a tournement. Ash wins but Togepi goes with Misty
  • Bulbasaur tries not to evolve and succeceds
  • Jesse Catches Lickitung
  • Snap joins the gang
  • Snap leaves the gang
  • James' Weepinbell evolves into Victreebel
  • Ash beats Blaine on the second attempt with Charizard in the Cinnabar gym. He gets the Volcano Badge
  • Misty gives away her Starmie and her Horsea
  • Giovanni employs Mewtwo
  • Giovanni tests out his Strongest Pokémon (Mewtwo) against Gary
  • Ash beats Team Rocket in the Viridian Gym. He Gets the Earth Badge
  • Ash's Mom catches a Mr. Mime
  • Mewtwo breaks out of Giovanni's Lab
  • Ash Battles Mewtwo. Ash loses
  • Mewtwo forces all the Pokémon to fight their clones. Ash stops Mew and Mewtwo fighting and gets killed in the process. All the Pokémon's Tears bring him back to life
  • Ash goes to the Pokémon League and beats all 4 fields
  • Richie joins the group
  • Ash loses to Richie
  • Richie loses the league aswell
  • Ash comes in the top 16 in the League
  • Richie leaves the group
  • Ash leaves to go to the Orange Islands to get the GS Ball from Proffessor Ivy
  • Pidgeotto evolves into Pidgeot
  • Ash releases Pidgeot

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