Plusle & Minun's Great Adventure!

It's night-time and by a dense forest is a castle on top of a mountain. A Plusle & A Minun arrive and decide they should go into the Castle to save the land and it's princess. They both start running down a hill towards the mountain, but they're going too fast and crash right into a wall.

When they get back on track, they come across a Giant Armaldo that intends on defending the castle. Thunder lands between them as they get ready to fight when suddenly, out of nowhere, a Pikachu appears and uses Mega Kick on the Armaldo, knocking it out of the way. Plusle & Minun are both glad to see Pikachu.

The trio decide to head to the Castle and they all start running there until they get stopped by many Pokémon such as Exploud. After a night of fighting, the castle is defeated and Kirlia is saved

After saving Princess Kirlia, the 4 go and tell the other Pokémon of the news and start celebrating

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