Well...Here Is The Information From The Final...If you Do Not Wish To View This Then Press Back on your Browser. If you were wondering this is from Episode 217: Ash Vs. Misty! Whirlpool Cup Battle. Anyway Here We Go:

The Rules:

Only 2 pokémon per trainer.
You have to Fight Until The Pokémon Are Unable To Battle


It Begins:


Ash chooses Totodile. Misty chooses Poliwhirl.
Ash orders Water Gun
Poliwhirl dodges by going underwater and approaches Totodile and then uses Bubble attack. It Continues with Doubleslap.
Totodile uses Headbutt
Poliwhirl sets up its counterstrike and defeats Totodile with Doubleslap.

Totodile Faints


Ash calls out Kingler, orders it to use Crabhammer.
Poliwhirl swims below the surface of the water then Poliwhirl comes back up and uses Headbutt
Kingler uses Crabhammer. Poliwhirl Faints

Misty tries to call out for her Corsola but Psyduck is released From It's Pokéball


Kingler approaches Psyduck.
Psyduck Tries To Swim Away But Fails
Kingler uses Vicegrip on Psyduck, it gets Psyduck's head
The Headache Starts To Get Worse
Psyduck Uses Confusion and Makes Kingler Faint In One Hit

The Winner Of This Contest is:


Misty goes on and loses in the next round. More on the Whirlpool Cup Matches as I get the Synopsis in

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