Puzzle League
- 9-30-2000-9:19-EDT - Serebii
I am working on upgrading the Puzzle League sections with walkthroughs, cheats etc. There isnt much else news today except later on I will have today's new episode's synopsis Later. Dont forget to visit my host on its birthday (today)

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New affiliate
- 9-29-2000-17:30-EDT - Serebii

I have a new affiliate. One of my host's hostees: Also it is Pokémon Planet Network's birthday tomorrow so pay them a visit

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Even More Official Names
- 9-28-2000-14:57-EDT - Serebii

Thats right, Subscribbers of Ninetendo Power have recieved 21 official names. I have got a few of them but I will add the ones I do to the GS Names Section:

#181 Ampharos
#190 Aipom
#191 Sunkern
#198 Murkrow
#201 Unown
#204 Pineco
#208 Steelix
#214 Heracross
#215 Sneasel
#227 Skarmory
#228 Houndour
#234 Stantler
#235 Smeargle
#237 Hitmontop
#241 Miltank
#242 Blissey

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More Official names
- 9-27-2000-16:31-EDT - Serebii

You heard it right. I have added these to the GS Names Section

#179 Mareep
#174 Igglypuff
#187 Hoppip
#195 Quagsire

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Fan Art
- 9-27-2000-10:34-EDT - Serebii

THe Fan Art Section has been updated with 4 new pics. Not much else new today except Pokémon has fallen to 10 in the Lycos chart

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A Few Things
- 9-26-2000-1:44-EDT - Serebii

Well Puzzle League for the N64 was released Yesterday in the US, and I have got some (well 55) shots from it, they should be up tomorrow. I have also found this cool little Umbreon from Crystal. As you already know they are animated in Crystal so here it is next to the Cyndaquil one:

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Promo Cards
- 9-25-2000-10:00-EDT - Serebii

I have added Psyduck and Birthday Pikachu to the Promo section

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Yesterdays Episodes
- 9-24-2000-1:31-EDT - Serebii

I hope you saw yesterdays episodes, I know I didnt. Anyway Lugia sent in the Synopsis again for both episodes

Episode List
Hello Pumello
Enter The Dragonite

Sorry for not updating yesterday, I was very busy

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Some More OFFICIAL Names
- 9-22-2000-7:53-EDT - Serebii

Well Arent you lucky. I found these out from someone who went to the GS Tour thing (It isnt going to happen here until April. But I am getting GS Imported). I have updated the GS Names Page With this info and all previous

The Names are:

#164 Noctowl
#185 Sudowoodo
#194 Wooper
#196 Espeon
#197 Umbreon
#213 Shuckle

As you can see Wooper is the un-evolved Quagsire but it was supposed to be the name for So what is the name of this. If you have seen more official names FROM THE TOUR, Please E-mail me and I will add them

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GS Names released officially. Speculation will be over
- 9-21-2000-0:55-EDT - Serebii

Well here they are. (Not all) As you can see, your buddy Serebii always gets it right
#153 Bayleef
#154 Meganium
#156 Quiliva
#157 Typhlosion
#159 Crocnaw
#160 Feraligatr
#161 Sentret
#173 Cleffa
#195 Quagsire

Well I will give you more as they are released

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Still No News.
- 9-20-2000-1:38-EDT - Serebii

But I have added 7 Banners to the Lnik To Us Section:

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Not much news today
- 9-19-2000-13:10-EDT - Serebii

Go to the forums tho

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Johto Series Pics x32
- 9-18-2000-13:10-EDT - Serebii

Thats right I have 32 Johto Series pics that i took myself. Go to the forum for it. Note. There are 32 to load amongst other things. Just be warned. BTW Register at the forums whilst you are there
In other news. Lugia and I have been working on a new Gold/Silver Walkthrough. Plus you know as soon as it is release I will have a Crystal Walkthrough.

Oh Ya And BTW Ninetales3001 is the co-webmaster for all of you pondering

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Gym Heroes
- 9-18-2000-1:32-EDT - Ninetales3001

Hello and welcome to SPP! I just got a Sabrina's Gengar and a Rocket's Training Gym today. I have these 2 cards in japanese too. WotC did something really dumb. In Sabrina's Gengar, they took out the grave yard! The picture looks very bad in the background now, but, in Rocket's Training Gym, they left the blood on the walls! It is amazing on how dence WotC can be...

GS Towns
- 9-16-2000-23:49-EDT - Serebii

ALl the New GS Towns have been given names:

  • Wakaba Town - New Bark Town

  • Yoshino City - Cherrygrove City

  • Kikyou City - Violet City

  • Hiwada Town - Azalea Town

  • Ubame Forest - Ilex Forest

  • Kogane City - Goldenrod City

  • Enju City - Ecruteak City

  • Asagi City - Oilvine City

  • Tanba City - Cianwood City

  • Chouji Town - Mahogany Town

  • Fusube City - Blackthorn City

  • As you can see this time the towns are named after plants and not colors this time round. Strange that.

    I made these pictures and they can only be taken if you link back to me. I will have more soon

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    New Episodes
    - 9-16-2000-12:33-EDT - Serebii

    I added Synopsis for todays 2 new episodes so check it out. Also Meowth's PArty was no-where to be seen. Maybe they are saving the new endings for the Johto Journeys

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    Episode Guide
    - 9-15-2000-12:20-EDT - Serebii

    I have put the episode guides up but it is likely that there are a few episodes missing so e-mail me if you find any and I will correct it

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    - 9-15-2000-0:47-EDT - Serebii

    I have updated the Promo Section With the New Promos From 19 - 28. I have Japanes Pics of 24-28 tho until I can get better ones

    This is Number 19 to be released to all Nintendo Power Subscibers in December

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    A Few things
    - 9-14-2000-0:23-EDT - Serebii

    Well I have uploaded all the 3d Pics but I havent done the HTML. I managed to find the pictures of the 9 card Pikachu Promo Set:

    Folder Cover
    The 9 Cards

    I was also given 7 pics from the Movie 2001 Trailer. Thanks to Lugia for the pics:

    See Ya

    3D Gallery
    - 9-13-2000-1:18-EDT - Serebii

    I am currently working on a 3d section, so far it has been going well so It should be up by Sunday.

    The Episode Guides are still coming, you just have to wait a little Longer for them

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    TCG Promos
    - 9-12-2000-1:08-EDT - Serebii

    Well I have gotten some cool news about promos starting soon. Here is a list of them:

  • Birthday Pikachu #24: November 2000(Non-Holo)(Through the website), January 2001 (Holo)
  • Flying Pikachu #25: Aug 2001
  • "Trainer" Pikachu #26: Sep 2001
  • Vending Machine Pikachu #27: November 2000
  • Surfing Pikachu #28: June 2001

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    - 9-11-2000-1:42-EDT - Serebii

    Well all the card pics are up, It took me hours to upload them for some reason

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  • Updated files: ALL TCG.
    New files: NONE.
    Hot Link: Gym 2 holos.

    The Johto Journies
    - 9-10-2000-0:22-EDT - Serebii

    OK as most of you know, the new series of the Anime has started so I will try and finish the episode guide by the time that you see New Bark town: Where the WInd Blows (OCtober14th for Americans. February for me :-() You may have seen adverts Showing the new Pokémon.

    Well there isnt really much news except I have gone back to school meaning more work for me.

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    Welcome TO The New Domain
    - 9-9-2000-12:36-EDT - Serebii

    Well As you can see, we are now on a domain meaning......I can host sites. Well I have uploaded everything except most of the Cards so you will have to wait aa few hours for them. I have fixed the errors around the site and also I have a nifty 404 error Page Well I will speak to you tommorrow

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    Updated files: NONE.
    New files: NONE.
    Hot Link: Ash Ketchum.

    Updated files: ALL.
    New files: Get Hosted.
    Hot Link: Crystal Section.

    Not Much News  9-8-00-01:50-EDT       SPP        By:Serebii

    Not Much News today but luckily Slowbro Sent in his report's 2nd Issue. Click Here for it. Oh ya and I have now got 70,000 hits on the counter. Its all thanks to fans like you

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    3 New Sections  9-6-00-07:40-EDT       SPP        By:Serebii

    I have added 3 sections to the site: Pokémon Crystal, Trading Card Game GB and Smash Brothers. They are fileld with cool info an pics so have a look. I have also added all the pics to the Gym Heroes Section.

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    Not Much News  9-5-00-02:20-EDT       SPP        By:Serebii

    Not much news recently at all.I am 1/3 through the episode guides. Plus I will be getting a domain soon.

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    Updated files: NONE.
    New files: NONE.
    Hot Link: Ash Ketchum.

    Other Stuff  9-2-00-01:30&10:05-EDT       SPP        By:Serebii

    THE NEW LAYOUT IS UP. HEY HEY. This is to celebrate the site's first Birthday Next month and also celbrate the release of GS. Slowbro sent In Issue one of his report: Slowbro's Shack Well G/S IS released in a month so over the next 2 months I will bring you brand new stuff like layouts to go with it.

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    Updated files: NONE.
    New files: NONE.
    Hot Link: Ash Ketchum.