May's Pokémon

Associated Sets:
  ADV Promos
  8th Movie Half Deck
  9th Movie Half Deck

May's Pokémon are a batch of Owner's Pokémon that never made it outside of Japan. These Pokémon are the Pokémon owned by May in the Animé and the various movies. As such, they do not have any specific typings

Picture< Card Name Set Details Card Details
May's Torchic ADV Promos
37 / ADV-P
WeaknessResistanceRetreat Cost
May's Munchlax 8th Movie Halfdeck
8 / 20
WeaknessResistanceRetreat Cost
May's Combusken 9th Movie Halfdeck
2 / 19
WeaknessResistanceRetreat Cost
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