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If The Above Applete does not load or you are fed up with it then Click Here To Download a program called mIRC with a Script specially made for this site. Its virus checked so you dont have to worry. You still have to obey the below rules


1) This chat is for all ages so don't swear.
2) Don't advertise sites or other channels.
3) No access begging.
4) No flooding(this includes any kind of flooding).
5) No repeating.
6) Don't use excessive caps(it may be considered considered as yelling and being rude).
7) This is an international chatroom, but please speak english, if you speak in another language, do it at your own risk.
8) Don't ask for roms, episodes or downloable stuff, we won't provide them.
9) No arguiging about the rules.
10) You know what's not appropiated, so don't do it.
11) Racism of any kind will not be tolerated.
12) Don't argue with the Ops.
13) Don't try to evade bans, if you evade a ban this may turn into a undetermined time ban or in an akick.
14) Not really a rule but, don't be shy to talk we don't bite. :P

Helpful Tips

1) To change nick type /nick (nickname) of course without the ( ).
2) To register a nick type /ns REGISTER password email
3) To identify to your nick type /ns IDENTIFY password
4) Click here if you have mIRC to access the chat via that

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