Volume 2
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Pokémon Adventures Volume Two Pokémon Special Volume 2
Release Date Release Date
August 4th 2009 (2nd Ed.) January 1998
  • Red's Bulbasaur evolves into Ivysaur
  • Red meets Blue and her Wartortle which she stole from Prof. Oak
  • Blue Steals Red's Badges
  • Red & Blue meet Team Rocket
  • Red learns about Mewtwo
  • Red & Blue see Mew and try to Con Team Rocket
  • Green Obtains a Porygon
  • Red catches a Diglett
  • Red catches a Krabby
  • Green's Machoke evolves into Machamp
  • Green catches a Ninteales
  • Red & Green accidently switch Pokémon
  • Red catches a Special Eevee
  • Red gets a Rainbow Badge
  • Red goes into the Safari Zone
  • Red catches a Nidoqueen
  • Red catches some Nidokings, Bellsprouts, Weepinbells, Victreebels, Parasects and Exeggcutes
  • Red meets Giovanni, the Team Rocket Boss
  • Red Re-Meets Misty who takes him to Seafoam Island
  • Red trades his Krabby for Misty's Gyarados
  • Red sees an Articuno
  • Red sees a Moltres which is under TR's Control
  • Red Revives an Aerodactyl
  • Red gets a Volcano Badge
  • Red finds and Battles a Fake Prof. Oak
  • Red & Green go to rescue Oak from Sabrina
# Chapter Picture
015 VS. Wartortle
016 VS. Tauros
017 VS. Jynx
018 VS. Ninetales
019 VS. Eevee
020 VS. Vileplume
021 VS. Nidoking
022 VS. Victreebel
023 VS. Magmar
024 VS. Dragonite
025 VS. Articuno
026 VS. Moltres
027 VS. Kadabra