Volume 6
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Pokémon Adventures Volume Six Pokémon Special Volume 6
Release Date Release Date
April 6th 2010 (2nd Ed.) December 1999


  • Cerulean, Celadon & Pewter Go Up in Smoke
  • Green & Blaine Meet Koga, Surge & Sabrina
  • The Elite Four remember the battle Bruno had with Red
  • Red continues his battle with Bruno
  • Red meets Agatha who reveals her plans involving the Earth Badge
  • Red refuses to join the Elite Four
  • Red sends Pika to Pallet to warn Oak of the Elite Fours Plans
  • Blue & Bill meet up with Yellow
  • Blue, Bill & Yellow fly around Cerise Island
  • The Towns keep getting attacked
  • They enter the cave with the Gym Leaders & Green in
  • The Gym Leaders, Green, Blue, Yellow & Bill split off to find the Elite Four
  • Green gives Koga his Golbat Back
  • Agatha amubushes Green & Koga
  • Green & Koga Strike back at Agatha
  • Blue & Sabrina get Ambushed By Lorelei
  • Surge & Bill keep searching for the Elite Four
  • Surge & Bill get ambushed by Bruno
  • Blaine & Yellow find Surge & Bill but cannot reach them
  • Blaine & Yellow have trouble getting to Surge and are wrapped by an Onix
  • Bill & Surge formulate a Strategy to beat Bruno
  • William wakes up and decides to help Bozz with the Red Situation
  • Agatha remembers about her feud with Oak
  • Green & Koga keep searching for the Elite Four
  • Green & Koga are ambushed by a Gengar
  • The Kanto towns still are under attack
  • Red arrives and helps defend Surge & Bill
  • Yellow & Blaine get swept away by water into the cave
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066 VS. Poliwrath
067 VS. Diglett
068 VS. Jigglypuff
069 VS. Horsea
070 VS. Alakazam
071 VS. Muk
072 VS. Weezing
073 VS. Venomoth
074 VS. Magikarp
075 VS. Electrode
076 VS. Chansey
077 VS. Golduck
078 VS. Venusaur