Volume 7
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Pokémon Adventures Volume Seven Pokémon Special Volume 7
Release Date Release Date
June 1st 2010 (2nd Ed.) May 2005


  • The Attacking Armies steal the Gym Badges
  • Yellow & Blaine get ambushed by Lance
  • Blaine sends Mewtwo to defeat Lance
  • The battle between Mewtwo and Lance's Pokémon continues fiercely
  • Blaine & Mewtwo Pass out
  • Lance flees but Yellow follows him
  • Yellow tries to battle Lance
  • Cinnibar Island gets attacked
  • Sabrina & Blue continue fighting Lorelei
  • Blue remembers how she got Yellow to help stop Lance
  • Blue defeats Lorelei
  • Red defeats Bruno
  • Bruno decides to go against the Elite Four
  • Green & Koga defeat Agatha
  • The Gym Leaders head off
  • Red & Bill discuss who freed Red
  • Yellow survives the fall from her battle with Lance
  • Yellow, Pika & Mewtwo start to try to defeat Dragonite
  • Yellow keeps trying to defeat Lance
  • An unknown trainer from Viridian arrives
  • Giovanni almost defeats Lance
  • A big Bird arrives stopping the battle
  • Sabrina departs from Blue
  • Blue runs outside to see if the Bird is the one that took her
  • Freesk evolves into Metapod
  • Omask evolves into Omastar
  • Dodosk evolves into Dodrio
  • Golosk evolves into Golem
  • Freesk evolves into Butterfree
  • Yellow tries to stop Lance
  • Yellow tries to defeat Lance
  • The Mysterious Pokémon sends the power out from the Gym Badges out to revitilise the Lan
  • The Armies attacking Kanto stop
  • Giovanni states that its not the right time to bring back Team Rocket
  • Giovanni, Koga & Lance Disappear
  • Pika goes back to Red
  • Red, Green, Blue & Yellow go to help rebuild the Land
  • Blue informs Silver that the bird wasnt the one that kidnapped them and has headed West to Johto
  • --End of Yellow series--
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