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'I like you.'

'Right from the beginning, I knew that we could not be together. Since this outcome is destined and I cannot change it, our relationship has to end on the day that I reveal these feelings to you. For this reason, I have closed my heart to conceal my feelings, and kept it all to myself all along. Alas, I have revealed these feelings to you, Yancy…'

Tears start rolling down Yancy's cheeks as Lack-two confesses his thoughts to her, yet her tears are not of joy but of sadness, because she understands the associated implication behind Lack-two's words. She recalls how their relationship began with Lack-two finding the Xtransceiver she dropped, and remembers the many places they have visited together, how they played tennis at the Small Court, and took long slow walks at Join Avenue.

Lack-two recalls how Yancy's Spinda also once had a fight with his Dewott, and says these are all very important memories to him. However, now that he has told her his feelings, he has no choice but to disappear from her sight.

Yancy calls out to Lack-two with a heartbroken tone, but quickly composes herself again as deep inside, she knows this is how it should be. Lack-two turns around and sighs that from this day onward, his love relationship shall come to an end. With that, Yancy fights to hold back to tears, and says her goodbye as she turns around quickly to leave with Spinda.

After standing in silence for a few moments, Lack-two raises his head, and wants to know if Yancy has left. Leo, who has been hiding in the bushes all this time, replies that she has, but is still stunned by the breakup scene that he just witnessed. Lack-two breathes out a sigh, and starts walking off with Dewott as Leo follows from behind. Leo states that the girl was crying hard, and says he thinks Lack-two doesn't really want to split up with her. Lack-two replies that he had to, and wonders if Leo knows that Yancy is actually a celebrity idol. The revelation causes Leo to exclaim in shock, and Lack-two explains that Yancy's career would be affected if people learn that they are dating, something which they both understand, and the reason why he has no choice but to back out from their relationship.

Leo feels astonished to hear that, and couldn't find the appropriate response to give. He then notices the time, and cries that they should return to class now since the afternoon session is about to begin. The two make their way back into the Trainer's School, and are immediately greeted by three passionate girls. Yuki, with her Wingull, jumps up and down to greet Lack-two, and Yuuko, with her Sunkern, informs him that the afternoon lecture has been relocated to classroom 401. Mayu, with her Combee, states that they will have a new teacher today, and Lack-two thanks them one by one while wearing a big grin. He compliments on Yuuko's hairstyle, and says he can see that it is inspired by Sunkern's appearance. He commends Mayu for always smelling great, and wonders if she has used Combee's sweet honey on herself. He finally turns to Yuki, and says her enthusiasm is just like Wingull's energetic wing beat, which always keeps him alive.

The three girls run off in high spirits after their little interaction with Lack-two, and Leo is amazed how charming words just flow out of Lack-two's mouth naturally. He relents at his inability to handle girls, how he freezes up every time he sees them, and Lack-two believes that he is placing too much focus on it that he is giving himself pressure. He tells Leo that he needs to have confidence in himself, and points out that he ought to have gained recognition and fame by the skills he possesses, especially since he was one of the 8 finalists in the Pokemon League Tournament two years ago.

Leo remarks that it certainly isn't the case, and although he admits that he did hope that his achievement would be a chance to earn him new friendships, the events that eventually happened at the League made so much impact that everything else was drowned out. Even when he returned home, the only thing people asked about was the Team Plasma incident instead of his accomplishment, almost as if he did not really become one of the 8 finalists. After all, the person who emerged victorious in the Tournament has vanished for some unknown reason, and the Team Plasma executives known as the Seven Sages also managed to flee from the scene. Lack-two pauses for a moment after hearing Leo's words, but before he could give a response, Leo exclaims that it is not the time to chit-chat, and says they must rush to classroom 401 right away.

Upon reaching the classroom, Leo and Lack-two discover that their new teacher is already inside, which means lesson has begun. Lack-two suggests sneaking in from the backdoor, and the two boys move with as much stealth as they can manage at the back of the classroom after successfully crawling in. However, just as they are about to reach their seats, someone stomps hard on Leo's costume tail, tripping him over, and in turn brings Lack-two down as well since Leo has his hands on Lack-two's shoulders. The culprit turns out to be Hugh, who puts on an annoyed look, and scolds Lack-two and Leo for sneaking around even though class has already started. Lack-two butters up by offering to introduce cute girls to Hugh, but this simply aggravates Hugh further and he hollers for Lack-two to shut up. Hugh scoffs that he has been upset with Lack-two since the first semester, and demands to know why exactly he is in this school. He reminds him that they are there to study about Pokemon, and learn how to become powerful, and it is absolutely ridiculous that Lack-two only cares about courting girls and fooling around.

The drama soon catches the attention of the new teacher, a young man with shoulder-length black hair who wears a red tie on his white shirt. He wants to know what is going on, and demands the names of the three boys. Hugh, Lack-two and Leo speak their names, and Leo bolts up in shock when he recognizes the new teacher as no other than Cheren. Cheren apparently remembers Leo too, and is amused that they should meet each other again under such circumstances. However, he remarks that despite their acquaintance, they now share a teacher and student relationship, and Leo has to regard him as such. With that, he punishes the three boys by kicking them out of class, and orders them to sit quietly in the corridor outside.

Cheren's decision causes Yuuko, Mayu and Yuki to jump up in protest, and they argue that Hugh is the only troublesome one while Lack-two is absolutely innocent. Lack-two thanks them for standing up for him, and Hugh cannot believe that the girls are serious. He continues to grind his teeth in anger as the three of them sit outside, while both Lack-two and Leo simply accept their punishment in silence.

Hugh questions if Lack-two and Leo really understand where they are, and reminds them that they are at the Trainer's School, a facility built and approved by the Pokemon Association to specifically raise Pokemon trainers. Their class, the 75th class, comprises of 150 pupils, and they originate from different places across the nation, all having gone through tough screening to enter this privileged school which aims to polish up the skills of aspiring Pokemon trainers. He raises his voice and states that they should regard each other as rivals, and make the best of their time by having constant competition with one another to power up themselves as quickly as possible.

At that moment, Cheren slides open the door, and Hugh beams with hope that they are allowed in again. However, Cheren simply orders his Snivy to hit him with a blast of leaves, and orders him to keep silent while seated. Hugh is left with no choice but to keep his fury to himself, and Leo remarks that it is actually rather astonishing that his previous opponent at the League has ended up being his teacher. Hugh points out that Cheren looks no more than 3 or 4 years older than them, and thinks it is marvelous that this school recognizes the skills of young ones and even hires them as teachers. He tightens his fist in determination, and vows to become strong as soon as possible.

Suddenly, Lack-two senses something, and tells Hugh to keep quiet. After pausing for a moment, he detects the scent of perfume, and bolts up with excitement that girls are coming their way, his remark causing Leo to blush in anxiety instantly. Indeed, they soon see two silhouettes coming down the corridor, who is revealed to be a young girl who wears her hair as double buns, accompanied by whom appears to be her mother. The middle aged woman nods to the boys with a smile as she passes by, but the girl remains silent and oblivious to their presence. Lack-two whispers to his friends that both mother and daughter are beautiful, and the two knock on the classroom door, which Cheren responds with a welcoming tone.

Cheren announces to his pupils that they are having a new transfer student this semester, and the girl proceeds to introduce herself as Whi-two. She states that her interest is star-gazing, and is born in September with the zodiac sign of Gothorita. Her favourite food is parfait, favourite flower the Gracidea, and favourite color blue. She also introduces her Foongus, her treasured partner, and hopes that she will get along with everyone.

Lack-two takes notes of everything Whi-two has said, and Hugh gets annoyed by his behavior. Lack-two states that the Gothorita zodiac has high compatibility with the Bouffalant sign, which he himself is, and Leo sighs that he is born in February with the Simipour sign. Hugh fumes with rage at his friends' topic of concern, and hollers that the only important thing he sees is the girl's Foongus.

The fuss between Lack-two, Hugh and Leo soon reaches the ear of Cheren, and the young man lets out a sigh of defeat. He tells his students that with the new teacher, the new transfer student, and extremely noisy pupils who were kicked out of the classroom, he believes that no one will really be in the mood to learn anything from a lecture, which is why he has decided to turn today's class into a practical battle session. His announcement draws immediate attention from Hugh, and the boy fervently slides the window open to voice out his eagerness to participate. Cheren naturally agrees, and wants everyone to move to the grand arena, forming two groups according to their gender.

Out in the open seas south of Unova near where the Unity Tower is situated, Looker and his Croagunk are rowing together on a canoe. The international police officer cries that they have finally returned to Unova, and sobs that it has been two years since they are on the tail of Team Plasma's Seven Sages. With the limited clues at hand, they have gone off to investigate in faraway regions, but their efforts yielded nothing and their targets always marginally slipped away.

Now, there is evidence that the Sages have regrouped and returned to Unova, and Looker tells Croagunk that they should have a good chance of arresting them this time. To commend his hard work, the headquarters have actually assigned a new partner to him, and Looker flips out the appointment letter again to see that his prospective companion appears rather young. He reads that the Aspertia Trainer's School will be their meeting place, indicating that his partner is still a student, and decides to try his best to help train up his young colleague. Burning with strong motivation, the international police officer and Croagunk continue rowing, and hurry towards Unova's southwestern side.

Back at the Trainer's School, the male and female students have split themselves up to combat among themselves, and heated battles are going on for both sides. In the boys' side, Hugh and Leo are fighting each other with Trapinch and Deino, and Leo cries out in shock as Deino is knocked down, making Hugh the winner. Hugh grins with pride, and calls out to Lack-two, who is the only male student left standing. Lack-two gladly accepts the challenge, and sends out his Dewott to fight.

Cheren watches everyone's progress from the side benches, and can see that the three noisy boys are the more prominent pupils of the 75th class. Surprisingly, Lack-two and Hugh appear to be even stronger than Leo, who was one of the 8 finalists at the Pokemon League.

Dewott adeptly delivers another strike with its scalchop, and knocks out Trapinch with the super effective hit. Yuuko, Mayu and Yuki cheer in unison for Lack-two's victory, and exclaim that one's coolness is proportional to his strength. The remark causes Hugh to fume in rage, and Leo has to try his best to calm him down. Cheren declares Lack-two the winner of the boys' group, and at that moment, someone squeals from the girls' side. Everyone looks over to see that Whi-two's Foongus has defeated a Sigilyph, which it has a type disadvantage against, and Whi-two gasps in disbelief that she has won. She goes slightly berserk and starts hitting herself on the head repeatedly, blaming herself for not holding back and drawing so much attention to herself on the first day of arrival to this school. The girl she defeated admits defeat wholeheartedly, and the other girls start gathering around to compliment Whi-two's marvelous skills.

Next to Cheren, a young lady who has been hiding her presence all this time believes that they have the results now, and Cheren proceeds to gather all his pupils together. The young lady turns out to be no other than Bianca, and Cheren introduces her as his old friend who currently works at the Juniper Science Lab in Nuvema Town. Bianca greets everyone with a big grin, and Hugh wonders if Juniper refers to the father and daughter professors who study Pokemon. Leo confirms Hugh's suspicion, and reveals that he has actually been on a hot-air balloon together with Cedric Juniper once, which causes Hugh to jump in shock.

Bianca walks up to Lack-two and Whi-two, the respective winners of their group, and presents them each with a Pokedex. Cheren states that they are devices which automatically record the data of Pokemon they have encountered, and Bianca explains that Prof. Juniper is actually looking for young skilled trainers to help out with the research on completing the Pokedex, which is why she made this arrangement with Cheren to select their candidates.

The revelation astonishes Whi-two, and she quickly rejects the offer, claiming that she is not fit for the job. However, before she could protest further, Lack-two takes her hand gently, and persuades her to work together with him to assist Prof. Juniper's research. He puts on his most charming smile, and places the light coloured Pokedex into her hand, not forgetting to mention that his zodiac sign is Bouffalant. Bianca gives Whi-two a friendly slap on the shoulder, and wishes her best of luck, leaving Whi-two helpless with a big sweatdrop on her forehead.

That evening, at the school's student quarters, Whi-two sits with Foongus on her bed and feels distressed about the Pokedex as well as the happenings of the day. She doesn't understand why her mother made her enter this school, and wonders if she did this to make her leave her past behind and learn how to treat Pokemon again from scratch. She feels clueless as to what she should do from now on, and opens up the pendant she is wearing, which contains the photo of N, the former King of Team Plasma. In her wardrobe, she has kept her uniform from the organization, although she wonders if she will ever get to wear it again. Whi-two stares at the photo of N, whom she addresses as lord N, and hopes that he will come back soon, and perhaps teach her what to do.

Meanwhile, Looker and Croagunk have finally arrived in Aspertia after a long day's travel. Looker tells Croagunk that they should hurry, and start making their way across the woods towards the Trainer's School. Soon, Looker spots a wild Slakoth hanging from a tree, as well as a wild Croagunk walking past, and is surprised to see so many species previously not found in Unova before. He has heard that region's ecology changed quite a lot in the past 2 years, and wonders if it has anything to do with Team Plasma's actions. He flips out the photos of the Seven Sages, and reads through their names again: Bronius, Giallo, Ryoku, Rood, Gorm, Zinzolin, who disguised himself as Gray at the Tournament; and finally Ghetsis, the leader of the Sages. The international police officer reiterates his determination to catch them all this time, and soon finds himself at his destination, the Trainer's School which is a Pokemon-Association-recognized facility to raise trainers. He rationalizes that his prospective minion should be at the boy's quarters, and heads towards the building on the right.

At the male student quarters, Lack-two is busy working on his laptop. He clicks into the profile of Yancy, which also contains information about her stage identity Nancy, and reconfirms that she has no connection to Team Plasma whatsoever. He checks her off his investigation list, and also does the same to Yuuko, Mayu and Yuki, his three female classmates who also showed no signs of being connected to the organization.

Just then, he hears a knock on his window and silhouette hanging upside down outside.

Lack-two: When dust accumulates.
Male voice: A mountain is formed.

Lack-two walks over to open the window, and the silhouette reveals itself to be Looker, who is pleased that Lack-two is waiting for his arrival, but comments that traditionally, the junior should be the one to approach the senior in their first meeting. Lack-two wants to know if he is Looker, and the international police officer is annoyed that the boy doesn't address him the proper way one would to his superior. At that moment, Lack-two senses something, and another silhouette creeps up behind Looker. Lack-two tries to voice out his warning, but the creature grabs Looker with its claws without warning and yanks him away from the window. The creature reveals itself to be a Scolipede who is ambushing from the rooftop of the building, and Lack-two is surprised that Looker was so oblivious to its presence. He climbs onto the rooftop with great agility, and orders his Dewott forward to attack. The water otter flashes out its scalchops to deliver a swipe on Scolipede, and knocks the megapede Pokemon down with a single hit.

Looker tumbles off Scolipede's grip, and brings himself back onto his feet after shaking off the daze in his head. He compliments Lack-two for being a trustworthy minion, and is certain that his support will be invaluable to their upcoming tasks. Lack-two frowns at the term 'minion', and wonders where Looker got such an idea. He tells the man to read the appointment letter once more and pay attention to the details, and Looker, who does so with annoyance, bolts with shock when he reads that Lack-two is of the superintendent rank.

Lack-two formerly introduces himself as one of the internal police officers, codename Black 2, and states that while he goes by the name Lack-two in school, he is in fact the superior of Looker…

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525: VS Scolipede

Volume 52