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In an alleyway near the abandoned building in Area Circle 3, Lack-two faces Genesect with the cover-attached Pokeball in hand, and gets ready to attempt a capture. He arches his body like a pitcher would, and without warning tosses the Pokeball out towards Genesect, astonishing Looker with his unexpected action.

The Paleozoic Pokemon easily fends the Pokeball off with its front claws, and Lack-two quickly follows up with another throw. Naturally, it gets blocked again, and Looker states that it is too rash to toss Pokeballs before weakening a Pokemon, because a Pokemon at full health is extremely difficult to catch. However, he soon sees that Lack-two's Dewott is also attacking Genesect at the same time, and it times its strikes carefully with each Pokeball toss. Every time a Pokeball is about to hit Genesect, Dewott would occupy it by slashing with its scalchop, and the metallic bug often has to defend itself against both assaults simultaneously. Looker gasps in bewilderment at Lack-two's seamless combo work with his Dewott, and Lack-two's mind drifts off to the time he first met the sea otter Pokemon…

Back when Lack-two recently graduated from his training at the International Police, he was brought to the organization's Pokemon training ground by his superior, which housed trained Pokemon that have yet to partner up with officers. A variety of Pokemon stood in line as the superior walked Lack-two through them, and he was offered to pick any partner of his choice. The thing is, Lack-two has completed and passed all his training with top grades, and was about to get into real action. Although the higher executive board already gave the green light on Lack-two's unusual rapid rank advancement, there were also some who challenged the fact that Lack-two did not personally possess any Pokemon.

After hearing his superior's words, Lack-two expressed that he personally disagreed that possessing a Pokemon should be mandatory, because as long as he could fulfill his tasks, he would be fine on his own. He honestly preferred to wait for a Pokemon who could truly match his ability instead of settling for one that was not a perfect fit. At that moment, Lack-two spotted a Dewott who did not stand in line with the others, but was sitting in a corner polishing its scalchop on a sandbox. Lack-two immediately became intrigued, and asked his superior about the Pokemon…

Back at the present, Dewott swings its scalchop down for vertical strike, which gets fended off by Genesect. Another Pokeball tossed by Lack-two approaches, and Dewott rapidly falls backwards to get out of the way. Genesect marginally manages to raise its front claw to flick the Pokeball off before it makes contact with its body, but is clearly getting unsettled by the repeated near-miss situations.

Looker observes that Dewott is doing an extremely good job in distracting Genesect between Lack-two's Pokeball strikes, which not only confuses the Paleozoic Pokemon but also chips away its health little by little. But if Dewott's performance is considered remarkable, Lack-two's Pokeball toss is definitely astounding. Not only are his tosses rapid and sharp, but his every strike manages to target Genesect's weakest spots precisely. Lack-two attributes it to the Magician's specially made ball covers, and points out that he has already thrown more than 20 Pokeballs so far, which has evidently started to wear the Paleozoic Pokemon out.

At that moment, Colress lets out cry of amusement, and Looker bolts in shock that the man has secretly snuck up behind them. Hovering on his Klinklang, Colress has gotten hold of one of the cover-attached Pokeballs, and wears a bemused look as he tests out the modified Pokeball. He exclaims that the cover gives the Pokeball a much smoother handgrip while making the switch button more accessible, which allows greater efficiency in usage. He wonders whether the Great Ball or Ultra Ball is being used as the interior, and starts peeling off the rubber cover. To his delight, it turns out to be a Luxury Ball, and he rejoices that it is the most logical choice. He turns to Lack-two with an excited look, and states that they seem to share similar ideology.

Looker widens his eyes in shock, and demands to know the reason behind the man's ridiculous claim. Colress points out that the Luxury Ball is his proof, and says this special type of Pokeball is designed to heighten the happiness of the captured Pokemon. Trainers seek to increase the happiness of a Pokemon in order to facilitate the ease of drawing out its potential, and employment of the Luxury Ball is an example of an artificial external human approach. The Colress Machine he is holding, developed by technology in a scientific approach, shares the exact same principal in drawing out a Pokemon's potential by artificial means, which makes him and Lack-two people with similar minds.

Looker finds himself speechless at Colress's twisted logic, and the blonde scientist feels elated that an enemy thinks so much like him. However, he states that Lack-two's approach to the issue is something that he has given up on, and coupled with the fact that they are enemies, he sees no value in keeping Lack-two alive. He takes off his glasses to wipe a tear from his eye, and finds it sad and unfortunate that he must eliminate someone he could potential speak the same language with.

Lack-two keeps an indifferent throughout Colress's entire speech, and is glad to finally know that the remote control device is the Colress Machine he has heard of. He voices out his doubt that defective device with limited range like that could really eliminate them, and his words immediately tick off Colress, causing him to freeze in his motions. Lack-two challenges Colress to give his best shot, but promises to prove the Colress Machine's defectiveness.

Anger starts to flood into Colress's mind, and he fights to keep his cool by nudging at his own neck. He grits that the device is not defective but a beta version, and reveals that this battle is actually part of the process to perfect its design. He puts his glasses back on, and claims to have regained his calm after taking a deep breath. However, in the next instant, he fumes with rage and angrily presses on the Colress Machine to order a Techno Blast from Genesect. The Paleozoic Pokemon immediately fires off the attack at Lack-two and Looker, who manage to narrowly jump out of the way.

Looker demands to know what Lack-two is thinking by provoking such an evil guy, but Lack-two states that he wouldn't really consider Colress evil. Looker bolts in shock, and Lack-two explains that from Colress's behavior and words, he would rather call him naive. He states that Colress is clearly someone who would do anything to fulfill what he seeks in things that he has interest in, and the name 'Dark Scientist' is really just a label he was given based on the actions he has done as a result of his obsession. Looker starts to argue, but Lack-two reassures him that he is not suggesting that Colress is innocent of his deeds, because he is still a criminal after all, and they both have the duty to reinforce the law.

At that moment, Genesect unleashes another Techno Blast on the International Police officers, and the two once again marginally throw themselves out of the way. Looker states that he still doesn't understand why Lack-two provoked Colress into attacking them, and Lack-two points out that ever since he declared to attempt a capture on Genesect, Colress has stopped commanding it from using Techno Blast. This was most probably due to the fact that his attention has been drawn to the cover-attached Pokeball, something which interested him. In order to get Colress to resume Genesect's Techno Blast, he must taunt and aggravate him.

Colress continues to burn with rage as he orders a series of Techno Blast from Genesect, and vows not to forgive those who belittle his Colress Machine. Suddenly, he notices something odd about the purple bug, and Lack-two knows that the scientist has finally noticed the message he left behind. Looker feels extremely confused by what Lack-two is saying, and Lack-two gestures towards the hind portion of Genesect's cannon. Looker quickly takes out his Excellent Scope, and is shocked to see that one of Dewott's scalchops is lodged at the rectangular structure just behind the cannon. He wonders what it is, but to his dismay, Lack-two admits that he has no idea. He explains that he was alerted to that part of Genesect's body during his flight on its back because although the Paleozoic Pokemon has the ability to withdraw its limbs and even the cannon in its high-speed flight form, the rectangular part remains external at all times. It made him wonder why it is necessary to keep it exposed, and whether it serves as the receiver to the Colress Machine's signals or some kind of energy exchange cartridge. Whatever it is, it appears to be some kind important structure, which is why he left a scalchop there to let Colress know that he has his eyes on it.

Meanwhile, Colress has become silent and contemplative since he noted the scalchop, and wonders how Lack-two learnt of this special part of Genesect. He is uncertain whether the boy really knows its secrets or is just probing with his provoking acts. He then decides that he will put on a demonstration since the police officers asked for it, and brings out a box which he has hidden all is time. Opening the lid with his Colress Machine, he reveals four different coloured cassette-like items, which are similar to the rectangular block on Genesect's back. Lack-two keeps a keen eye on the blonde scientist as he pulls up a cylindrical tube, which apparently serves as a lock to the structure Colress refers to as the Normal Drive on Genesect's back.

Looker gasps that Colress is doing something to modify the cannon, and Lack-two states that this is the moment he has been waiting for. He quickly commands Dewott to unleash an Aqua Jet, and the sea otter starts propelling itself forward towards Genesect. Colress struggles to yank the Normal Drive out from the cannon port, annoyed that the scalchop is getting in his way, but finally manages to free it. Just before Dewott strikes, he successfully reinserts the Shock Drive, and the Paleozoic Pokemon fires out another Techno Blast, which has somehow turned into an electric attack. The beam collides with Dewott directly, and instantly creates a huge explosion in the area.

As the smoke clears, Looker peeks through his half-opened eyes, and is astonished to see that both Genesect and Dewott are missing from the scene. A Pokeball bounces on the ground where the explosion took place, shakes a few times, and finally stops with a click, signifying a successful capture. Both Lack-two and Colress remain silent at Genesect's capture, while Looker could hardly contain his bewilderment at the unexpected turn of events. It turns out that the mysterious cartridge-like part on Genesect's body allows the exchange of drives that alter the attack type, and after Colress swapped in the yellow-coloured drive, Genesect's Techno Blast has become electrified. Being a water type, Dewott bears a weakness towards electric type attacks, and it has simply vanished after being hit by the super effective move.

Struggling to recover from his shock, Looker confronts Colress, and pulls on his Unbelievable Metamorphosis Set, gadget 13 of the International Police Arms. He wonders if Colress remembers this face, and reveals that he was actually Lou Karr, one of the 8 finalists in the Pokemon League 2 years ago just like Colress himself, whom he knows was under the disguise of the Hoodman at that time. Looker recalls that Colress fought the Tournament authentically with his Beheeyem and Klink back then, which were clearly not under the control of machines. During the Tournament, Colress clearly managed to bring out remarkable power from his Pokemon as a trainer, and Looker couldn't understand why he must resort to the ugly ways of artificially altering and controlling Pokemon now.

Colress feels a bit confused by Looker's accusation, and wonders if the man is talking about the trust and bond between a trainer and his Pokemon. Looker barks that he is, and Colress believes that Looker should know better than to ask since he was at the scene. Battling as a normal trainer, Colress lost the qualifying match, and failed to advance further in the Tournament. Since his defeat, he has decided to abandon the method of relying on the unsteady human mental strength, and resorted to use a scientific approach to draw out the power in a Pokemon instead.

Colress's cold-hearted explanation infuriates Looker, and the police officer makes his move to apprehend the scientist by tossing out his Adjustable Handcuff, gadget 11 of the International Police Arms. However, Colress's Beheeyem uses its psychic powers to lift its trainer up into the air to evade capture, and Colress wears a grin as he acknowledges Lack-two's fantastic performance in catching Genesect. Although he is extremely upset about Lack-two's insult of his Machine, he will nevertheless reveal Genesect's secret as a way to commend his ability. It turns out that Genesect is a bug Pokemon that existed 300 million years ago which has become extinct. After resurrecting it from a fossil, it has been altered by being given a metallic armor and canon, which serve to heighten its attack, defense and speed. The cassette-like items which could change the type of Genesect's Techno Blast are known as Drives, including the electric type Shock Drive, the fire type Burn drive, the ice type Chill Drive, and the water type Douse Drive.

Colress states that Genesect is a Pokemon modified to be the strongest Pokemon in battles, although it seems it just isn't strong enough. He marvels at Lack-two's achievement in capturing something which the science team of Team Plasma failed to manage by the conventional Pokeball and had to rely on his special Machine to control. He urges the boy to tell him his name, and Lack-two formally introduces himself, stating his title as a superintendent of the International Police.

Colress then turns to Looker, addressing him as Lou Karr, and says he knows of his pursuit of the Seven Sages. The truth is, Ghetsis has personally asked for Looker to be eliminated, and Looker immediately thinks of the Scolipede which attacked him. Colress confirms his suspicion that it was the work of Team Plasma, and wants Lack-two and Looker to both look forward to being eradicated by the true power of his Colress Machine. Before he makes his departure, Colress reveals that Ghetsis has actually made him the new leader of Team Plasma since N's disappearance, and believes that they will hear more about it from Ghetsis himself some day. With that, Beheeyem wiggles its arms to unleash a Teleport, and vanishes together with its trainer.

Looker is astonished that Colress simply left Genesect behind, and Lack-two explains that to the scientist, the Colress Machine is much more important. When Colress mentioned that they were worthy opponents for the first fight of his prized possession, he was actually referring to the device rather than Genesect. Lack-two then turns away from the scene, and Looker is shocked that the boy is leaving as well, since not only the enemy managed to get away but he also lost his important partner in the battle.

To answer Looker's query, Lack-two walks over to the rubbles of the fallen building, and pulls off a camouflaged garment that has been concealing his injured Dewott all this time. Looker gasps that it is the Invisible Cloth, gadget 2 of the International Police Arms, and Lack-two explains that he has used the item to hide Dewott right after it was struck by Techno Blast. Although it sustained considerable damage, it managed to survive the attack since he has actually empowered its defense by the use of Resist Wings and Rare Candies before the battle. Lack-two commends Dewott for its sacrificial act in capturing Genesect, and understands that as a Pokemon who lives like a warrior, it refuses to waver out of fear for its life, because such an attitude equates to humiliation that is frowned upon.

Just then, Looker notices that the crowd he blocked out earlier has started to gather around the scene, and asks Lack-two what they should do. To his shock, Lack-two suddenly drops his serious face, and puts on the refreshing grin of a boy. Looker thinks that his superintendent is finally opening up to him after their achievement together, and feels extremely moved. He tries to give Lack-two a hug, but the boy blocks him off and starts waving at two young girls around his age in the crowd who appear to be unsettled. The girls approach Lack-two and ask how he managed to enter the restricted area, and get worried since there are blood marks all over his face. Lack-two assures them that he is alright, and the girls offer to help him tend to his wounds at their home.

Looker gets annoyed that Lack-two is simply turning into his flirtatious mode again, and yanks him away. However, Lack-two reveals to Looker that his flirting was part of the investigation as well. Looker gets confused, and Lack-two explains that according to his sources, work on the Colress Machine began 2 years ago, approximately the time when the League took place. It turns out that members of Team Plasma were split in opinion on the device, and while some supported its development, there was also a group which opposed it, and was secretly researching on ways to counteract and nullify the effects of the Colress Machine's electromagnetic waves. It is said that this research data became lost during the Team Plasma's internal fight, but apparently this crucial information has ended up in the hands of one Plasma Grunt in the form of a microchip. Looker gasps in shock upon hearing this, and wonders where this Grunt is. Lack-two states that he has no idea, but what he knows is that this Grunt is now a 12-year-old girl, which is why he is working as an undercover at the Trainer's School to mingle with female students at that age.

Now that Looker finally understands, Lack-two gets back to the girls to resume their conversation, and explains to them that he was simply helping out the police by reporting his sightings during the incident. Looker puts on a contemplative look with Croagunk, and lets the information he just learnt sink sin.

Meanwhile, at the female student quarters of Trainer's School, Whi-two pulls on an outfit she has not worn for a long time, which is no other than the uniform of Team Plasma. She reminisces the times when she would wear it to fight, and hums to herself that she will keep on fighting every day.

Back on Lack-two's side, dawn has broken and the skies are starting to light up. The boy hurries back towards the Trainer's School with Looker, and wants the man to write him up a report before his class starts, including how to handle the aftermath of the event that evening, how to deliver the captured Genesect back to the headquarters as well as suggestions on its subsequently management plan. Looker wipes a sweat off his forehead, and has no choice but to comply with the superintendent's order…

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528: VS Genesect III

Volume 52