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Morning has once again arrived in Unova. In the southwestern city of Aspertia, students have gathered outside the Trainer's School, ready to get on board a school bus. Leo is excited that they are going for a community visit, and looks forward to the upcoming choral competition and cultural festival as well. Hugh keeps his usual annoyed look, and tells Leo not to get carried away until he knows what it is. He observes that Cheren, their teacher, has dressed up for the occasion, and hopes that he will be teaching them things related to Pokemon battling during this chance to see the world and learn outside the classroom.

Cheren does a headcount as his students get on the bus, and Whi-two wonders where they would be going. Cheren grins that he will reveal it when everyone has gotten on board, and the Yuuko, whose hairdo is shaped like Sunkern's leaves, protests that he is keeping them curious. Mayu would be glad if they are going to the Driftveil Market, while Yuki hopes that they are visiting the Join Avenue.

Hugh feels annoyed that the three girls only care about touring, but Leo thinks that it is thanks to the trio that Whi-two, the transfer student, is able to mingle herself with the rest of the class so well so soon. Hugh remarks that the transfer girl actually has good battle sense, which is pity that she is hanging out with people like that. Leo wonders where Lack-two is, and at that moment, the boy steps onto the bus. Leo beckons him over, but Lack-two picks the empty seat next to Whi-two instead, and hopes that she doesn't mind him sitting there. Leo instantly blushes and feels troubled that Lack-two once again demonstrates his remarkable skills with girls, while Hugh simply scoffs. Yuki, Yuuko and Mayu are envious that Whi-two gets to sit with Lack-two, and Whi-two quickly offers to switch seats with them. However, Cheren tells everyone not to move around as the bus is about to start its engine, and Whi-two feels hopeless as she is stuck with Lack-two.

Yuki then urges Cheren to tell them where they are going, and Cheren reveals that they will have an opportunity to learn outside the classroom, as they are heading towards the Pokestar Studios, the city of movies. While everyone else cheers, Hugh bolts with shock and annoyance, and couldn't understand what they could learn about battles in such a location.

As the bus slowly takes off, Looker spies from the Trainer's School rooftop with his Croagunk. Using his Excellent Scope, he sees that his superintendent has focused his investigation on the transfer student named Whi-two. According to Lack-two, although Team Plasma appears to be a unified organization that preaches the liberation of Pokemon, there has actually been internal conflict. Since the disappearance of their king, N, the scientist named Colress has been appointed as the new leader. A device known as the Colress Machine researched and developed by the scientist was what stirred up the conflict, as it uses artificial means to draw out the potential of a Pokemon. The group which opposed its development has secretly undergone research to nullify the effect of its signals, and it is said that this data, which is in the form of a microchip, ended up in the hands of a 10-year-old girl 2 years ago, who is now 12 years old. In order to seek out this girl, Lack-two has infiltrated the Trainer's School to work as an undercover.

On the bus, Lack-two tries his best to make conversation with Whi-two, while the girl's Foongus tries to push him away from its trainer with an annoyed look. The truth is, Lack-two has already fully investigated every 12-year-old girl in the school, and excluded everyone else from having any possible ties to Team Plasma, all except Whi-two. He tries to get her talking to him, but Whi-two actually feels extremely uneasy around him. Although she has managed to mingle with the rest of the class, for some reason she has trouble handling Lack-two. She hopes that they would arrive at the Pokestar Studios as soon as possible, and secretly prays for her lord N to help her out.

A while later, the school bus arrives at its destination, and Cheren begins leading his students towards the Pokestar Studios. They are soon greeted passionately by an elderly man who has his hair and beard styled into a star shape, who introduces himself as Stu Deeoh, owner of the Pokestar Studios. He thanks them for their reservation, and hopes that they will enjoy their visit. He leads them to the entrance, and gestures towards the studio block where they could take part in short movies by starring as the main character. He then points towards the nearby theatre building, and says it is the place where the filmed movies will be shown. He invites everyone to pay a visit to the funhouse and dress-up rooms where they could see the many equipments, and wishes everyone an exciting time at his studio.

As the students start to head off to different directions, Whi-two finally makes her escape from Lack-two. Lack-two thinks to himself that the girl really guards herself tight, but is sure that he will discover her secret some day. Whi-two drags her tired body towards Yuki, Yuuko and Mayu, and begs them to let her join them. The trio naturally welcomes her companionship, and together they start browsing through the list of movie titles which they could pick to star in. Yuki is intrigued by the titles 'Love and Battles' and 'Everlasting Memories', and Mayu wonders what Whi-two's preference is. Whi-two states that she will just be an observer, but Yuuko thinks it will be a waste if she doesn't star in a film.

Just then, a woman approaches them from behind, and points out that Whi-two seems to be lost. She offers to help make her pick, and before Whi-two could say anything, the woman's Alakazam places a spoon in her hand. After a few wiggles, the spoon bends to point towards the movie title 'Brycen-Man' on the computer screen. The woman states that fate has chosen Whi-two to star in the film, and beckons the girl to follow her into the dressing room. At that moment, Yuki, Yuuko and Mayu recognize the woman as Sabrina, a famous actress, and rejoice in unison for Whi-two, who wears a blank face out of astonishment due to the sudden turn of events.

Later, inside the filming studio, Hugh feel annoyed as he watches the staff push things around and set up the backdrop. Cheren soon enters the room with Yuki, Yuuko and Mayu, and has a hard time believing that Whi-two will really be having a video shoot there. Hugh quickly approaches Cheren, and wants to know why exactly they have come to watch movies being filmed. He could understand the concept behind choral competition since it heightens their sense to rhythm so as to assist their use of moves such as Sing, and even cultural festivals since it allows them to have battle tournaments with other participants. However, he fails to see how movies could help, and reiterates that he joined the Trainer's School with a desire to become stronger in Pokemon battles. In his mind, he recalls what happened years ago, and reaffirms his determination to seek revenge on Team Plasma some day.

Cheren remains calm at Hugh's words, and remarks that he certainly has his reasons to bring them to this facility. He hopes that they could see how a certain man exerts his skills in using Pokemon, and gestures towards the other side of the room, where a man wearing an eye-mask with a ponytail sits to get himself ready. Cheren states that the man is named Brycen, who plays the role of Brycen-Man, but Hugh doesn't understand what there is to learn since one simply follows the script to act in a movie. Leo takes a look at the script himself, and reads that the plot is about the heroine, who is played by Whi-two, safeguarding the amusement park from the evil hands of Brycen-Man.

At that moment, the Assistant Director announces that filming to about to start, and the Director proceeds to count down from 3 before yelling 'action'.

Narrator: A place of never-ending smiles! Everyone's ideal place to play! The amusement park! But a threatening shadow looms over this happy place. The stage is set for trouble!!

Everyone watches as Brycen-Man enters the scene with his cape wrapped around himself. He stands on a block with a menacing presence, and Leo wonders why the backset and everything else is in green. Cheren explains that it is based on a technique known as chroma key, which allows replacement of the green parts with other backgrounds by digital editing during post-production. Leo marvels at the technology, and the AD urges them to stay quiet. The Director calls for the heroine to show herself now, and Whi-two proceeds to enter the scene, wearing a red and yellow suit and a red eye-mask while holding her Foongus in hand.

Whi-two: You've finally showed yourself, Brycen-Man! I am here to safeguard the peace of this amusement park!

Everyone in the crowd except Hugh exclaim at Whi-two's appearance, and Leo instantly blushes as usual. Mayu thinks that Whi-two is extremely cool, and Yuuko agrees that she is born to be a heroine. Thinking to herself, Whi-two feels glad that he has the mask to conceal her identity, and finds this actually rather enjoyable.

Whi-two: I will keep on fighting today and tomorrow! I am the Foongus Girl!

Leo wonders where Lack-two has gone, but Hugh suddenly urges him to look as he has apparently underestimated what the filming is about. Brycen-Man sends out a Pawniard and Vullaby, and commands them forward.

Brycen-Man: Go, my Pokemon! Unleash your power! Destroy everything in the amusement park!!

Pawniard whisks its sharp claws forward towards Foongus, and delivers a series of slashes on its body. Hugh cries in shock that although the dialogues are scripted, the battle itself is real and impromptu. The Director confirms his statement, and explains that it is the reason why the Pokestar Studios produce such great action films.

Whi-two thinks to herself that if this movie gets published, her lord N may see it wherever he is, and gets hopeful that it might get him to come back. With that resolution in mind, she decides to give her best, and orders a Giga Drain from Foongus. The little mushroom quickly saps the health off Pawniard through its mouth, and manages to faint the sharp blade Pokemon.

Brycen-Man: A single hit to KO my Pokemon… You're pretty good! Foongus Girl!! However, you will get down on your knees before me when I end you with my dark, secret arts! Prepare to be finished! Whi-two: Bring it on!

Suddenly, something strikes at Brycen-Man's Vullaby, and faints the vulture Pokemon. Whi-two jumps in shock, and exclaims that she has not done anything yet. In the next instant, a giant mechanical Tyranitar appears, breathing smoke from its mouth, and causes Whi-two to bolt to her feet. The Director cries that it is the robot Mecha Tyranitar from another movie 'Big Monster 2', and the AD remarks nonchalantly that he has indeed forgotten to turn its switch off after all, confirming his suspicion. This earns him an angry smack on the head by the Director, who hollers that the robot is programmed to react to Pokemon and will not cease to battle until it is defeated.

The Mecha Tyranitar chases after Whi-two, and soon delivers a swipe to scoop her off the ground together with Foongus. The Director attempts to call for a 'cut', but Brycen stops him, and gestures towards a shadow looming on the metal ladder above.

Voice: Stop right there, Mecha Tyranitar!! I cannot allow your mischief! The messenger of Truths and Ideals!! Dewott Kid enters!!!

The shadow reveals itself to be Lack-two, who has also changed into blue and yellow suit with a red mask. Yuki, Yuuko and Mayu swoon over his appearance, and Hugh widens his mouth in shock. Lack-two then leaps off from the ladder as he commands a Razor Shell, and Dewott promptly delivers a slash with its scalchops, which rips off the head of the Mecha Tyranitar. Lack-two catches Whi-two as she falls, and lands on the ground in a heroic way as the Director yells 'cut' with a content look, so excited that he has rammed his fist into the face of the AD.

Brycen turns around to leave the scene, but he is stopped by Cheren, who walks over to greet and thank him. The young man states that Brycen is truly someone with a soul in movie making, as he foresaw the possible twist that could come out of the accident and made the Director continue filming. Brycen grins that he should be the one expressing his gratitude, since Cheren's students worked to save the day. Cheren is surprised that Brycen is able to address him by name, and wonders if they have met before. Brycen explains that he knows him not only because he was a runner-up in the final match of the League, but also because he has challenged his Gym at Icirrus before that. Cheren feels troubled by the answer, and reveals that he actually couldn't remember anything after the moment he stepped into Driftveil City. To be frank, the only Gym he recalls challenging was the Striaton Gym, and Brycen could see that a lot must have happened to the young man.

Cheren changes the subject by asking why Brycen returned to the show business, and Brycen grins that it is because of a dream. For year, he has desired to share his imagination and inspire others, and there is no better way than doing it through stories that connect people with Pokemon. Brycen states that there are actually others like him who have resigned from their position as Gymleaders to lead a different life, which is why there are plans to reassemble the 8 Gyms in Unova. He remembers having heard Aspertia come up during the discussion since its Gym is currently empty, and Cheren widens his eyes in astonishment at the man's suggestion that he take up the role as the Aspertia Gymleader.

Later in the afternoon, everyone sits in the theatre to watch the movie Lack-two and Whi-two just starred in. Excitement fills the room as the film slowly rolls to its end.

Narrator: And so the amusement park has been saved. Thank you, Foongus Girl and Dewott Kid!

Everyone applauds at the final scene, while Whi-two drops her head in embarrassment as black lines appear across her forehead. The students proceed to leave the theatre, and start talking about how great a facility the Pokestar Studios is, allowing them to really take part in films. Mayu remarks that the idea behind this place comes from a famous female event promoter and producer who is said to be no older than them by 3 to 4 years, and Yuuko is surprised that this means she is about the same age as their teacher, Cheren. Mayu believes that she is, and adds that she also had a role in Nimbasa City's development.

As the students make their exit, a teenage girl who ties her hair up into a ponytail walks in the opposite direction, and enters the staff room as an assistant thanks her and returns a Pokeball from Brycen back to her. The girl grins that it is the Vullaby inside the Pokeball which they should thank, and addresses the Pokemon as Barbara.

As the sun begins to set, the Trainer's School students have boarded the school bus once more to return to their quarters. On their way, they continue to talk about their experience at the Pokestar Studios, and everyone wishes to take part in a film someday just like Foongus Girl and Dewott Kid. Lack-two has managed to sit next to Whi-two again, and makes another attempt to befriend her. He states that they are both Pokedex Holders, which is an extremely important undertaking for Prof. Juniper's research. He invites Whi-two to work together with him in collecting Pokemon data, and Hugh is upset that Lack-two is using the Pokedex as an excuse to flirt with girls. For Whi-two, she has really had enough of Lack-two, and flattens herself against the window as she silently cries for help from her lord N.

Later, the group returns to the Trainer's School, and Cheren adjourns the group, telling students living in the quarters to retreat to their rooms and everyone else to go home early. As the students disperse, Yuki, Yuuko, and Mayu call for all the female students to gather around, and want to gather their opinions on the upcoming cultural festival since the three of them are organizing members. Mayu suggests inviting a singer to give a live performance, and the girls squeal in excitement when Yuuko says they plan to ask Roxie.

Next to them, Hugh puts on a disgusted look as the girls start to talk louder and louder. He finally couldn't take it anymore, and storms into their group. He ushers Yuki, Mayu and Yuuko aside, and demands that they shut up and go home as Cheren instructed. Yuki protests that Hugh doesn't have to be so rude, but Hugh says he has had enough of how they always twist the purpose of the events. Yuki retaliates that he is acting way overboard, and says he shouldn't have eavesdropped on girls' talk to begin with. Yuuko and Mayu recall Hugh having a younger sister, and are surprised that he hasn't a single clue on girls' feelings. They empathize his sister for having a cruel brother like him, and the remark immediately ticks off Hugh.

Without warning, Hugh sends out his Vibrava, which has evolved from his Trapinch recently, and begins attacking the girls with a Sonic Boom. Leo frantically tries to calm Hugh down, and tells him that it is enough. Yuki, Yuuko and Mayu call Hugh a barbaric moron, and hope he gets kicked out of class. Hugh barks that they should be the ones kicked out instead.

As the girls leave the scene in disgust, Hugh curses under his breath as he composes himself. He then notices a pendant on the ground, probably dropped by one of the girls, and picks it up with an annoyed look, stating that only girls will carry around shiny things like that. As he lifts up the pendant, something falls out from the locket, which to Hugh's surprise is a piece of memory card…

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530: VS Vullaby

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