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Under the starry skies, Whi-two runs with all her might and sees the familiar silhouette of her lord N drawing closer and closer. Finally standing in front of him, Whi-two peels off her Team Plasma uniform's hood, and tells N that she has been waiting for him all this time. She breaks into tears of joy as the man smiles, and she throws her arms out to hug him around the waist. At the moment, the young man speaks, and expresses his pleasant surprise that she has finally understood his sentiments and come to him. However, Whi-two's eyes widen with astonishment as the voice clearly doesn't belong to N, and as she looks up, she sees in bewilderment that the person she is hugging has become Lack-two. The boy remarks that they are now good friends, and as his face begins to close in, Whi-two lets out a deafening scream… in her sleep.

Following Whi-two's scream, Yuki, Yuuko and Mayu rush to her door with worried faces and bang on it, asking what is wrong. They fear that a pervert or Hugh must have broken into her room, but Whi-two, opening the door with weary eyes, explains that she has just had a terrible nightmare and apologizes for waking everyone up. Closing the door, Whi-two slinks onto the ground and feels a sense of despair wash over her. Indeed, it was just a dream, but people often say that dreams are manifestations of your inner thoughts. Her mind boggles at the notion that she has started to care about Lack-two, and she immediately buries her face into her bed, willing the thought out of her mind. She repeatedly tells herself that lord N is the only person she cares about, and reaches for her locket. However, to her horror, the locket that contains N's photo is no longer around her neck, and she frantically searches across the room for it, but to no avail. Slumping onto the ground with tears in her eyes, she thinks it must be her punishment for dreaming about a man other than N, and her little Foongus, Foongy, finds itself helpless in comforting its slightly neurotic trainer.

The next day, Cheren receives a call from Bianca, and the girl is surprised that he doesn't have class to teach at that hour. Cheren explains that they are currently rehearsing and making preparations for the upcoming choral competition, which is why there are no classes. He grins that the students must be happy about this, and suddenly notices a commotion in a corner. It turns out that Hugh, wearing a not so friendly look, is circling Yuki, Yuuko and Mayu and glaring at them as if they are criminals or something. Cheren hurries over to ask what is wrong, and the girls immediately complain that Hugh has been acting rude and indecent since morning, staring at girls' chests and behinds and sniffing around. Hugh protests that he is doing neither of those, but Cheren decides to drag him away from the scene to pacify things.

Nearby, Leo sweatdrops that Hugh really appears quite odd these few days, and is soon approached by two classmates who want to know about the guest chairs and microphones which are supposed to be delivered that day. Leo steals a glance at the clock and sees that it has passed the promised delivery time, and the three boys start to get worried that they won't be able to set up the venue for the competition in time.

At that moment, Lack-two volunteers to go check things out, and Leo wonders if it is really alright. Lack-two explains that he is in charge of equipments anyway, and he doesn't really have anything to do if the equipments don't arrive. He points out that the winds seem incredibly strong outside, and postulates that the weather must have caused some delay in traffic for the delivery people. He promises to return as soon as he finds out what is going on, and Leo says he shall inform Cheren. Then, to everyone's surprise, Lack-two takes Whi-two by the wrist, and tells her to come along with him.

Later, on Route 20, Looker and his Croagunk spies from a nearby hill, and sees that Lack-two has showed up as said with the girl under investigation. Earlier, the young superintendent has informed Looker that they have received sighting reports of Giallo, one of the Seven Sages, and instructed him to keep watch near Route 20. However, Looker was told not to come near, and the man couldn't understand why. Lacktwo reminded him of his undercover identity at the Trainer's School, which would have lost its purpose if they were seen interacting professionally. That said, Looker must treat him as an ordinary citizen even if it became necessary that they meet and speak.

Braving the strong winds, Lack-two continues to advance forward on the bridge while holding Whi-two's hand, and the girl feels both embarrassed and awkward since the dream seems to have made her even more aware of the boy. Finally, she brings herself to ask why Lack-two has brought her along, and Lack-two states that more people means more help if there is really an incident. He then giggles that he was just kidding and decides to reveal his true intention. At that, Whi-two pulls back with fright and Foongy gets into a combative position. However, it turns out that Lack-two has pulled out a wrapped present, which is meant to be a birthday gift to Whi-two.

Astounded, Whi-two quickly rejects the offer and says they are not close enough to be exchanging gifts, but Lack-two is insistent, and wants to know what kind of relationship they must be in for her to take his gift. Whi-two finds herself at a loss of words, but then to her relief, Lack-two gives her a break and says he will wait for a while in that case. The truth is, now that the culprit who caused the strong winds has appeared, he has no choice but to wait.

At that moment, Whi-two looks up and sees a green humanoid Pokemon hovering on a cloud-like base. Lack-two urges Whi-two to take shelter under the bridge and drops the gift into her hands, just as the creature throws out an attack, which Lack-two evades by doing a back-somersault. Something flashes in the trees nearby, and in the next instant, the humanoid creature morphs into bird with large green wings and sharp talons.

From his hiding place, Looker exclaims that the Pokemon has changed formes, and recognizes it as Tornadus, the cyclone Pokemon who showed up as part of Team Plasma's battling force 2 years ago at the Pokemon League. He wonders if it just underwent a forme change, and watches in bewilderment as it starts to chase after Lack-two and his Dewott. Lack-two has caught sight of the flash from the trees, and rationalizes that it must have been a mirror's reflective light. It is said that the reflection of Tornadus, Thundurus and Landorus take on different appearances in mirrors, and the International Police data files have confirmed the existence of a special kind of mirror which actually materializes this kind of forme change. The fact that Tornadus has morphed into its Therian Forme implies the unfortunate truth that this mirror has fallen into the hands of Team Plasma, and he seems to have little choice but fight.

Lack-two orders a Razor Shell, and Dewott instantly hurls its scalchop towards Tornadus. However, the cyclone Pokemon easily evades and Lack-two is astonished that its speed is almost on par with Genesect in its UFO forme. He decides to try another trick, and Dewott once again throws out its scalchop, followed by an Aqua Jet to accelerate it this time. Unfortunately, it is still no match for Tornadus's speed, and Looker starts to wonder if Giallo could have been the one commanding Tornadus since there are sighting reports of him in this area. Looking around, he spots that Whi-two hiding herself under the bridge, and suddenly understands his superintendent's intention all along. If the girl is indeed a member of Team Plasma, she would certainly know the Sages and her reaction to Giallo would unveil her secret. With the realization in mind, Looker decides that his task is to keep his eyes on the girl and observe her reaction while Lack-two focuses on the battle.

Meanwhile, Tornadus continues to attack, and delivers two consecutive blasts of Air Slash towards Lack-two. Narrowly dodging the strikes, Lack-two muses that he is facing another powerful opponent, and decides to experiment with dual attacks from two Pokemon. He proceeds to send out his new team member for its first ever battle, and Looker gasps in bewilderment, shocked that his superintendent has captured the water pony Keldeo, which has been nicknamed Keldeott…

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532: VS Tornadus Therian Forme

Volume 53