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On Route 20, Lack-two orders another Razor Shell from Dewott and commands a Sacred Sword from Keldeo at the same time. Hovering in midair, Tornadus adeptly edges sideways to dodge the scalchop and pulls backwards to evade Keldeo's strike as well. However, it fails to see the scalchop boomeranging behind him, and gets hit hard on the left shoulder, causing it to let out a screech of agony.

On the nearby hill, Looker marvels at how Lack-two made use of the time-lag between attacks to his advantage, and wonders how and when the two Pokemon developed such a high level of synchrony in their battle pace. Lack-two compliments Keldeott for their great combo, and thinks their training the previous night has paid off. Stealing a glance at Lack-two, Keldeo muses to itself that this young human boy reminds it of its mentors in some way, and recalls how startled it was when he showed up unexpectedly at the Pledge Grove last night.

At that time, Keldeo was resting next to the boulder bearing the sword marks of its mentors, and was bewildered when Lack-two appeared, twirling a medal in his hand to catch its attention with the sound. Keldeo demanded to know who he was, but the boy simply acknowledged the fact that the area apparently held important meaning to Keldeo. He recalled how Keldeo drove them away in their last visit during daytime, almost as if it refused to let anyone come near. The boy then spun his medal out to knock on the boulder, noting its sword marks, and his action instantly infuriated Keldeo, who lashed out with its horn to attack without thinking. Lack-two easily evaded the strike, and realized that Keldeo was a 'sword' wielder. He pointed out that, however, the sword marks on the boulder were not made by Keldeo, since its immaturity would not be sufficient to create such beautiful well-formed marks.

Lack-two's words rang hard in Keldeo's ears and it found itself saddened since they were partially if not completely true. It lowered its head in despair, and Lack-two apologized that his actions might have come off as provocative. He rationalized that Keldeo must look up to the whoever left behind such sword marks, and postulated that it must have lost these teachers sometime during its training. Keldeo felt astonished that Lack-two saw through its tale, and was further surprised when the boy offered to help him polish its moves, in exchange for teaming up with him as partners.

Keen to prove its worth in this new partnership, Keldeo goes airborne by expelling jets of water from its hind hooves. Dewott clings onto the body of the water pony, and as they edge close enough to Tornadus, Dewott detaches itself and slams its scalchop hard onto the green bird, striking it once again on its left shoulder. Looker gasps that the repeated hit on the same spot has slowed Tornadus in its movements, and in that instant, Tornadus turns its gaze towards Lack-two and takes a steep dive downwards. Yet, to Looker's surprise, it flies past Lack-two and lunges straight towards a spot on the river side under the bridge instead. Looker wonders what is going on, and Lack-two, replying via the intercom device, explains that Tornadus has apparently found the target it originally came for, since their battle was not something it intended. Soon, Tornadus drags something out from the long grass, and Looker exclaims that it is Giallo of the Seven Sages. The yellow-robed Sage tumbles onto the ground and curses at Colress, grunting that he was the one who caught Tornadus in the first place. He declares that he will never recognize Colress as the new King of Team Plasma, and proceeds to send out his Krookodile to fight.

Hearing Colress's name mentioned, Looker is alarmed that the dark scientist is also present, but Lack-two thinks otherwise. He rationalizes that Colress isn't the kind of people who would keep himself hidden to play with new toys such as the Revelation Glass, and thinks he must have reasons for not being able to come in person. He postulates that the man must have simply dispatched some Grunts, not only to find Giallo but to test out the Revelation Glass's powers. Looker wants to know how they should handle the situation, and Lack-two reminds him that their main objective is to capture Giallo, regardless of whether he is also the target of Tornadus. However, as Tornadus has become an obstacle in their mission, it is also necessary to rid it.

At that moment, Tornadus has already overpowered Krookodile, and is slamming it hard into the river. It then diverts its attention back to Giallo, and picks him up by the back of his collar to go airborne. Before it could get away, Lack-two intercepts, and orders Keldeo to fire off an Icy Wind from its front hooves. However, Tornadus easily gains altitude to evade the attack and Dewott follows up with a Razor Shell. Giallo cries in despair that a scalchop will not defeat Tornadus, but before he could finish his sentence, the scalchop, which has crossed paths with Keldeo's Ice Beam, hits Tornadus on its chest and instantly freezes it. This causes the two Team Plasma Grunts hiding in the trees to gasp in horror, and they quickly retrieve Tornadus before retreating from the scene.

Giallo falls on his back, and feels astounded that although Lack-two's Ice Beam missed, he managed to use Dewott's scalchop to absorb its powers and freeze Tornadus with a cold scalchop. He wants to know what kind of person Lack-two really is, and Looker, who has joined them with his Croagunk, replies that they are the International Police. He gets Croagunk to handcuff the Team Plasma Sage, and informs him that he is now under arrest. He then wants him to meet Whi-two face to face, but Lack-two reveals that it is not possible since the girl has apparently fallen asleep. Picking her up into his arms, he believes that Foongus must have accidentally hit her with its sleep-inducing spores due to anxiety, and the little Foongus instantly blushes with embarrassment upon hearing that.

Looker demands to know if Giallo has met the girl, and the Sage, after stealing an unwilling glance, scoffs that he doesn't know her. Lack-two proceeds to inform their headquarters about Giallo's capture, and asks for transfer arrangements as soon as possible. He then bestows an additional task to Looker, and gestures towards an abandoned truck on the road side. Apparently, it is the truck meant to deliver the equipment for the choral competition at the Trainer's School, but the driver has probably ran off in fear after seeing Tornadus. Lack-two wants Looker to disguise himself as the driver to finish the delivery once Giallo's transfer is done, and Looker dutifully accepts the mission. He wants to know what his superintendent plans to do himself, and Lack-two grins that he shall go on a date, which causes Looker to jump in bewilderment.

Later, at Virbank City, Whi-two slowly regains consciousness, and finds herself in a crowded room where loud music plays. As her eyes adjust to the flashing lights, she realizes that she is at some sort of rock concert, and a band plays on stage which is decorated with a giant Koffing as the backdrop. Lack-two is glad that Whi-two has come around, and the girl instantly pulls back in fright upon hearing his voice, causing Lack-two to wonder if she doesn't like this sort of music. He gestures towards the lead singer on stage, asking if Whi-two knows her, and Whi-two quickly recognizes that it is the famous Roxie, who is accompanied by her band members Nicky and Billy Jo. Lack-two explains that the girls in class really want to get Roxie to perform at their Cultural Festival, which is why he has decided to come to her concert and discuss the matter with her in person. Before that, however, he thinks they should try to enjoy the concert and without warning, drags Whi-two into the screaming crowd in front. With Roxie's toxic loud music playing and everyone else dancing and rocking to it, Whi-two has no choice but to hop and spin with Lack-two as her mind also spins in circles and wonders what exactly is going on.

Much later that night, back at the dormitory of the Trainer's School, Whi-two collapses on her bed in exhaustion and feels the music still ringing in her ears. She hears a knock on her door, and answers to find the dorm matron, who has come to return the present Lack-two gave her, which she left on Route 20 and was brought in together with the equipments by the delivery man. Thanking the dorm matron and closing her door, Whi-two slumps to her knees and wonders what she should do. She thinks it is better that she return the gift to Lack-two, but sees that the wrappings are already torn. Just then, she realizes that Lack-two has given her a professional telescope, and bolts with a start. She couldn't help but wonder if it is possible that Lack-two actually remembers her interest being star-gazing, and feels both flustered and touched at the same time.

And so, the day finally arrives for the Autumn Choral Competition. Guests and relatives of the students slowly pour into the Trainer's School, and among them is Hugh's little sister. The girl finds herself fascinated by the cheerful ambience of the place, and wonders where her brother might be…

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us

533: VS Tornadus Therian Forme II

Volume 53