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At the former site of the Cold Storage, Colress picks off Zinzolin's visors, nudges it at the Sage's face, and demands to know everything he has discovered about the frost dragon, Kyurem. Zinzolin says he has no idea what Colress is talking about, but Colress tells Zinzolin to quit pretending. He points out that Zinzolin has not only acted behind Ghetsis's back to investigate upon the dragon, but showed up at the Pokemon League without warning, wore absurdly thick clothes while muttering about being 'cold', and even exhibited elation over the fact that the boy he used displayed manners of 'coldness'. All of these are signs of Zinzolin's obsession with Kyurem, and it is not hard to guess that they are all in preparation for capturing and controlling Kyurem.

Zinzolin remains silent at Colress's accusation, but on a deeper thought, decides that he really has no reason to lie. With a grin, he states that Colress is only half right, and the dark Scientist cringes at the reply. Zinzolin points out that his obsession with Kyurem has nothing to do with preparatory work for its capture whatsoever. Rather, he is drawn to Kyurem simply because it is an entity that doesn't belong to any side. Colress sighs that Zinzolin is about to give one of his boring speeches again, but decides to hear him out anyway. Zinzolin feels offended by Colress's remark, and fumes that his ideas have always been downplayed and ignored, since the days of his youth and even after he joined Team Plasma. While the Sages frequently discussed upon the dragons of 'truth' and 'ideals', they never bothered about the third dragon, the remnants of the original dragon after splitting into Zekrom and Reshiram, the parts that belonged to neither side which collected into Kyurem. To Ghetsis and those who followed him, Kyurem was nothing but an empty shell, just like how they see him. Yet, this is far from the truth, since an entity that 'does not belong to either side' is a being that 'can encompass both sides'.

Before Zinzolin could go on, Colress stops him by kicking him in the face, and states that he already gets what he is implying. To put it bluntly, he thinks Zinzolin actually captured Kyurem 2 years ago, and the Sage makes no attempt to deny the fact. Indeed, he has already gained possession of the frost dragon, and caught it at the Giant Chasm which is located on the northeastern side of Unova. He wonders if Colress has noticed that his breath is turning white on exhalation, something that only happens in a very cold environment, and points out that the Cold Storage has already been abandoned, which means something else is causing the coldness. At that moment, a shadow looms over Colress, and he turns around in bewilderment to see that it is no other than the frost dragon, Kyurem.

Zinzolin marvels that it is the perfect embodiment of an intelligence that is unmarred by either ideals or truth. With its asymmetrical body, it belongs to neither side and is the proud dragon that exists on the boundary. Colress exclaims at the magnificence of Kyurem, and thanks Zinzolin for the hard work. However, Zinzolin giggles that Colress would be a fool to think that he would just hand over the dragon, and tells the Scientist to get ready and be punished for humiliating him. He vows to freeze Colress's body and soul, crush and melt him, and toss him into the river. Colress feels amused by Zinzolin's determination, and taunts him to give it his best shot and see what happens.

Back at the Castelia Sewers, Whi-two and Roxie find themselves cornered and surrounded by the Team Plasma Grunts and their Muks. Roxie states that they have been separated from the boys, but Whi-two barely hears her as she is struggling with whether to reveal her identity to the Grunts so as to avoid a conflict. However, as she looks at the black-uniformed people, she finds them terrifying and vastly different from the Grunts whom she knows. At that moment, the Team Plasma Grunts command an Acid Armor from their Muks, followed with a combined Gunk Shot. Roxie's Whirlipede adeptly fends off the poisonous attacks by spinning rapidly, and the Virbank Gymleader mocks that the Grunts probably have no idea who they are dealing with.

While Roxie takes on the Muks, Whi-two continues to scan the Team Plasma Grunts, and spots the Karrablast among them which most likely belongs to the executive committee member. She sees other liberated Pokemon including a Darumaka, a Budew, a Scraggy and a Yamask, and to her astonishment notices how scared and uneasy they are. She gets a flashback of the time when she tended to a group of recently liberated Pokemon in the past, and remembers how they acted similarly and refused to eat. At that time, she was told that their behavior was a result of the bad things humans did to them, and she was to leave them on their own since they would not feed in the presence of humans out of fear. Thinking back, Whi-two starts to question how much of it is true after all, and finds herself confused since she never actually witnessed how Pokemon are liberated and doesn't know if the fear they display is normal.

Soon, the combined assaults of the Muks prove too much for Roxie to handle, and she gets hit along with Whirlipede. She grunts that the enemy has strengthened their defense with Acid Armor, making her attacks less effective, and Whi-two suddenly gets an idea. She commands a Clear Smog from Foongy, and the attack instantly sends the Muks falling back, much to Roxie and the Grunts' astonishment. Without another word, the Grunts decide to retreat, and to Whi-two's utter shock, hurls off the liberated Pokemon from height and abandons them. Roxie quickly tends to the Karrablast belonging to the executive committee member, and postulates that the other Pokemon must have been snatched away from their original owners in similar manners. She praises Whi-two's skillful use of the move Clear Smog, and Whi-two stutters embarrassedly that she simply learnt it in class when Cheren taught them about in-battle status. Roxie grins with a wink that the Trainer's School truly sounds like a great place, and sees that Whi-two is attempting to make a call with her Xtransceiver. She wonders if she is going to contact the boys, but Whi-two reveals that she is actually trying to get in touch with her mother.

Meanwhile, Looker continues to speak to Hugh via Croagunk, and wants to know how much he understands of their current situation. Hugh is still somewhat in shock that a Croagunk is speaking to him, and doesn't realize that the police officer is talking via an intercom installed on the Pokemon's hat. At that moment, Looker receives a call from Lack-two, asking if the man has managed to gather any information, and when Looker addresses Lack-two as his superintendent, Hugh gets bewildered and envisions a Toxicroak superior whom the Croagunk works under. Looker explains to Hugh that it is his superintendent who wishes to know of his involvement in the situation, and Hugh immediately gets defensive and demands to know why the police have their eyes on him. Looker states that according to his superintendent, Hugh should know the reason, and Hugh, after a moment of silence, barks that he shall not answer anything. Without another word, the boy runs off, and grunts that he shall defeat Team Plasma on his own and no one else, not even the police, can intervene.

Looker finds himself baffled by Hugh's behavior, and wonders what in the world gave him the idea of a Toxicroak superintendent. He wants to know how things are on Lack-two's side, and Lack-two informs him that he has secured their targets impeccably. Indeed, with the help of Dewott and Keldeo, Lack-two has overpowered both Bronius and Ryoku and tied them up with ropes. However, he feels that the way they dispatched the Grunts to attack them was too underwhelming. The fact that the Grunts simply abandoned the Pokemon they snatched made him think that this has all been some kind of diversion. Hearing Lack-two's words, Ryoku and Bronius decide to remain silent, and in that instant, a blast of cold air fills the area, catching Lack-two's attention. Bronius and Ryoku exclaim with delight that this must been a sign that their leader has succeeded in his goal, and Lack-two steals a glance at the deep tunnel on the northern end of the room. After a moment of thought, he entrusts the mission to apprehend Bronius and Ryoku to Looker, and gives him directions on how to reach his current location. Looker wonders where Lack-two is going, and the young superintendent replies that he shall head to the innermost part of the Sewers which will lead him to the Relic Passage. With that, he calls out Genesect to embark on it, and begins speeding off with Dewott and Keldeo on his side…

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536: VS Kyurem I

Volume 53