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At the Castelia Sewers, Looker and Croagunk follow the direction Lack-two gave them, and make their way through the complex alleyway to reach where Bronius and Ryoku are. Through one of the fenced openings on the corridors, he catches a glimpse of Lack-two speeding off on Genesect, and is astonished that his superintendent has retrieved the Pokemon from their headquarters and even mastered control over it. Filled with a million questions in his head, he resists the urge to ask and decides that he should focus on finishing his mission in apprehending the Sages. For Lack-two, as he enters the Relic Passage riding on Genesect's back, he feels completely astounded by the power of the cold air that fills the area, since the entire underground pathway has essentially been frozen up. He rationalizes that a powerful creature must be ahead, and according to his knowledge, there is only one such Pokemon capable of giving off such intense coldness.

Back at the abandoned Cold Storage, Zinzolin commands a Glaciate from Kyurem, and Colress responds by ordering an Autotomize from Klinklang to raise its speed. However, the move still manages to hit and freeze up part of Klinklang, and Colress marvels at the legendary dragon's superior agility. He feels glad that Beheeyem's Wonder Room has swapped and improved Klinklang's special defense, which allowed it to withstand the powerful ice move rather than fall to it instantly. He thinks the term 'ultracold air' is really appropriate in describing Kyurem's attacks, and Zinzolin wonders if the Scientist has finally changed his view on him. Unfortunately, it is hardly the case, and Colress mocks that if he is asked to grade, he would give the Pokemon full marks and the trainer zero. Zinzolin finds it unbelievable that Colress is still belittling him in their current situation, and Colress thinks his claim is justified because the fact that he and his Klinklang are still standing in face of a powerful legendary Pokemon shows how inept a trainer Zinzolin is.

Zinzolin grunts that he has spent the last two years mastering control over Kyurem, and Colress finds it shameful that this is all he has achieved. He believes that he could surpass that in just two seconds with his marvellous invention, and proceeds to take out his Colress Machine. Just as the Scientist attempts to aim the device at Kyurem, Zinzolin calls out a command, and an ice chain materializes out of nowhere to restrain Colress by his neck and wrist. It turns out that Zinzolin's Cryogonal has camouflaged itself by turning into steam, and patiently waited for the moment to ambush Colress. The Scientist relents that he has indeed been careless, but thinks it is understandable since Zinzolin is truly stupid. Zinzolin feels enraged that Colress is still using every opportunity to mock him, and gets Crygonal to wring the Colress Machine out of the man's hand. The device falls onto Kyurem's back, but just as Zinzolin bends down to pick it up, his hand gets hit by a powerful psychic blast, and Colress giggles that he shouldn't forget about Beheeyem's presence.

With an amused grin, Colress states that things have really gotten interesting, and recalls what Zinzolin said about Kyurem being an entity that belongs to neither ideals nor truth but encompasses both qualities. Now that he has encountered Kyurem in person, he must agree with this accurate description. Although he is sick of Zinzolin's inferiority complex and thus would not care to listen to his speeches, he gets the feeling that just like Zinzolin is trying to fill up his sense of inferiority, Kyurem is also trying to fill up its emptiness with something. At that moment, the terms 'unmarred', 'belong to neither' and 'encompass' combine to form a radical thought in Colress's mind, and it suddenly becomes clear to the man what exactly Zinzolin is planning. With a grin, he states that Zinzolin is attempting to absorb and assimilate Zekrom and Reshiram into Kyurem, and as soon as he says that, the Sage turns silent, leading Colress to believe that he has made the right guess. Narrowing his eyes into a cunning glare, the Scientist thinks it is time for Zinzolin to return the Colress Machine, and in that instant, two silhouettes quickly loom up on the Sage from behind.

A while later, Lack-two exits the northern entrance of the Relic Passage, and finds himself at Driftveil City where the PWT is being constructed. He scans the area for the source of the cold air, and soon locates it to the abandoned Cold Storage. Retrieving Genesect into its Pokeball, he sends out two other Pokemon instead, a Kabutops nicknamed Kabutott, and a Gliscor nicknamed Gliott. Staying as stealthy as possible, he creeps his way to the Cold Storage, and soon sees that a hole has been blasted through one of the walls. Lying in the rubbles of the broken wall is Zinzolin of the Seven Sages, who has been knocked unconscious brutally, and the culprits are apparently the legendary Thundurus and Landorus. Before Lack-two could act, however, his presence is detected by the two Pokemon, and after glowing in a strange distorted light, Landorus morphs into a quadruped feline creature while Thundurus changes form into serpentine being with thick clawed paws. Lack-two recognizes immediately that they have turned into their Therian Formes just like Tornadus did before, and knows that someone must have morphed them with the Reveal Glass. In that instant, the Reveal Glass shows up in front of him, and Colress greets the boy warmly with a grin through its reflective surface.

Meanwhile, back at the Castelia Sewers, while Roxie tends to the Pokemon they rescued, Whi-two walks off to a corner and makes contact with her mother via the Xtransceiver. As soon as the connection is established and her mother sees her anxious face, she knows immediately that the girl must have encountered the Plasma Grunts wearing black uniform. Whi-two is bewildered that her mother knows about them, and wants to know who exactly they are. She recalls how they made no attempt to protect the Pokemon they liberated, and states that they even tossed the Pokemon off from height when they fled. She fails to understand why they would treat Pokemon this way, and believes that N would be pained to learn of this.

From across the alleyway, Roxie overhears part of Whi-two's conversation with her mother, and wonders what they are talking about. However, as soon as she tries to move closer, Foongy sends off a puff of spores as warning, and Roxie quickly apologizes for eavesdropping. Nevertheless, Whi-two's voice is too loud for the Virbank Gymleader not to overhear, and the girl soon lets out an exclamation when her mother informs her that there is a group among Team Plasma that opposes lord N. Her mother explains that certain Plasma members seek to exploit the powers of liberated Pokemon for their own purpose, and these people have apparently appointed the Scientist Colress as their new leader after N disappeared. This is due to the fact that Colress is inventing a device they wish to use, a device known as the Colress Machine which could control Pokemon at will and wring out their potential.

Whi-two's mother reveals that she and some others who still follow N's footsteps have known of the Colress Machine's invention for some time, and have conducted their own research to seek ways to nullify its powers. Before they left the Castle, they have stored the results of their research into a microchip and placed it into a locket, which is no other than the one the Goddesses bestowed upon Whi-two and entrusted her to guard safely before N's return. Hearing that, Whi-two widens her eyes in shock and horror and her legs begin to tremble. Her mother states that the Colress Machine must have been completed if the black-uniformed Grunts have started to act, and believes that they could perhaps no longer wait for lord N's return. She thinks it is time Whi-two bring the locket to Rood or Gorm to see what they should do next, and decides to ask for the two Sages' whereabouts from their other comrades. At that moment, Whi-two interrupts her mother with an anxious tone, and reveals that she has actually lost the locket. Voicing out an apology, she expects to be scolded for losing such an important item, but her mother calmly accepts the fact, and simply asks Whi-two to find the locket as soon as possible. The woman states that it the wish of N and their group to create a world where all Pokemon can live freely and happily, and in order to achieve that, they must nullify the powers of the Colress Machine. Whi-two fully understands the importance of her role in this, and with a determined tone, decides to make it her own mission to locate the locket…

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537: VS Kyurem II

Volume 53