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At Castelia City, two hours have passed since students of the Aspertia Trainer School have set foot on its harbor. Cheren returns to the Prime Pier with the group of students he led to tour the city, and wonders if the others have made it back. However, upon seeing Yuki, Yuuko and Mayu, the three girls frantically inform him that an incident has occurred, and starts explaining all about the ambushed Choral Competition committee member and how Lack-two, Whi-two, Hugh and Roxie went off to pursue the attackers.

Nearby, Whi-two hides behind a pillar, and watches the scene as she lets out a sigh. She places a hand over her chest where the locket used to be, and wonders where she might have dropped it. She firmly recalls that it was still with her at the Pokestar Studios when she was changing into the Foongus Girl outfit, and figures that she must have lost it sometime after. Before setting out for Castelia, she has even checked with the lost-and-found corner of the school but no one seems to have found it. Or at least, whoever found it has kept the locket to himself or herself.

Whi-two's thought is cut short when Roxie's head suddenly pops into view and causes her to bolt with a start. The Virbank Gymleader wants to know why she isn't joining the rest of her classmates, and Whi-two begins to stammer. Roxie can see that the girl has reasons she could not explain, and decides to drop the matter and return to the group on her own, since she is technically still the tour guide and also needs to return Karrablast to its owner. She promises to help Whi-two sort things out by talking to Cheren, and the girl voices out her heartfelt thanks in addition to an apology.

As Roxie makes her way back to the others, Cheren quickly approaches her and wants to know what exactly happened. Before Roxie could say anything, Hugh shows up and barks that it was the work of Team Plasma. His answer stuns everyone, including Whi-two who is eavesdropping from her position, and Cheren is astonished to learn that the evil organization has resurfaced. Hugh states that they are once again snatching away other people's Pokemon under the fake notion of 'liberation', and thinks it is really not the time for tours and choral competitions, since everyone else shall get ambushed sooner or later. However, other students of the class apparently do not share his sentiment, and accuse him of spreading unnecessary panic.

Yuki, Yuuko and Mayu state that even if what Hugh said is true, kinds like Team Plasma should be left to the police or Gymleaders to deal with, and the responsibility should not fall on kids like them who are just trying to enjoy a school trip. Hugh snickers at everybody else's ignorance, but on a deeper thought, thinks they are just choosing not to acknowledge the truth about Team Plasma since they have not been affected so far. Yuki, Yuuko and Mayu get irritated by his comment, and think he must have finally lost his mind from being angry all the time. Hugh believes that he has no reason to stay silent anymore at this stage, and makes the shocking revelation that a Team Plasma member exists among the girls in the class.

Hearing that, Whi-two's face whitens with horror, and Cheren tells Hugh not to pass blind accusations. Hugh protests that he is telling the truth, but his classmates are mostly unconvinced, given the boy's tendency to overdramatize things. Yuki, Yuuko and Mayu think his paranoia has gone too far, and request that Cheren kick him out of their class if not the school altogether. Yet, to their astonishment, Hugh states that he has actually decided to quit school even if he isn't kicked out, and his answer instantly silences everyone. Cheren tries to pacify Hugh, but the boy simply voices out an apology to his teacher, revealing that the reason he joined the Trainer's School was to make himself strong enough to take down Team Plasma. Two years ago, the evil organization was apparently disbanded following the Pokemon League incident, and it has actually made him question whether there was still any meaning to what he aspired to achieve. Now, it would appear that Team Plasma is still around, and after his encounter with them at the Sewers, he could no longer sit back and must go chase after them, which is why his only option is to quit the Trainer's School.

Hugh begins to turn and leave, but Cheren stops him, and wishes to know what made him believe a girl in class is a Team Plasma member. Yuki chimes in to demand proof to back up his claim, and Hugh, without hesitation, takes out the shield-shaped locket which bears the photo of N. Cheren, Whi-two and everyone else gasp at the sight of the item, and Hugh decides to speak out to whoever this girl is. He states that while he has attempted to smoke her out, it doesn't really matter anymore now that he knows Team Plasma has been resurrected. He couldn't care less why the girl would infiltrate the Trainer's School, and wants her to remember that the locket is currently in his hands. Hearing that, Whi-two's legs begin to shake, and she wonders what she should do. Other students begin to get unsettled as the truth dawns upon them, and everyone starts looking at one another suspiciously, including Mayu who notices with concern that Whi-two is nowhere to be found.

Having spoken his mind, Hugh bids goodbye to his class as he turns to leave, but is intercepted by Whi-two, who is clearly acting on impulse. Everyone begins to gossip about Whi-two's sudden appearance, and postulate if she could be who Hugh is talking about since she has apparently been hiding. A bewildered Cheren approaches the girl, but before he could say anything, Whi-two lets out a cry and Foongy suddenly releases a cloud of spores, putting everyone to sleep except Hugh and Whi-two. As Whi-two stands face to face with Hugh, the spiky-haired boy realizes that she is the one he was hunting out all this time.

Meanwhile, at the abandoned Cold Storage, Lack-two's Gliscor, Gliott, fights Landorus while his Kabutops, Kabutott, combats against Thundurus. Colress goes airborne on his Klinklang, and believes that Lack-two must have come via the Relic Passage. He figures that the young superintendent must have already arrested Bronius and Ryoku, who were responsible for locking down the Sewers, and relents that these so called 'Sages' are really incompetent. Nevertheless, he thinks they have gained him some time to extract information he wishes to know from Zinzolin, and reckons they at least served their purpose as elderlies.

At that moment, Lack-two throws out a handcuff towards Zinzolin, but misses as the fainted Sage is lifted off the ground by Beheeyem's psychic powers. Colress grins that although Zinzolin is stupid as a human being, he is still the only 'Sage' who bears the knowledge of Kyurem's absofusion, which is why he couldn't let him get arrested just yet. Dewott hurriedly hurls forward its scalchops to attack, but Tornadus shows up to intercept, and smacks them off with its giant wings. Colress believes that this is Tornadus's chance to seek revenge for what happened on Route 20, and the green bird promptly unleashes an Air Slash, which Lack-two narrowly evades.

Lack-two orders Dewott, Gliott and Kabutott to keep the three therians at bay, and leaps into the air on Keldeott, ordering it to make sure Zinzolin doesn't escape. Colress is half amused and half disappointed that Lack-two is tasking his Pokemon alone to fight the legendary trio, which he has reverted back to their original formes with the Reveal Glass, and wonders just how committed the superintendent is to his mission. He hopes that a stronger opponent would catch Lack-two's attention, and starts issuing commands on his Colress Machine. Immediately, Kyurem rears its head in preparation to attack, and Colress tells it to show the young superintendent a good time. At that moment, a voice comes on to stop Colress, addressing him as his comrade, and the dark Scientist realizes that his fun is over. The voice states that he will be troubled if Colress forgets what he came for, and reminds him that he was simply told to retrieve Kyurem and Zinzolin. As the voice speaks, what appears to be a giant ship surfaces from underground and gradually opens up its sails. A man in black robe with a pad over his right eye soon materializes on the ship, and as he acknowledges Lack-two as the International Police's Superintendent, the boy recognizes the man as no other than Ghetsis.

Ghetsis believes that Lack-two is on a mission to arrest them Seven Sages, but says he couldn't let himself be apprehended yet since he has a dream which he intends to fulfill. He tells Colress to get Kyurem into the chamber where it could unleash its powers, and Colress nonchalantly uses his machine to bring the frost dragon into the ship via a dome-shaped entrance. Ghetsis then bids goodbye to Lack-two, but the boy gives chase on Keldeo, declaring that he shall arrest him. Ghetsis expresses his refusal with a grin, and in the next instant, three masked men in black attire with long white hair appear out of nowhere to intercept, calling themselves the Shadow Triad. Keldeo immediately recognizes them as the same men who froze its mentors 2 years ago, and goes berserk without warning. It lashes out its horn to attack, astonishing Lack-two, and the young superintendent frantically tells the water pony to collect itself and not to act rash.

Inside the ship, Team Plasma Grunts set the energy amplifying device in place, targeting it towards Kyurem's chamber, and inform Colress that all preparations are complete. The dark Scientist think it is time to embark on their voyage, and together with Ghetsis, announces that Team Plasma's flagship, the Plasma Frigate, is ready to set sail…

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us

538: VS Thundurus Therian Forme

Volume 53