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On board the Plasma Frigate, Whi-two gasps in shock as Lack-two confirms himself to be a superintendant of the International Police, codenamed Black 2. She frantically declares that she has never done anything bad, and asks to be un-cuffed. Lack-two tries his best to calm her down, and explains that he actually has no intention of arresting her. Rather, he has a matter at hand which needs to be handled as swiftly as possible, a matter which he would require her help. His words astonish Whi-two, and the superintendant explains that the hand-cuff is simply a contingency plan to prevent her from escaping or getting them into danger. He hopes that she would understand and promises to release her once the matter is taken care of.

Falling silent for a moment, Whi-two couldn't fight the query forming in her mind and decides to ask when it was that Lack-two started to suspect her to be a member of Team Plasma. Lack-two states it as a matter of fact that it was since the day she transferred to the Trainer's School, and Whi-two immediately feels a sharp tug at her heart. She thinks back on how Lack-two kept finding excuses to talk to her under the supposed intention of helping her familiarize with the class, how he remembered her birthday an even got her a gift, and wonders if they are all his ways of probing at her identity. Lack-two calmly admits the fact, and his near-heartless answer infuriates Foongy, who starts to thrash and charge towards the boy, only to be held back by Whi-two.

Whi-two fights to hold back her emotions, and after managing to gather herself, wants to know in what way she could assist Lack-two. The young superintendant proceeds to reveal that he has two missions at hand, one of them being the apprehension of Team Plasma's Seven Sages, and the other being to seek out a former member, a 12-year-old girl, who possesses a crucial memory chip that he needs. Whi-two falls silent once more at Lack-two's words, and Lack-two believes that she must have witnessed how the skyscrapers of Castelia were frozen in an instant. Whi-two responds with a nod, and Lack-two explains that it resulted from the powers of Kyurem, the Pokemon currently held hostage on the flagship and exploited by Colress, the Scientist who is leading Neo Team Plasma. However, he states that Kyurem's actions are not voluntary as it is under the forceful control of Colress, and Whi-two believes that he is talking about the Colress Machine. Lack-two is shocked that Whi-two knows about the device, and the girl goes on to say how the memory chip contains research data on how to nullify the effects of the Colress Machine. Unfortunately, she reveals that the chip is currently not with her, and Lack-two gasps at the revelation.

The young superintendent studies Whi-two's expression closely, and comes to the conclusion that she doesn't seem to be lying. He wants to know where the chip has gone, but Whi-two responds with a question of her own, asking what he plans to do with the Pokemon being controlled. Lack-two finds himself slightly thrown by Whi-two's query, and states that what Colress did with Kyurem's powers have already created a big disaster. If they let it be, the number of victims will only increase. Thus, while it is of utmost importance to nullify the Colress Machine, he thinks it is also necessary to free Kyurem from its control. Whi-two voices out her understanding of the plan, and decides to assist in freeing Kyurem together, after which she will lead him to where the memory chip is. Lack-two hopes that Whi-two isn't telling lies, but Whi-two doesn't really care about what the boy thinks. On her mind, the most important thing is stop humans or Pokemon from sacrificing any further for the Colress Machine.

Despite having different mindsets on the issue, a pact is apparently made between Lack-two and Whi-two, and they begin to navigate their way through the Plasma Frigate. Lack-two informs Whi-two that on his brief scouting of the place earlier, he saw no signs of security guarding the area, not to mention traces of Kyurem and Colress. With Colress clearly aware of his intrusion, he couldn't help but wonder if the Scientist made no attempt to stop him because he is confident that Kyurem's location could not be reached, or he has a surefire way to defeat any intruders.

Soon, Lack-two and Whi-two reach what appears to be a hidden door, only to discover that it is an elevator. Getting in, Lack-two finds himself more and more convinced that Colress truly has confidence to defeat any intruders, and asks Whi-two to get ready. As the elevator door opens on a lower floor, they are greeted by two Mandibuzzes together with a Sawk and Throh, and Foongy immediately unleashes a Spore to put them to sleep. Lack-two applauds its skills, and soon spots other Pokemon commanded by Team Plasma Grunts coming their way. He relents that hypnotizing the enemy is not an effective way to proceed, and they may have to resort to some brute after all.

Without warning, he sends out Genesect like a surfboard beneath them, and grabs a startled Whi-two by her wrist, urging her to hold on tight to him. He then charges forward to knock down a Plasma Grunt with Scrafty and Garbodor, and keeps dashing forward until he spots the glass cylinder containing Kyurem in a chamber far ahead. Before he could reach it, however, he will need to take care of the roomful of Grunts and their Pokemon around him who are quickly closing in. Two Mandibuzzes dive towards him with Snarl, but Lack-two adeptly gets Genesect to duck and the two dark vultures crash into each other instead. Four Grunts get their Sawks, Throhs, Scraftys and Garbodors to pile in on Lack-two with a barrage of attacks, but as the smoke clears, their Pokemon are the ones who get knocked out by Lack-two's Keldeo, who has apparently regained its cool from its rage towards the Shadow Triad earlier and used its 'sword' to take care of its foes. Whi-two gasps in recognition that it is the water pony which attacked them in the wild some time ago, but Lack-two doesn't have time to explain as he spots the enemy's hesitation and knows it is his chance to break free from their siege.

With a gesture from Lack-two, Keldeo hops off from Genesect's back and the ancient bug reverts back from its UFO-forme as it sets its cannon ready. As Lack-two commands a Techno Blast, it unleashes the powerful attack which not only takes out all the Grunts and their Pokemon but also breaks through the rows of metallic tubes and cylinders in the room. However, the explosive shot apparently places a great burden on Genesect as well, and it drops to its knees as smoke comes out from the drive on its cannon. Lack-two checks on it to see the damage caused, and Whi-two is astonished that the flying saucer is actually a Pokemon. Lack-two explains that it is an ancient bug Pokemon resurrected from fossils by Team Plasma's scientific team, who powered it up with metallic armor and a cannon.

Lack-two apologizes to Genesect as he retrieves it, and climbs onto Keldeo's back with Whi-two as they proceed to Kyurem's chamber. He quickly points towards the many pipes and cables connecting to the central glass cylinder, and wants Keldeo to destroy them since they are how the enemy feeds on Kyurem's energy. With the connection broken, they may hopefully shut down the frost weapon or even the entire flagship. Keldeo unleashes its sword from the horn on its forehead, and swiftly slashes up the devices in the room, including the central large cylinder that imprisons Kyurem. However, to Lack-two's shock, the cylinder turns up completely empty with no sign of the frost dragon at all. In that instant, something looms over them from above, and Keldeo frantically kicks Lack-two and Whi-two out of the way. A blast of cold air catches the water pony in mid-action, and instantly turns it into an ice statue. Kyurem lands with a thud on the ground, and Lack-two exclaims in realization that they have been utterly outsmarted and ambushed.

Soon enough, Colress enters the chamber, and with a grin, explains that the devices in the room are merely meant to absorb Kyurem's powers. Since the absorption process has long completed, it doesn't bother him at all that they are destroyed. The truth is, they have already harnessed enough energy to fly the Plasma Frigate and even freeze the entire Unova just like they did with Castelia. Lack-two glares at Colress with frustration, and holds the Pokeball of Genesect in hand. However, Colress spots the smoke within the Pokeball, and believes that he will just create an explosion if Genesect is forced to use Techno Blast again under its current situation. Hearing that, Whi-two quickly grabs Lack-two by the hand and shakes her head, asking him not to chance it. Colress giggles that he shall remain indifferent on Lack-two's decision, but hopes they will stop pestering him since he has other things planned. As he turns to leave, he gestures to Kyurem with his Colress Machine, and in a blinding cold flash, both Lack-two and Whi-two are turned into ice statues just like Keldeo. Colress orders his Grunts to dispose of them into the sea, and disappears himself through a warp tile. The Plasma Grunts get their Pokemon to move the three ice statues to an opening, and promptly drop them into the ocean below, without noticing what appears to be a fragment of an Aspear Berry left on board.

Back in the control room of the Plasma Frigate, Colress feels mischievous and ponders on his next target to use the frost weapon on. At that moment, the chained-up Zinzolin comes around, and demands to know the purpose behind Colress's actions. Colress is glad that Zinzolin finally regains consciousness, and states that he has spent some time contemplating on why Kyurem would show itself in front of someone as inept and stupid as Zinzolin, and even let itself get captured 2 years ago. Perhaps Zinzolin just never bothered to mention it or more likely, he is not aware of it, but at that time, Kyurem was obviously reacting to the powers of the awakened Zekrom, which it wished to absofuse with. Colress believes that if this was the case, the reverse is also true, meaning in response to Kyurem's powers, Zekrom and Reshiram who appeared 2 years ago would become active again soon. On a deeper thought, he corrects himself, and thinks these dragons may have already resurfaced somewhere.

Somewhere out in the open seas, a young man with bright green hair sits in the palms of a black-winged dragon, as they chase after a bright white orb which faintly shows the silhouette of a boy…

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540: VS Mandibuzz

Volume 53