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In a mountainous area, the sun beats down on the barren ground as a man with brown hair dressed in green attire finally finds what he seeks. Standing in front of him, the legendary golems Registeel, Regice and Regirock remain motionless as if their powers have completely run out.

The man clutches tight onto a stone plate in front of his chest which seems to have been shattered and then pieced together again, and exclaims that he didn't expect all three to be clustered together. With that, he tosses three Pokéballs out, and in a flash of light, traps the golems within.

He then makes a call via his Pokegear to a guy whom he addresses as the owner, and informs him of his successful capture of the three legendary Pokémon who have used up their powers during the Kyogre and Groudon crisis, and have gone on a rampage and went missing due to a lack of direction afterwards.

The guy on the other end of the call wonders if the stone plate was of any help, and the man states that while he had his doubts about the actual use of such a tattered item initially, he would not have succeeded in the capturing without it. He then praises the owner for his impeccable skills in retrieving all the shattered pieces of the ancient stone plate and then regenerating them into one piece again, and says anyone else couldn't have achieved such a tedious and seemingly impossible task. The owner simply laughs, and says it is all because of stubbornness.

The man wonders if he could use the three legendary golems as his team members, and the owner, who is actually the chubby man with sunglasses named Scott, grins that he is certainly welcome to do that. Afterall, Anabel has also captured the legendary Raikou in Johto, and has decided to use it in her own facility.

As he hangs up the call, Scott hovers closer with his flying saucer to the construction site in front of him, and exclaims that his grandest dream is slowly taking form day by day. While the island originally holds the Battle Tower only, Scott has added six other facilities, building an entire Battle Frontier to attract challengers from all over the world. Now that the construction is nearing completion, Scott will soon make history with this place.

Just then, his Pokegear beeps again, and he wonders who it could be this time. Greeting his caller with his usual merry tone, the chubby man's eyes soon widen in surprise when he discovers that it is Prof. Sammuel Oak from Kanto who is calling.

In a blink of an eye, two months have passed by…

The sun is once again shining brightly in Hoenn. High up in the crystal blue skies, the legendary dragons Latios and Latias speed across the fluffy white clouds like two jet planes, and soon arrive above a giant island with weird-shaped facilities erected all over it.

As the two mythical beings cross each other's path in midair, a young boy with yellow crescent-shaped hair materializes between them, and skillfully lands onto the shore below. The boy thanks Latios and Latias for the ride, and waves goodbye before turning around to set foot on the island.

Meanwhile, Todd is walking along the streets in the center of the island, which is known as the Battle Frontier, and as its name implies, a frontier of ultimate Pokémon battle challenges boasting 7 different facilities. Being a fervent reporter, Todd has come to the frontier to attend its opening day to the press, featuring an official opening ceremony which will be held by its owner, Scott. Taking another look at the schedule listed on his leaflet, he sees that he still has plenty of time to spare before the ceremony starts, and decides to take a stroll around the island, in hopes of interviewing challengers who might have arrived early.

Todd takes another sip of fresh water he bought earlier, and starts regretting having chosen such a large bottle which he will never be able to finish, and decides to water the trees around instead. Just then, something lands onto a bush next to him, and he picks it up to find a Frontier Pass registered under the name Emerald. He is still wondering where it came from when a tall boy with crescent-shaped hair all of a sudden jumps down from the trees above, causing him to bolt with astonishment.

Claiming ownership of the Frontier Pass, the boy thanks Todd for finding it for him, and is about to walk over to retrieve it when he suddenly trips on himself, sending two blocks of wood flying off from the bottom of his shoes.

Todd realizes that the boy is actually faking his height with the help of platform shoes, and notices the extra long sleeves, which are apparently for concealing the wearer's small size as well. The reporter sweatdrops to himself while Emerald grumbles at the embarrassment, and blames the shoe store he went to for its bad craftwork.

Todd rationalizes that Emerald must be a challenger at the frontier since he possesses a pass, and promptly obtains his agreement to conduct an interview. He starts off by asking what the boy likes about Pokémon, but then something stirs behind him, and he turns around in horror to see an angry Sudowoodo thrusting its arms forward to grab him. The reporter exclaims in realization that the tree he watered earlier is actually a Pokémon, and wonders why it is upset.

Entangled and restrained by the Sudowoodo, Todd yells for Emerald to help him, and the boy nonchalently reaches into his long sleeves to search for devices. He wonder if he still has extra bullets stored up, and seems totally oblivious to Sudowoodo's torturing of Todd.

The reporter doesn't understand why Emerald is looking for bullets, and barks that he should simply send out a Pokémon to fight. To his shock, the boy grins that he does not have any Pokémon in his party, and thus really didn't know what to say when Todd asked him the question earlier.

As Sudowoodo continues to swing him in circles, Todd cannot believe what he has just heard, and doubts if Emerald is really as Pokémon trainer. He hollers that the Battle Frontier is a place for Pokémon lovers to gather, and demands to know how Emerald claims to be one when he doesn't even own a Pokémon.

Then, to his horror, Emerald pulls out a gun from his sleeve with the help of an arm extensor shaped like a gloved hand, and says he simply loves Pokémon battles but not Pokémon. Without another word, the boy begins firing at Todd and Sudowoodo as they both let out terrified screams…

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303: VS Sudowoodo

Volume 26