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Inside the interior chamber of the Artisans Cave, Todd and the six Frontier Brains gasp in surprise when the shadowy figure that walks with a heavy clanking sound reveals itself to be an armoured man with a Surskit on his shoulder. The man exclaims at the sight of Jirachi, and is grateful that he has finally come face to face with the wishing star that could grant him all his wishes. Addressing himself as Guile, he calls out to the phantom Pokémon, and urges it to come to him.

Todd doesn't recall ever hearing the name Guile before, and asks Emerald if he knows who the man is. Emerald grunts that it is an evil person who wants to capture Jirachi, and says he dislikes him very much, because if the man really manages to get Jirachi, he himself would lose his job. With that, Emerald kicks out the Timer Ball he has set down in front of him, which quickly shoots towards Jirachi. Yet, the ball gets sliced into half before it reaches, and Emerald and Todd both see that Guile has struck with his heavy sword.

Holding a hostile stare at Emerald, Guile states that Jirachi belongs to him, and the boy decides to report to Crystal. He flips out his Pokegear with his magic hand extensor, and quickly makes contact, mentioning about the sudden appearance of the armoured man Guile, and how the man interrupted his work by breaking his Timer Ball.

Crystal acknowledges the situation, and says it is what she has expected. But she reminds Emerald that he is one of the Pokedex holders, trainers who are highly regarded, and says in circumstances when rivals appear during a capture mission, the most important thing is not to engage in a fight. Instead, one should focus on his or her original goal, and in Emerald's case, he must concentrate on capturing Jirachi.

Guile overhears the conversation between Crystal and Emerald, and repeats angrily that Jirachi belongs to him. He swings his sword at Emerald, and cuts off his magic hand extensor, but the boy adeptly catches the hand holding the Pokegear, and assures Crystal that he fully understands her meaning. He adds that he only likes formal battles and not fights anyway, and turns his attention back to Jirachi, who is starting to get unnerved by the happenings around it, and spins around to flee.

Seeing Emerald give chase to Jirachi, Guile grunts in frustration, and opens up the front side of his chest armour to reveal a whole bunch of Pokeballs inside. He releases all the Pokémon in them, and orders them to hold down Emerald. One of the empty Pokeballs rolls towards Greta's feet, and she spots some writings under it. She bends down to pick it up, and to her shock, sees a familiar symbol imprinted below the switch.

As Emerald continues his pursuit of Jirachi inside the cave while trying to lose the crowd of Pokémon after him, Crystal keeps giving him directions via the Pokegear, and asks if he still has Chanpeon and Cupeon, the Hitmonchan and Cubone she lent him for the Battle Pyramid challenge. Emerald replies that he does, and Crystal tells him to count on them, which are actually her own party members. Apart from battling, Chanpeon and Cupeon are also well equipped for capturing.

Emerald checks on his Pokedex for the attacks of the two Pokémon, and Crystal states that Chanpeon's Mach Punch and Cupeon's False Swipe are particularly useful to stop Jirachi's movements. Emerald says he knows what to do now, but just as he is about to send out Chanpeon and Cupeon, his left sleeve gets pulled back, causing him to lose balance and fall onto the ground. He sees that it is Greta who yanked him, and demands to know what her stupid head is thinking.

Greta hollers that she has overheard he would focus on capturing Jirachi and not fight the enemy, and wonders where his guts are. She shows him the empty Pokeball she picked up, which bottom side is printed with the Knowledge Symbol's sign and the words 'Battle Factory Rental Pokémon'. She says the crowd of Pokémon sent out by the armoured man are in fact the rental Pokémon managed by Noland, and it obviously means that Guile was the person who attacked Noland and stole all the rental Pokémon.

Greta grunts that Noland still hasn't regained consciousness, and states that the seven of them are best companions who share everything from joy to pain. Being face to face with the culprit who has hurt one of their companions, seeking justice is far more important to them than some phantom Pokémon. Yet, after hearing Greta's words, Emerald remains unfazed, and the Arena Tycoon decides to give up on the boy and fight on her own. She shoots a disgusted look at Emerald, and vows to make the armoured man pay for what he did.

Meanwhile, Guile is surrounded by Tucker, Brandon, Spenser and Lucy, all holding angry stares at him with Pokeballs in hand. Tucker states that the Frontier Brains are people with tactics, and Brandon continues that they are also trainers with bravery. Spenser adds that they also hold spirits for justice, and Lucy says Guile has no chance to run and it is his own bad luck to have his ugly armours blasted apart by them.

Calling out their Pokémon, Tucker orders a Fire Blast from Salamence, and Brandon commands a Blizzard from Regice. Spenser has Crobat deliver an Air Cutter, and Lucy adds her input by having Seviper unleash a Sludge Bomb. However, just as the four powerful attacks are about to crush Guile, the man's armour sends out a force to hold back the energy blasts, and suspends them around him like a halo. He then brings down his sword to make a circular swing, and instantly propels the attacks back towards the four Frontier Brains and their Pokémon.

Tucker, Brandon, Spenser and Lucy get thrown heavily against the walls and are knocked out one by one. Todd watches everything with horror, and is terrified by the power of Guile's armour which not only protected him impeccably from the attacks, but also managed to throw back the energy forces and knock out the Brains in one hit.

Greta grunts in anger for what Guile did, and calls forward her Umbreon. Guile orders the Factory rental Pokémon to take care of her, but Greta has Umbreon make multiple copies of itself by Double Team, and adeptly holds down all the rental Pokémon.

Back on Emerald's side, the boy thinks over Greta's words, and asks Crystal if it is really alright that he remains focused on capturing Jirachi, and not lend a hand in such a situation. Crystal reiterates that Emerald must keep his attention on Jirachi only, and repeats that it is his only mission there. She then terminates the call, and Emerald hears a compliment from behind. He turns around to see Anabel, and the Salon Maiden comments that the person who gave orders to Emerald via the Pokegear has a very calm mind, and is clearly a very experienced trainer.

Right now, if Emerald acts on his emotions and gets his attention on Jirachi distracted, Jirachi will easily end up in the enemy's hands. For a phantom Pokémon that is said to grant any wish to the person who owns it, it would be disastrous for it to fall into evil people's hands, a nightmare which would be beyond all imagination.

Taking a look at her four fallen companions, Anabel proposes to team up with Emerald, and says he shall chase after Jirachi while she fights down the armoured man. Emerald agrees to the plan, and Anabel proceeds to send out Raikou from its Pokeball for both of them to ride on.

Nearby, while Greta gets occupied by the Factory rental Pokémon, Guile slowly corners Jirachi, and puts on a devilish giggle as he extends his hand out to grab it. Just then, Anabel yells for him to stop, and charges forward on her Raikou with Emerald behind her. She introduces herself as the Salon Maiden of the Battle Tower, and says she shall challenge Guile as the supervisor of all Frontier Brains…

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us

315: VS Surskit 1

Volume 27