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In the region of Unova, a huge metropolis city known as Castelia lies on the southern coast of the central peninsula, boasting a concrete jungle of skyscrapers and high-rising commercial buildings. Along its long shoreline of piers are cargo ships and ferries which are docked in an orderly fashion, providing traffic to other regions on a daily basis.

Far from Castelia City, on the southeastern border of Unova is the small town named Nuvema. As evening falls, Prof. Aurea Juniper gets ready to wind up her work of the day, and prepares dinner inside her residence, which also serves as her Research Lab. On her shoulder, her Minccino snuggles against her neck, and watches as the young professor makes herself a plateful of Berry spaghetti.

Prof. Aurea Juniper reports to her father on the phone, also a renowned Professor in the Pokemon research field, and informs him that she has finally made her pick on three young boys and girls living in Nuvema Town. When morning comes, she shall deliver the package containing the three Pokemon to them, and bestow upon them the task of filling the Pokedex. She exchanges a few more words with her father before hanging up the call, and proceeds to take off her lab coat, looking forward to her delicious meal.

On a second thought, she decides that she should let the starter Pokemon get some rest first, and turns her attention to the three little creatures sitting on her bench: Snivy, a green and yellow grass snake that has a leaf-shaped tail; Oshawott, a blue and white sea otter with a shell on its tummy; and Tepig, a black and orange fire pig which tail ends in a red little sphere. Juniper wonders if they are excited about meeting their future trainers the next day, and pats Snivy on its snout, causing the perky grass Pokemon to frown and rub its nose in protest.

The young woman is just about to retrieve the three Pokemon into their Pokeballs when the phone rings in the other room. She scurries off to pick it up, and answers a call from no other than her good old friend, Doctor Fennel. Naturally, the two fall into a long winded conversation, and on this side of the flat, the aroma from Aurea's Berry spaghetti has started to fill the nostrils of Tepig.

With its eyes fixed on the plate of sweet-smelling pasta on the opposite table, the little piglet feels its mouth watering up, and without much thought, leaps off from the bench it's on to dive towards its target. It manages to land its feet right on the edge of the plate, and skillfully topples it over to send the food flying in mid-air. It unleashes an Ember from its nose on a falling Mago Berry, and after successfully grilling it, starts munching on it happily.

Tepig's awful eating mannerism soon scatters the food debris here and there, and some eventually splashes on Snivy's body. The grass snake instantly gets irritated, and hurriedly sweeps itself clean with its leafy tail in annoyance. Yet, Tepig seems oblivious to this and continues to splatter Berry juices to its direction, finally exceeding Snivy's tolerance. Glaring at the chubby little piglet, Snivy lunges forward to peck at its back with its pointed nose, and in no time, the two Pokemon start fighting and clawing at each other.

Oshawott watches helplessly as its two companions battle it out, and runs over to try to stop them. However, Tepig and Snivy refuse to listen to Oshawott's reasoning, and keep smacking at each other, which ends up bumping off the unfortunate little sea otter, sending it flying towards the other end of the room, where it crashes its face on the bottom of the desk.

Oshawott slowly pushes itself back on its feet, and the air is suddenly filled with an ominous vibe. Tepig and Snivy immediately halt in their fight as if sensing something wrong, and turn to find Oshawott glaring at them with a look so appalling that it sends shivers down their spines. Without warning, the little sea otter peels off the scalchop from its tummy, and starts chasing after Tepig and Snivy, slicing at them with the razor-sharp edge.

Tepig holds up a thick folder file for defense, but the hard plastic is instantly split into half by Oshawott's blade-like scalchop. Snivy ducks itself on Aurea's working chair, but that too, is quickly divided into two. Tepig and Snivy next dash for the high table to take shelter under, but Oshawott hurls its scalchop out like a boomerang and cripples all four legs of the table, crashing it and causing everything on top on topple over.

In the adjacent room, Prof. Fennel is in the middle of explaining about the Dream Mist via the visual phone when Prof. Juniper hears the loud crash from next doors. She hurries over to see what is wrong, and is in utter shock when the mess that the three Pokemon have made comes into sight. Lying on the floor next to her broken table are her important research documents and folders, as well as her laptop which is now plagued in pasta. Sitting drenched among these are the three little critters, Snivy's head covered with a cup while Oshawott's is completely buried inside a water jar.

Tepig takes a sneeze to mess things up even further, and Aurea sees that its nose is puffing out smoke instead of the usual flames now. She lets out a sigh as she picks up the little piglet, and says it has probably caught a cold from the water. She retrieves all three Pokemon into their Pokeballs, and solemnly starts cleaning up the place with the help of Minccino.

A while later, the young professor manages to put things back into order, but continues to feel a sense of defeat. She steals a glance at Snivy, Tepig and Oshawott, who are sleeping inside their Pokeballs now, and wonders if their young future trainers are really capable of handling these little critters…

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461: VS Tepig

Volume 43