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At the Resort Desert's construction site, Workers are stunned when their head's Excadrill finds a circular object sitting in a deep underground layer. Worker Felix hurriedly climbs out of the hole to inform their head, and the man, a burly guy who wears a cow-boy hat and jacket, makes his way over to see what the fuss is about. Descending into the hole, he sees that the object Excadrill found appears to be some sort of globe. He kneels down to take a good look, and believes it is not any kind of mineral, which means it isn't worth much.

Worker Felix starts to protest, but the man already knows he wants to say it may be some kind of ancient relic. However, he states that he is honestly not too interested in such things, and doesn't really want it to distract or stop them in their construction work. He tells his Workers to find a way to handle it, and begins to climb back out. Yet, as soon as he turns his back, he feels a powerful presence emanating from the stone, staring at him from behind. He quickly spins around, bewildered by what he felt, and kneels down examine the stone once more. This time, he places his hand on the stone, and as soon as he does that, a powerful energy shoots up his arm and overwhelms him, causing the burly man to gasp in shock.


Standing amid a patch of grassland, three Patrats wear inquisitive looks on their faces as they spin their heads around, searching for something. "Where is it!? Where is it, where is it!?"
"There it is!!"

Upon spotting its target inside a bush, the first Patrat dashes into the tall grass and reaches for the item before its comrades could.

"It's the Xtransceiver that everybody wants!! A transmission device quipped with a video camera!! It allows real-time communication between a maximum of 4 people at the same time!!"

The Patrat holds up the watch-like device in its little hands, and puts on a big grin as it rushes back to its trainer, a young woman with wavy blonde hair.

Young woman (winks): "Nice! It's all thanks to your good eyesight!!" "WILL BE ON SALE SOON!!"

Director: "Cut!!"

A middle-aged man swings the rolled-up script in his hands forward with an annoyed look, and calls for the camera to stop. He wants the young woman to show more emotions through her body language when she says her line, but the woman thinks he is telling her to wiggle more, and simply squirms her arms around, which causes the Director to get more annoyed.

A man in suits compliments on Patrat's performance on the other hand, and says it is not necessary for it to do a retake. He turns to a teenage girl who has her hair tied up into a big ponytail behind her cap, and grins that this rehearsal shot should be good enough to make the final cut. The girl, named White, thanks the man for his kind words on her Pokemon, and the man states that White's Pokemon have perfect looks and acting skills, which greatly pleases the sponsors.

White is glad that her customers are happy, and says she is always ready to help when they need Pokemon for shooting, be it emotional, tear-jerking scenes, comedies, or even stunt jobs for dangerous shots. She presents her name card to the suited man, and hopes that he will remember her BW Agency whenever he needs Pokemon for drama, movies, commercials, stage acts or even printed advertisements.

Just then, the Director bursts into a fury as he reviews their shots, and calls his Assistant Director, a dopey man with thick lips, a complete idiot. White wonders what is wrong, and the Director explains that they have caught a passerby on the rehearsal film, and points towards a teenage boy who is standing on a cliff next to their shooting site. He kicks the Assistant Director on his bottom, and demands him to clear the scene of non-cast people immediately, so that they could proceed to the actual shooting.

However, in the next instant, a deafening holler causes everyone to tumble back in shock.


White, the Director and Assistant Director hold their ears in agony as the boy roars at the top of his voice next to his Tepig, Braviary and Munna. White wonders what he is doing, and the Director feels as if they are shooting a drama about hot-blooded teenagers, only that they are not. The dopey AD approaches the boy and requests that he leaves the scene as they are shooting a commercial, but the boy grins that he is making a vow on his dreams to the sun, sky and sea, and hopes that they can allow him to finish his speech first. With that, he starts to roar again, and the AD could only watch with a helpless look.

The Director sweatdrops at the high spirits of the boy, and suddenly remembers something. He turns to White, and wants to know if the Pokemon they requested for the next day's shooting is ready. White recalls that the man asked for the Tepig species, and assures him that she has brought it along. The Director grins that White is always dependable, and starts browsing through the shooting itinerary for the next day.

White reaches for her work kit where she stores the Pokeballs for her Agency Pokemon, and finds the one that contains a female Tepig wearing a blue bow on its head. Just then, the Director remarks that only the BW Agency can provide them with a male and female Tepig capable of acting in such a short time, and expresses his excitement to shoot this important scene the next day.

Under normal circumstances, White would have been exhilarated by these words of appreciation. However, this time, they cause her to bolt in horror instead. The truth is, White only received orders for a female Tepig, and apparently, part of the order was lost when it was conveyed to her. She recalls how each request from the sponsor goes through the management team, the Producer, Director, Assistant Director, and finally to herself, and is certain that the fault lies in the stupid Assistant Director again.

At that moment, the dopey AD comes running back crying for help, and the Director smacks him on the face with his rolled-up script, demanding to know if he has cleared the scene already. The teenage boy makes his way over to them, and zealously shows them a leaflet which advertises the Pokemon League scheduled to take place one year later at a venue called the Victory Road.

The boy marvels that the event will gather all the top class Pokemon battlers in Unova for a massive showdown, and couldn't wait to see himself emerging victorious among them all. The Director decides that he has had enough of the boy's fanatic behavior, and tells him to keep his excitement to himself. He starts to usher the boy away from the shooting site, and the boy, feeling content that he has said his vow for the day to empower himself, gets ready to continue on his journey with his companions, Tep the Tepig, Brav the Braviary and Musha the Munna.

While the boy slowly leaves the scene, White is still standing in frustration about the erroneous request passed on to her. As Tep trots past her, it spots the Pokeball in her hand which contains the female Tepig, and its eyes immediately light up. Without hesitation, it hops towards the Pokeball to tap its front leg on the switch, and releases the female Tepig inside.

White gasps in astonishment as she yells out for her Tepig, nicknamed Gigi, but soon sees that it is quickly bonding with the boy's Tepig. In no time, the two Tepigs are dancing and hopping around each other in the nearby grassland, and touch their snouts together to show their mutual fondness. A ray of hope dawns on White as she realizes that the boy's Tepig is a male one, and her face brightens up as she finally sees a solution to her current problem.

The boy backtracks to retrieve his Tepig, wanting to know what it's doing, and White quickly intercepts by presenting to him her name card. She introduces herself as the representative of the BW Agency, and wishes to know how to address the boy. The boy reveals his name as Black, and White apologizes for her abruptness but hopes that he has some free time at about 2pm the next day. Without another word, she grabs Black by the wrist and tells him to come meet the Director with her, causing the boy to protest with a frown.

However, upon returning to the shooting site, White and Black are shocked to see that several of the crew members have collapsed on the ground. The other staff wear looks of horror on their faces, and before White could ask what is going on, the Director points an angry finger at Black, and demands to know what he has done.

Black bolts up in defense, and finds it unbelievable that he is being accused for a situation he hasn't even comprehended yet. White steps between the two to ask what exactly has happened, and the Director hollers that this is the scene he saw when he returned and attempted to resume filming. The DA remarks that Black is the only outsider there, which makes him the most suspicious, and asks the Director if he should call for the police.

White jumps in shock at the mentioning of police, and knows she can't let that happen, because if Black gets arrested, his Tepig will be taken along too and she will have nothing to offer to the filming crew tomorrow. This will surely put a dent on her credibility as a manager and affect the future careers of her agency's Pokemon. Acting fast, she tries to calm down the Director, pointing out that there isn't really any evidence that Black is to blame for what happened, and tries to persuade the man that Black is a gentle guy who isn't likely to hurt anyone.

However, before she could finish, Black pushes her away and says he doesn't need her explaining things for him. He declares that he shall prove his own innocence, and tells the rest of the crew to evacuate from the scene. He then calls out Musha, and places it over his head.

White widens her eyes in bewilderment and wonders what he is doing, but Black silences her and says he is trying to blank out his mind and achieve a state of pure white. Soon, Black's vision turns into a field of white hexagonal spots, and something moving amidst the fallen crew slowly congregates into black spots to outline the silhouette of a creature. Black cries that he has found the culprit, and pulls Musha off from himself.

He states that altogether five people have been knocked out, and they all hold metal-based equipments like the camera, microphone and duralumin case. He points out that there is also a faint burnt scent in the air, which White indeed detects after taking a few sniffs. Black alerts everyone that the five who have fallen are positioned in a circle, and last but not least, something glittery is hanging in the air.

To prove his words, Black puts on a pair on insulating gloves, and orders Tep to unleash an Ember, which instantly sets fire to an almost invisible thin thread in front of them. White gasps in shock when she sees the burning thread, and wonders what it is. She tries to reach out her hand, but Black immediately stops her and says it is highly charged with electricity. Indeed, as he throws a metallic pen against the thread, it creates a big spark, which would have zapped someone unconsciousness quickly.

Black grabs the electrified thread with his insulating gloves, and calls out to Brav for help. The giant eagle lifts its trainer off the ground by grabbing onto his shoulders, and gives him the extra force needed as he pulls on the thread in an attempt to yank out the culprit. In no time, a big yellow tarantula with blue and purple stripes on its body is hauled up from underground, and White lets out a scream at the sight of the furry creature.

Black takes out his Pokedex to check on it, and reads that it is elespider Pokemon, Galvantula. He tells White that it is fond of creating traps with its electrically charged threads, and the girl realizes that it has set one of these traps to knock out the five crew members.

Just then, the Galvantula shoots out another electrified thread from its mouth, and Black fends it off while telling the others to stand back. White says Black should flee as soon as possible as well, but the boy grins that if he cannot handle something puny like that, he will not be able to take part in the Pokemon League. He states that his Pokemon are the not the kind to flinch from danger, and orders Tep forward, who adeptly navigates its way between the multitudes of electrified threads shot at it.

White exclaims at the amazing agility of the male Tepig, and wants to know Black plans to handle the situation. Black replies by gesturing to Tep, and the little fire piglet delivers another Ember, which sets fire on another thread that is targeted towards it. As fire starts to spread along this thread, it soon ignites the other threads which have crossed its path as well, and before long, the entire electric net that is created by Galvantula bursts into an inferno, the flames engulfing the electric spider and fainting it.

A while later, the Director addresses Black, and says he should perhaps thank him for settling the issue for them. However, when the boy set the electric net on fire, all their filming equipment beneath were scorched and damaged by the flames as well, making it impossible for them to go on with their shooting. He demands to know how Black plans to repay them, and Black relents with an embarrassing tone that he has no idea.

At that moment, White cuts in again to save the day, and tells the Director to charge all the damages to the BW Agency. The Director gets bewildered to hear that, and White explains that she has to take responsibility because Black is now a staff of her agency, her words causing Black to jump in surprise as well. White then calls it a day as the filming cannot go on anyway, and ushers Black to leave. Black is still a bit upset that White labeled him as her staff just like that, and White grins that he should start calling her president.

Somewhere nearby, a young man with green long hair watches the happenings, and tears start to flow from his eyes. He grieves at what he sees, and sighs that there are Pokemon who are exploited by humans here as well…

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us

465: VS Galvantula

Volume 44