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At the town square of Accumula, Black and White gasps in horror that there are actually people who get convinced by Ghetsis in liberating their Pokemon. After a young woman releases her Whimsicott back into the wild with teary eyes and starts to walk off, a Biker wearing an Empoleon jacket sets free his Ducklett, wishing it the best of luck before turning his back to leave.

Black rushes up to the man to stop him, and asks how long he has been with his Ducklett. The man replies that it is nearly 10 years, and Black is shocked that after spending that amount of time together, he would just let go of it after hearing a piece of crappy speech. The guy tells Black to mind his own business, and says he believes this to be the best for his dear Ducklett. The young woman who released her Whimsicott, being approached by White the same way, says she doesn't really know what Whimsicott thinks, but also feels that this would be a better way.

White is left speechless as the Biker and the young woman walk away, leaving Ducklett and Whimsicott behind, and Black drops his head in silence. He then asks White where the troop who gave the speech went, and White looks around to see that they have descended to the lower streets of the town near the residential areas. As soon as he hears that, Black starts to dash off, startling Tep who is sitting on his head, and White wants to know what he plans to do.

The boy states that he shall chase down the gang and stop their preaching, but White quickly stops him by catching his wrist, and says the man was simply stating his opinion, and there is nothing they could do if people choose to believe him. However, Black retorts that it doesn't make things right, and doubts that White could see happiness on the faces of the released Pokemon. At least for the Whimsicott and Duckling, what he saw were sad expressions, almost as if they were about to cry.

Black declares that even though he lacks the words of a good reason, the fact that there are people who preach ideas which subject Pokemon to such kind of sorrow while claiming to be for the good of Pokemon is not something that he could allow. He tells White to let him go, and before White could respond, her Xtransceiver beeps, distracting her and allowing Black to wriggle free.

White answers to find the Director calling, who wants to discuss about casting for his upcoming drama, which he just had a sudden inspiration on. This time, he wishes to have a Sandile who could play a crying role, several Woobats who could fly against a twilight sky, as well as a Lillipup who could perform its own stunt in a near-car-crash scene. White feels frustrated that the Director would call to discuss such important matters at this time, and sees that Black is already advancing towards the lower streets of the town. Deciding to stop Black before he does something stupid, she gets the Director to agree to have her call him back shortly, and hangs up to chase after Black, hollering that it is a President's order that he stops running.

Of course, Black is already too far to hear White, but as he reaches the streets where gang was spotted, he loses sight of them. Soon, White manages to catch up with Black, who is upset that he failed to stop the preachers. White recalls that the gang called themselves Team Plasma, and Black believes that they have been preaching in various places. White wonders what made Black come to that conclusion, and Black flips out a Pokeball to show her, which to White's surprise, contains that Galvantula which attacked their shooting scene previously.

White is bewildered that Black he caught the Pokemon, and the boy says White should know how Pokemon with trainers behave. To put it simple, they are used to being around humans and are comfortable with close physical contact. In contrast, wild Pokemon tend to keep a safe distance from humans and often refuse to mingle. The thing is, this Galvantula he captured interestingly showed neither of those traits. It has showed up in a place so packed with humans, and even set up traps and attacked humans without a trainer's command. For a wild Pokemon, that is too much unnecessary interaction with people who don't matter, which is why he is convinced that the electric spider used to be a trainer-owned Pokemon that is recently released to the wild. White realizes that Black is implying Galvantula's previous trainer listened to what Ghetsis said, resulting in it being set free, which proves that the man has indeed been preaching around.

At that moment, Gigi taps White on her Xtransceiver, and she wonders what it wants. She then recalls with a start that she is supposed to call back the Director to discuss about casting, and frantically dials the number. However, she fails to make a connection as the radio signal is too weak, and Black suggests she go back to the higher up places where the signal coverage is better. White requests to borrow Tep for a while to discuss business, and scurries away with the two little Tepigs in her arms.

Black, putting on a small grin at White's eccentric behavior, takes a look at Galvantula in its Pokeball and wonders what he should do with it. He pops the button to send it out, and reveals that he actually thought about releasing it back into the wild after listening to the speech from Team Plasma this morning. The electric spider immediately gets anxious upon hearing Black's words, and keeps shaking its head and wiggling its front legs, almost as if begging Black not to leave it behind. Yet, Black doesn't seem to understand what it is saying, and simply states that if he does release it, Galvantula will be abandoned twice in a row.

Just then, a voice comes on to say that the Pokemon is speaking to Black. Black laughs that it is absurd, and says although it does look like the electric spider is trying to convey something to him, but to say that it spoke, in human words, is just ridiculous. The voice, speaking right into Black's ear now, finds it a pity that Black could not hear what his Pokemon said, and the sudden proximity of the voice causes Black to bolt with a start. He quickly spins around, only to see an empty brick wall behind him, and demands that his intruder show himself.

Meanwhile, back on the higher platforms in town, White has managed to get in touch with the Director. Unfortunately, she is a split second too late, and the Director informs that he has already finalized the cast of his production. After exchanging a few words of courtesy, White hangs up and sulks that she has just let an opportunity slip by. She sighs that if this goes on, their finance will sit comfortably in the red again this month, although the combo of Tep and Gigi has been keeping their business alive recently, which is something she is grateful to Black about.

On a deeper thought, if Black hasn't gone into his rampaging mode, she wouldn't have postponed the call with the Director and lost this job, a stupid act for proprietors who should have prioritized work. On the other hand, as President of her agency, she needs to take care of her employees and handle the troubles they have caused. The more she thinks about it, the more she finds that Black is a boy she has difficulty understanding. All she knows is that, he uses a Munna to clamp on his head to activate his detective skills, he has a big dream about conquering the Pokemon League, and he also owns a never-seen-before high-tech machine, which taught him a lot when he used it while facing Galvantula and Timburr.

While White is pondering on her own thoughts, Tep and Gigi start playing around again, and she notes that they are really getting along well. She straightens up herself and decides to go back to Black and decide on where to camp out tonight. She wonders if she could get Black to physically train up Gigi as well, and at that moment, she realizes that she has kept saying Black's name over and over again. Not wanting to give too much significance to that, she assures herself that it's just because Black is truly a cool and hot-blooded guy with a good heart and great talent in Pokemon. She proceeds to make her way back to the lower streets to join Black, but to her shock, she is soon met with the sight of a vigorous fight Black is engaged in.

From a foe that is extremely fast moving, several hits are landed on Musha, and the pink Pokemon winces in pain. White hears a voice command the attack Night Slash, and the strike that is delivered hurls both Musha and Black against the brick wall. White gasps that the enemy is owned by a trainer, and hurries up to check on Black. She wants to know why he is fighting, and Black grunts that he wishes to know the reason as well. Gritting his teeth in anger, he bangs his fist on the floor and says the attacks just came all of a sudden, right after some mysterious guy accused him for not being able to hear what his Pokemon said.

White soon sees that Black's assailant is a Purrloin, and she urges Black to do his 'head clamp' thing with Musha to figure out some hints, but Black states that it would be no good, because it is only useful when he could not figure out the true identity of his foe, or how they attack. Right now, his enemy is just attacking ordinarily, being powerful ordinarily, and being unstoppable ordinarily.

White gasps that it would mean Black could not win, and her statement is affirmed by the mysterious man who spoke, now showing himself in the light next to them, revealing himself to be a young man with long green hair who is wearing a cap and some unique ornament around his neck. Black and White jump back in surprise, and the man goes on to say that the reason why Black could not win is that he always shuts his Pokemon into Pokeballs.

The man orders a Sucker Punch from Purrloin, and the purple cat swiftly delivers the super effective hit on Musha. The man steals a cold glance at Black out of the corner of his eye, and Black quickly pulls White away, creating a distance between them and the man. Black sends out Brav while Tep also hops forward to standby, and the man waves both of his hands. As he does so, a Gurdurr, Pidove and Tympole arrive at his side and get into combative stances.

Black pulls out his Pokedex just in case he needs its help, but the man's eyes widen in bewilderment when he sees the device. Without warning, he edges towards Black in one swift move, and grabs the wrist of his hand holding the machine, demanding to know if it is the Pokedex, the thing which caused many Pokemon, many of his friends, to be trapped inside a Pokeball.

Somewhere in a large castle, Ghetsis towers before three near identical looking young men kneeling before him who have white hair and wear eye shields. He wants to know where the King has gone, and the three young men reply that he is currently engaged in a battle in the outskirts of Accumula Town. Ghetsis, who stands among six other men dressed as sages, acknowledges their answer with a grin, and muses that the King has gone to solve an unsolved equation again…

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us

467: VS Purrloin

Volume 44