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It is the twilight hours in Unova. In a rocky field where tall grass grows, Black and Tep stand in combative stances, and keep their gaze on the wild Liepard that has jumped out to attack them. Black observes the body movements of his opponent closely, and eventually spots a gap in its defense. He quickly orders Tep forward, and the fire piglet throws itself into midair before whacking its tail hard on the Liepard to deliver a Rock Smash. The super-effective attack faints the purple leopard in an instant, and Black puts on a big grin as he compliments on Tep's improving skills.

White climbs out from her hiding spot with Gigi in the tall grass behind, and wants to know if the battle is over already. Black tells her that it is, and feels grateful that one could easily encounter wild Pokemon in the field to serve as a means of training and gaining experience. He calls together Tep, Brav, Musha and Tula, and wants everyone to join him in his post-victory routine. Taking in a deep breath, the boy begins to roar.


Before Black could finish his speech, Musha suddenly bumps into his face and starts to hover around. Black gets upset and states that they are in the middle of their vow of focus, but Musha seems oblivious to his words and puts on an amused look as it wanders off into the distance. Black gets astonished by its behavior, and quickly gives chase by cutting through the tall grass. He continues to make his way east in the grass, but something fast moving all of a sudden ambushes him without warning, and delivers a heavy blow on his head. Before Black passes out, he could see what appears to be the menacing face of its attacker, made up of two triangular eyes and a crescent shaped mouth, and then everything goes black.

A while later, Black gradually comes around, and hears the voice of White calling out to him. He wakes to find himself on the sofa of some living room, and White is relieved that the boy is alright. She recalls how Black fainted all of a sudden in the tall grass, and feels thankful that there were people passing by at that time, otherwise she would not know what to do out there in the wild.

Black wonders who his rescuers were, and White steps aside to make room for a young woman in white lab coat who has long flowing purple hair and big sparkly eyes behind a pair of glasses. Next to her is a girl who wears a similar outfit, and has her hair tied up into two bundles on the side. The two rejoice that Black has finally regained consciousness, and eagerly introduces themselves to him, their passionate behavior causing both Black and White to sweatdrop.

The young woman calls herself Doctor Fennel, and says the girl is her assistant Amanita. She believes Black could already tell from her appearance that she is a Scientist who works diligently on research day and night, and offers to show them her laboratory, which has a giant cylinder attached to a bed via an extensive network of machines. Fennel explains that her current work is on the theme of 'Trainers' and 'Dreams', and says dreaming is something common to both human and Pokemon. She states that if the energy from dreams could be extracted and used properly, it could power up communication devices, systems that collect data on trainers scattered across the globe, and give life to many other potential possibilities. That is why she regards dreams as a wide and marvelous topic to explore on, and knows Black and White both share her sentiment.

With that, the young woman gives an enthusiastic slap on White's shoulder, and causes the girl to cringe from her hyper attitude. White agrees that what Fennel said sounds interesting, but as she turns around, notices that Black is getting himself ready to set out again. The boy thanks Fennel and Amanita for their help, but remarks that he must go in search for his Musha now. He stands up to straighten out his wrinkled jacket, and accidentally drops the Pokedex from the pocket onto the floor.

Fennel gasps in recognition upon seeing the device, and realizes that Black is one of the trainers who started on a journey from Juniper's Research Lab. She explains that she has been close friends with Prof. Juniper since their university days, and wants to know if Black's Musha is what she thinks it is. The boy puts on a slightly impatient look, and states that it is the nickname of a Munna that he owns. As soon as he mentions the name 'Munna', Fennel jumps in exclamation, and demands Black to tell her more about it, hollering that the species is a crucial Pokemon in her research which is closely associated with dreams.

Black honestly fails to see Fennel's excitement over Musha, as it has been with him all these years. He remarks that it is the dream eater Pokemon who evolves into Musharna, the drowsing Pokemon, and it is because of its evolution that he has decided to nickname it Musha. Fennel and Amanita applaud with amazement upon hearing Black's knowledgeable description, and White could see the two's eagerness to meet the Pokemon. She proposes to Black that they let Fennel and Amanita come along in the search for Musha as a way of thanking them, and Black simply replies with a nonchalant shrug, which is already enough to draw cheers of exhilaration from the two.

A few moments later, the group returns to the place where Black last saw Musha, and Black pushes his way through the tall grass to look for tracks that it might have left behind, even though knowing that as a psychic hoverer, Musha wouldn't be leaving any footprints. Fennel follows Black closely, and from their current route in grass, soon gets an idea where Munna could have gone. She states that a place in the direction ahead is likely to be where Munna is attracted to, and says it is an abandoned facility known as the Dreamyard.

Soon, a desolated building comes into sight, and Fennel leads them to an opening through the crumbled walls. However, Black tells everyone to wait, and recalls the creature that ambushed him when he got close to this area earlier. Fennel wonders if it was a Pokemon, but Black isn't quite sure, since he only managed to see the outline of its face, which size suggests that the creature must be of considerable built. Hearing Black's description, Tep visualizes a giant four-legged monster with the face that Black saw, and gets a tremble from the thought.

Just then, Black picks up the familiar cry of Musha coming from the insides of the building, and rushes over where he sees three Team Plasma female Grunts holding his Pokemon captive. Struggling between the hands of the grunts, Musha fights to free itself but to no avail.

Black furiously demands to know what they are trying to do to his Musha, but one of the Grunts feels disturbed by Black's saying that the Munna is his, which she believes is an erroneous way of thinking. She states that Pokemon are not the possessions of humans, and proposes that they should ask Munna what it wants, whether to continue taking unreasonable orders from humans, or break free of its constraints and return to the wild.

Black grunts that the suggestion is absurd and pointless, and says Musha's body language clearly shows that it is trying to get back to him. With that, he lets out a roar, and charges forward to the Grunts with Tep. However, something fast moving knocks him backwards before he manages to get close, and after climbing back onto his knees, the boy could see that it is the creature with the eerie face again, its body still shrouded in the shadows.

The Grunts snicker that Black will not be able to advance a single step into the Dreamyard with their Pokemon on guard, and Black grits his teeth in frustration as he tries to come up with a plan. One of the Grunts remarks that the Dreamyard used to be a factory where a group of people zealously worked towards their dreams to create something, and right now, these 'dreams' are the only things that remain in the area. Clearly, Munna was attracted by these dreams and came to the Dreamyard on its own will. She says they are simply trying to help and fulfill Munna's desires, and hopefully witness and find out what exactly makes Munna connected to dreams.

Fennel bolts up at that statement and cries that she wishes to know and witness the same thing, and White feels frustrated that the young woman is agreeing with Team Plasma's ideas. Fennel apologizes for her impulsiveness, and wants to know who exactly the people dressed in medieval knight-like uniform are. White explains that they are an organization who advocates the liberation of all Pokemon from humans, and goes around preaching this idea across the land. Fennel finds it to be a very extreme idea, but more importantly, judging from the way they treat Munna, if they speak of such grandiose words in a seemingly sincere and genuine demeanor, but then turn around and do things the opposite and brutal way, they are certainly people who are not trustworthy.

Black faces the silhouette in front of him, and still fails to figure out a perfect way to evade its attack, chase away Team Plasma and rescue Musha at the same time. He focuses his mind to form a plan, but soon, his thoughts are overcrowded with his dreams to conquer the Pokemon League, which drowns out every other idea that he has. The boy holds his head in agony, and cries that he cannot think anymore.

In that instant, Musha responds vigorously to the dreams that are radiating from Black's head, and the three Team Plasma Grunts soon find it hard to keep their grip on the Pokemon. Unable to hold back anymore, Musha fires a Hidden Power to blast down the Grunts, and hurriedly dives towards Black to clamp its mouth over his head.

Fennel and Amanita gasp that Munna is trying to eat Black, but White corrects that to be exact, it is eating Black's dreams. She explains that Black's head is constantly filled with desires to conquer the Pokemon League, which makes him incapable of thinking anything else. As Munna eats away his dreams, his mind blanks into white field, and it allows him to collect and digest important information around, which will darken into black spots.

Analyzing his surroundings through his hexagonal vision, Black gradually sees the outline of his attacker as a lean meerkat-like creature, and finally figures out its true identity. He sends out Tula from its Pokeball and orders a Flash, which instantly lights up the room and reveals the creature to be a Watchog. Black flips out his Pokedex to read that it is the lookout Pokemon, and discovers that it has a habit of threatening its foes by making the patterns on its body shine.

Amanita realizes that what they thought is the face of the Pokemon is actually a pattern on its body, and Black wastes no time in sending out his full team to take care of his opponent. However, Watchog's agility and power proves to be quite a challenge as it whacks its tail around and manages to knock back Tep, Brav and Tula. Hovering in mid-air, Musha wears a determined look on its face, and delivers a blast of Psychic which throws Watchog off its feet and sends it crashing against the floor. As it lands, it hits the back of its head on the ground, and passes out from the intensity of the smash.

Fennel, Amanita and White cheer for Black's success, and the boy notices at that moment that Team Plasma is no longer in the room, although Watchog lays fainted on the floor. He finds it hideous that they would abandon a Pokemon when it becomes useless, and gets an even worse impression of the evil organization.

Standing on the nearly collapse rooftop above, the three Team Plasma Grunts are amused by Munna's dream eating ability. They grin that they have witnessed something interesting, and decide to go back to report to Master Ghetsis of the Seven Sages. With that, the three depart from the Dreamyard, and disappear into the woods.

Meanwhile, Fennel is completely infatuated with Musha, and feels grateful that she finally sees a real Munna. The young woman circles around Musha to observe its every movement, and soon makes the little Pokemon embarrassed. Black wonders if she has had enough fun already, but Fennel requests just a little more time. Suddenly, she sees a wisp of gas emanating from the pink oval on Musha's head, and quickly takes out an empty test tube to collect it. She exclaims that she finally gets her hands on the Dream Mist, and says her heartfelt thanks to Black.

Black decides that it is time to move on to the next town, and together with White, bids goodbye to Fennel and Amanita. In front of them, Tep and Gigi trot merrily as they look forward to their next adventure…

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us

471: VS Watchog

Volume 44