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Following the dragon fossil incident at the Nacrene Museum, Black and White have resumed their journey, and are currently moving through the Pinwheel Forest to the west of Nacrene. Walking past the jungle of tall trees and dense bushes, the two are nearing its end, and are about to leave through its northern exit. High up on a hill behind them, a green deer-like creature with two side horns that end in spirals silently keeps its gaze on them.

White remarks that they will reach the Skyarrow Bridge after passing through the tunnel ahead which is made from the hallow trunk of a tree, and Black cannot wait to see the largest bridge of Unova.

Suddenly, a strange wind starts to blow, and before long, the two are hit by powerful gust that stirs up leaves and sand. Out of the corner of his eye, Black catches a glimpse of a four-legged creature's silhouette, but it quickly disappears, just as the gust comes to a halt all of a sudden.

While Black keeps staring at the spot where the creature was, White feels a little bewildered by the strange wind that just whipped at them. The two then realize with a start that their clothes have been torn and sliced in many parts, and Black is even covered in leaves and mud. White gasps that it seems as if the wind had blades, and Black instantly thinks of the weird silhouette he just saw again, wondering if it was a Pokemon. He decides to try clearing his mind to remember what he saw better, and takes out the Pokeball of Musha. However, White says it is not the time for that, and ushers him out of the forest, stating that they will need to get some new clothes as well once they get to the next city.

Passing through the northern exit of the Pinwheel Forest, Black and White arrive at the great Skyarrow Bridge, which is a long suspension bridge that spans across the ocean to the west. Black marvels at its sight, and White sees that there are actually cars passing through in its lower part. She wonders why they have to walk when they could have taken a ride, and Black grins that it is part of training. He sends Tula out from its Pokeball, and states that in order to conquer the Pokemon League, a trainer must polish his own body and mind as well. White grumbles that she has no intention of becoming a trainer that conquers the League, but has no choice but to keep walking on.

The two proceed to cross the bridge via the pedestrian walkway on top, and Black exclaims that it is really a long and winding bridge. He tries to look ahead, but can hardly see the other end. White notices that Black is still covered in leaves and mud, and says he should at least try to tidy up himself a little. Black laughs embarrassedly as Tula helps him sweep off the leaves on his sweater, but something suddenly swings at him from behind, and he hurriedly jumps out of the way, narrowly avoiding what he discovers to be a mop.

Its wielder, an old man dressed as a Janitor, then appears with a Trubbish and a Cinccino, and glares at Black with an angry face. Black demands to know what he wants, and the Janitor barks that it should be obvious. He states that he is working hard to clean up the bridge, but Black is dropping mud and leaves everywhere, which is making all his effort go waste. He points towards the walkway ahead which is already mopped clean, and tells Black to stop causing a mess. Black quickly apologizes, but says he did not do it on purpose. He explains that they have been hit by a strange wind right before they stepped on the bridge, which covered them in mud and leaves. He even shows the Janitor the torn parts on his clothes to prove his point, and the old man, after scrutinizing his clothes, pauses for a moment, and states that he doesn't trust him.

However, he offers a chance for Black to earn his trust, and tells him to challenge him to a Pokemon battle. White doesn't understand how battling has anything to do with trusting someone, but the old man says men settle things with battles. Black takes a look at the Janitor's Trubbish and Cinccino, and after a brief moment of thought, decides to accept the challenge, stating that as a trainer who aims to conquer the Pokemon League, he welcomes all kinds of Pokemon battles. Naturally, White's eyes widen in disbelief, as she finds that she really couldn't comprehend what the boy is thinking.

The Janitor feels elated about Black's reply, and introduces himself as Geoff, stating that he has been wielding the mop for 30 years. He calls forward Trubbish and Cinccino, and Black decides to use Musha and Tula. However, as soon as Musha comes out from its Pokeball, it smells the stench coming from Trubbish, and starts to feel dizzy. Without warning, it goes back into its Pokeball, and Black demands to know what it is doing.

White, also feeling nauseated by the stench, suggests that it may be unable to stand the bad smell from Trubbish, and Musha confirms her words by nodding with an embarrassed face in its Pokeball.

Geoff states that they are having a double battle, and urges Black to send out his second Pokemon as soon as possible. Black resorts to Tep, but Trubbish's stench immediately overwhelms it as well, and it bolts backwards with a painful look on its face. White grunts that the stench is too much even for humans to take, and believes that Tep must be suffering even more since its nostrils are so big.

Geoff grins that Black's Pokemon doesn't seem able to get close at all, and decides that it is his chance to attack. Trubbish fires an Acid Spray from its mouth, and hits Tep directly. Black knows that he must figure out a way to handle the situation, and wonders how Tula is doing. The electric spider raises its forelegs, and unleashes two bolts of electricity towards Cinccino. However, the chinchilla Pokemon holds up its white scarf, and easily deflects them away.

Black reads from his Pokedex that Cinccino's fur has a special oil coating that allows it to deflect its opponent's attacks, and Geoff decides to show Black by demonstrating how a punch simply slides off its fur. The Janitor adds that his Cinccino is well trained, and can ward off any special attacks including electric moves.

Black orders Tula to power up its electric beams, but they still fail to penetrate Cinccino's fur. Geoff giggles that no matter how strong an electric attack is, it still cannot harm Cinccino and will simply roll off. Black grunts in frustration at how powerful his opponent is, and White, taking another look at the trash-bag-like Pokemon and the chinchilla Pokemon who wears a silk scarf, remarks that while she initially found it such an extreme combo strange, she now understands that Geoff chooses them for a reason.

Geoff admits that the two Pokemon are indispensible in his work as a Janitor. Trubbish, as a trash-bag Pokemon is self explanatory. As for Cinccino, it has helped him sweep the floors with its tail when it was still a Minccino, and he could vividly remember all the sweet memories. The old man then tells his two Pokemon to finish off their foes as they cannot even get close, and Trubbish quickly hits Tep with another Acid Spray while Cinccino sweeps at Tula with a Tail Slap. Tep gets knocked into the trash cart Geoff has, while Tula crashes against the wire fences on the side of the bridge

Geoff states that the battle seems to be over but then something suddenly fires up in his trash cart. He turns around to see that Black's little Tepig has stood up once more, and before he realizes what is going on, Tep throws itself against Trubbish with a Flame Charge, and faints the trash-bag Pokemon.

Geoff gasps at what has happened, and wants to know what Black did since Tepig couldn't even get close to Trubbish before. Black explains that he deliberately asked Tep to fall into the trash bin, where it would find something to plug its snout with. Tep shoots a grin at Geoff, and the Janitor could see that it has stuffed each of its nostrils with an empty plastic bottle. He laughs that things are getting interesting, and says they are each down to one Pokemon now.

However, Black informs him that his Tula is still standing, and Geoff looks up in surprise to see that the Galvantula is hovering in midair. On a closer look, he realizes that it is really flying, but is actually suspending itself with a silk attached to a pole tip of the bridge. Geoff reminds Black that his Galvantula's electric attacks will still fail to hit Cinccino no matter where they are fired from, but Black remarks that Tula's moves are not limited to electric ones.

Voicing out his command, Black gets Tula to pick Cinccino up from the floor, and keep swinging around in midair. The electric spider traps the chinchilla Pokemon with its multiple legs, and causes cold sweats to break out on the poor little fellow's forehead as they go round and round on the pole. Tula then hurls a dizzy Cinccino up into the air, and White cries that its scarf has been swung aside to expose its body. Black grasps the chance to command a Slash from Tula, and the attack instantly faints Cinccino.

Geoff admits defeat, and says he has been completely overwhelmed. Black thanks him and says he may not have won if the battle didn't take place on the bridge, but the Janitor says he is being too humble. He grins that he knew the boy would be a remarkable trainer, and Black says he has made a right guess in that case

White doesn't understand what Black is talking about since she thought the old man was simply angry at them for dirtying the bridge, but Black says it was clearly just an excuse, as Geoff's eyes were actually focused on the cuts on his clothes even though he scolded him about the mud and leaves. Black turns his attention back to Geoff, and asks if the Janitor knows the true identity of the mysterious wind that hit them.

Geoff says it was just a postulation, but from the way Black's clothes were torn and the fact that the two have just come out from the Pinwheel Forest, he could only think of Virizion, the legendary Pokemon that is said to reside in the forest. Black and White wait intently to learn more information, but Geoff states that it is all he knows, and the two young ones instantly collapse.

The truth is, when Geoff saw what could be evidence of Black coming into contact with a legendary creature, he had a hunch that the boy would a remarkable trainer, which was why he approached him for a battle. He grins that Black and White should be smart enough to know that he isn't just an ordinary Janitor, and the two young ones nod in response. Geoff takes out his name card to reveal his true identity, and he turns out to be the president of the Battle Company, a corporation that specializes in developing battle-related items. The old man laughs that cleaning and mopping is just his hobby, which he often uses as a chance to look out for great young trainers. Knowing the true identity of Geoff, White hurriedly gets into her business mode, and bumps Black out of the way. She offers her name card to the old man, introducing herself as a representative of a Pokemon entertainment agency, and Geoff gets taken aback by her sudden eagerness.

Later, having said goodbye to Geoff, Black and White approach the end of the Skyarrow Bridge, and start to see the skyscrapers of Castelia City. White beams that thanks to Black, she has had a wonderful chance to promote her business, and on retrospect, thinks that it was a wonderful decision to walk on the bridge instead of riding in car. She states that she should bring Gigi to her massage appointment as soon as they arrive in Castelia, and suggests Black take a stroll himself. She hopes to get some Casteliacones as well, but on another thought, wonders if she should go get some new clothes first.

Raging with excitement, White says they have a lot to do, and starts running towards Castelia City while Black tries his best to catch up with her…

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476: VS Trubbish & Cinccino

Volume 45