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Situated in the southern central part of Unova is the metropolis city of Castelia. As Black and his Tepig, Tep, wander across the streets of the huge city, they marvel at the sheer amount of people and tall buildings around. Black soon gets dizzy from the busy crowd walking to and fro in front of him, and tells Tep that he needs a break. They end up in front of a skyscraper which has Game Freak logo on its entrance's display screen, and Black decides to go in for temporary shelter.

Inside, Black takes a seat on a sofa chair with Tep, and breathes out a sigh of relief. He turns his gaze towards the reception desk, and to his surprise, sees a young boy crying. It seems to him that the boy is lost, but no one around appears to take heed. He wonders if city people are really cold as they are said to be, and decides to walk over and see if he could help.

Bending down to the boy, Black asks if he has got separated from his parents, but the boy remains silent. Black continues to inquire about his name, where he came from, and why he is inside the building, but not a word comes out from the boy's mouth, and he simply keeps crying. Black thinks to himself that it is no good, and wonders if there are people around who could help lost children.

Telling Tep to look after the boy, Black heads off to seek help from the building's staff, and Tep responds with a confident grin. Yet, as soon as Black is out of sight, the boy turns to face Tep, and to the little Tepig's surprise, he grows two red spots between his eyes, which have suddenly turned evil and cunning.

Tep jumps up in surprise, and watches with shock as the boy reveals himself to be a Zorua in disguise. Zorua starts running in circles around Tep, and even mischievously jams Tep's own tail into its left nostril, causing it to nearly suffocate. The tricky fox Pokemon bursts out into laughter, and Tep instantly fumes with rage. It chases Zorua around in the room, and right in front of the open door of the elevator, Zorua morphs into a young man wearing suits and a scarf and steps into the lift. Tep hurries in before the door closes, but finds Zorua nowhere in sight as it wasn't aware that it has just turned into a human.

When the elevator reaches the 22nd floor, the door opens, and Zorua morphs back into its true form again, creating a puff of smoke to blind the others in the lift as it leaps out. Tep immediately gives chase, and in no time, the two are wrecking everything on that office floor, causing the game development staff there to cry out in shock and terror. The graphic designer gasps that the sprites in progress are tarnished, while the sound director cries that the background music under work are messed up, and the programmer is appalled that the events being programmed in have been erased

Zorua next heads down the stairs through the backdoor, and Tep decides that it could only catch up with the mischievous Pokemon by taking a short cut. It leaps off from the side rails of the stairs, and lands on a lower floor, stopping right before the other four-legged creature. Yet, to Tep's surprise, instead of Zorua, standing in front of its eyes is a female Tepig. Tep instantly gets amused, and starts to play around with the female Tepig.

Just as the two come into close contact, the female Tepig grows two red spots between its eyes, and delivers a wicked kick on Tep, sending it flying down the stairs onto a lower floor. Once again, Tep has fallen for Zorua's Illusion trick, and it glares at the deceptive fox as it morphs back into its true form.

Zorua leaps down to unleash a Fury Swipes on Tep, which further agitates the little Tepig. Tep's tail begins to glow with a red light, and Zorua realizes that it has gone too far. Charging up an Ember, Tep sends out a blast of flames from its nostrils and knocks Zorua away. It continues to fire as Zorua hurriedly flees, and at that moment, the backdoor on that floor gets opened. One of Tep's Embers hits Black, who happens to be walking out from the door searching for Tep and the lost boy.

Black yelps out in pain as the flame scorches his backside, and he wants to know what Tep is doing, as well as where the lost boy has gone. Tep sulks that it has accidentally hurt its trainer, and knows that it could hardly explain fully what exactly happened.

While the building staff that Black brought along continues to look for the lost boy, Tep stays with Black, and out of the corner of its eyes spots Zorua giggling on a higher floor. It grunts in frustration, but knows that it better keeps his calm for now.

As Black leaves the Game Freak Building back onto the busy Castelia streets, he still has no idea that the mute and lost boy he just encountered is the trick fox Pokemon, Zorua. Moreover, little does he know that he will be crossing paths with this Zorua over and over again in the future…

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us

477: VS Zorua

Volume 45