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On the sandstorm stuck Route 4, Grimsley offers to reveal the information he knows if Black beats him in a Pokemon battle, but wants Black to bet something of utmost importance to make the deal fair. Black thinks to himself how he has always wanted to conquer the Pokemon League, and one of its Elite 4 members, Grimsley, is currently standing before him.

To him, the most important thing is his dream to conquer the League, and in order to earn the chance to participate in the League, he will need to collect all 8 Badges. In other words, the Gym Badges he has worked so hard to earn would be his most important things that he will need to bet. His mind starts to boggle at the possibility that he will lose and forfeit the Badges to Grimsley, and he simply couldn't bear the thought that he will lose the qualification to enter the League tournament.

The boy clutches his head with frustration, and Grimsley wonders if he is alright. However, in the next instant, Black gets completely overwhelmed by his conflicting thoughts, and without warning, passes out on the floor, much to Grimsley's shock. The Elite 4 member checks on the boy, and notices the three Gym Badges that are pinned to his jacket's collar. He realizes right away that Black is an avid trainer who is challenging the Gyms to earn qualification to enter the League, and he could guess that the boy was worrying about having to use the Badges as his bet.

Grimsley giggles that if Black thinks the Badges are so important, he could simply bet something else or even give up the fight. Yet on a deeper thought, he knows the boy probably isn't capable of doing that because he is clearly the type of person who focuses on one thing only. He believes that Black will simply get tortured by his own thoughts the same way if he wakes him up, and decides to just leave him unconscious. He carries the boy back into the gate, and says they will eventually meet again at the League if he manages to collect all 8 Badges. He compliments Black for not choosing to bet his Badges at the end, and bids him goodbye as he steps out onto Route 4 again.

There, he walks over to the medieval-knight attired man, who has passed out as well, probably from the sandstorm, and wonders why he is sneaking around the area. He reaches into the pocket of the guy's torn jacket, and finds a note on the Relic Castle. Reading what's written on it in silence, Grimsley puts on a small frown, and tells Bisharp that it is time for them to go.

Meanwhile, at the Desert Resort to the west, a Team Plasma Sage waits impatiently at the entrance of the Relic Castle, which is surrounded by several Darmanitans in their Zen Mode, and is upset that the Grunt who has gone off to Route 4 still hasn't returned. The other Grunts apologize to the man, addressing him as Master Ryoku, and say they have lost contact with that member.

Ryoku feels troubled as they are running out of time, and decides that they will simply go in with the current ensemble. Holding a pack of Rage Candybars which is from Mahogany Town, the man begins advancing into the Relic Castle, and hopes that Volcarona will show itself soon, so that he may present it to Master Ghetsis.

Later, at Nimbasa City, Black slowly wakes up, and finds himself on a sofa bed inside a hotel room. Working with her desktop at a table across the room, White greets him with a grin, is glad that he has come around. As memories flood in, Black suddenly bolts up, and cries that he has passed out. White calmly states that she knows, but Black continues to holler that there was an intruder, and says it ended up in a battle, and revealed that the Worker is actually in disguise White states with a calm tone that she knows that, too, and asks Black to guess whom it was that brought two people and one Maractus all the way from Route 4 to Nimbasa City.

Black is confused as to what White is saying, and the girl points towards the other side of the room, where the fake Worker on Route 4 and his Maractus were laying unconscious on the floor, bounded together by ropes. Black gasps in shock, and White explains that when she returned to the gate after getting all the gears for countering the sandstorm, she found Black and the man both passed out. On the man is a playing card which wrote that he is a bad guy, and to do whatever one wants with him. Normally, she would just leave him there, but she recognized the emblem on the Grunt's uniform, and thus brought him along.

Black takes a look at the emblem, and jumps in recognition that it is that of Team Plasma, the organization which preaches about Pokemon liberation but are in fact doing evil things. White agrees with a nod, and remarks that the police should arrive soon.

Black recalls what White said, and finds it amusing that she managed to carry two guys and a Pokemon through the sandstorm all by herself. White is annoyed at what he is implying, and grunts that she actually sought help from his Braviary. She then wants to know why exactly Black passed out, and the boy explains that he actually encountered Grimsley of the Elite 4, who offered to fight him in a Pokemon battle. Since it is something which he has dreamed of for a long time, he became overloaded with thoughts of how rare and great a chance he has come across. Under normal circumstances, he would have asked Musha to help clear his mind by eating the dreams, but he became so overwhelmed with the thought that his brain ended up short-circuiting, causing him to lose consciousness. Black finds that quite embarrassing, and remarks that he actually still feels a bit woozy from having passed out.

White says it doesn't really matter, as they have made it to Nimbasa after all, and is excited that she could finally bring their entertainment plan into reality. With that, she flips out the proposal of the Pokemon Musical, and tells Black that when he was still sleeping, she has been working on something that will surprise him. She sends Gigi out from her Pokeball, and to Black's shock, the little Tepig has been dressed up with Ribbons and Barrettes on its head, and holds a cute little Red Parasol with its tail.

White grins that Gigi surely looks charming, and encourages it to give its best to make their plan a success. She then beckons Black to the window to show him something which will shock him further, and indeed, when Black looks out through the glass window, his mouth gaps wide open when he sees a brightly decorated dome-shaped building with the word 'Musical' above its entrance.

White giggles that renovation is just complete, and Black is astonished that the theatre was built specifically for this project. White explains that Nimbasa's Mayor is extremely eager about it, and their financial situation is capable of affording it. She thinks Black should see what its inside look like as well, and fervently leads him out of the room by pulling on his hand. Black cries that he is still feeling woozy, but nearly trips over as they head next doors.

Upon arrival at the Musical Theatre, White is immediately greeted by the many staff who are working there. They all start flooding towards her, asking her opinion on the Prop Case, the choice of Props, the pamphlets, the stage music, and even where to put the dress up room. Black is bewildered by the sheer amount of questions thrown at them at the same time, and White tries to calm everyone down, stating that they have to do it one by one.

She first checks on the Prop Case, which 100 copies have been ordered, and says they will need to double the amount to cater for the large number of participants. She then checks on the three soundtracks prepared by the musician, namely 'Exciting Nimbasa', 'A Sweet Soiree', and 'Forest Stroll', and is pleased with how they sound. However, she wants to add one more track, and hopes that its melody will evoke a sense of coolness. She moves over to the Props table, and decides to divide them into categories such as cute, elegant, quirky, so that they may rate them according how much they fit to the shows.

Next, she discusses where to put the dress up rooms with the floor plan manager, and believes that they should offer them to guests who are not participants as well. She compliments on the good work of the designers, and reminds the camera team to have a photo shoot on the stage after the show. Last but not least, she states that the back cover of the pamphlets must indicate that the BW Agency is responsible for the Musical's planning and technical support.

Black watches White move from task to task, and is completely amazed at her organizing skills. Next to him, Musha drools from the dream energy that is exuding from White, and Black has to hold it back from dashing towards the girl.

White soon calls for a rehearsal, and says the show will mainly take place on the runway. She gets Gigi on stage together with three other Pokemon from the agency, a Solosis, Vanillite, and Yamask, and says they should pretend that it is the real thing. She asks for 'Forest Stroll' as the background music, and the sound-effect team sets the tune playing. Spotlights are turned on to focus on the four Pokemon, and White watches intently from the audience stand as Gigi leads Solosis, Vanillite and Yamask to perform. Half way through the music, she calls for a cut, and discusses with the light-effect team how to match the lighting with the tune better. She then wants everyone to start from the beginning again, and Black is astounded that White is almost doing everything herself.

He decides to walk around in the backstage, and wonders how come his president has to do all the work if she is simply an idea-giver. At that moment, someone overhears him, and says he must be the staff of White's agency since he calls her president. Black looks over to see a young woman kneeling in front of a Zebstrika, who has her backside towards against him, and notices that she seems to be busy dressing up the electric zebra.

The woman explains that she was also present at the entertainment committee meeting, and reveals that they didn't have an idea at the beginning. Yet, even after it was decided that they would do a Musical as White suggested, the Mayor and all the board members were totally hopeless when it came to concrete details like the venue, music and entry qualifications. At the end, they had to depend on White to make all the suggestions, and the girl eventually became responsible for everything.

That said, White is truly capable in her job. Not only is she able to present the Pokemon in their most fascinating form, but she also manages to motivate all the staff to work. She is clearly skilled as both a talent manager as well as an event producer. The young woman, being a model who knows all about staging, remarks that White has also sparked her interest in the project, which is why she has decided to help.

At that moment, the woman finishes dressing up her Zebstrika with a Top Hat, a Scarlet Cape with a Pocket Watch, as well as White Wings on its legs, and straightens up herself while her two Emolgas hover around her. As soon as she turns around, Black bolts in recognition, and the woman grins that she is indeed Elesa, Gymleader of Nimbasa City. She believes that Black has done extensive research on her already, and the boy is astonished that she knows about that. Elesa grins that White has told her everything, including how he becomes a detective when his Munna munches on his head to heighten his senses.

Black is appalled that Elesa knows so much, but the young woman grins that there are no secrets in girls' talk. She remarks that Black actually looks cool as she has imagined, and believes that he would want a Gym challenge. However, he will have to wait until after the Musical, and blows him a kiss as she leaves the backstage with Zebstrika and her Emolgas. Black sweatdrops at the Nimbasa's Gymleader's hyper personality, and comforts himself that it is alright since he is still woozy anyway.

And so, as White continues to immerse herself in preparation, and soon enough, the Musical's commencement day finally arrives…

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482: VS Maractus

Volume 46