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After travelling across nearly half of the Unova region, the Battle Subway finally arrives at its destination. The Subway Bosses, Ingo and Emmet, speak through the microphone, and announce that they have made it to their final stop, Anville Town. White merrily looks out from the cabin window to take a look at the place, but is quickly overwhelmed by the sight in front of her. On the platform, dozens of people have gathered, each holding a camera to snap shots at the train. The girl is astonished that there are so many railway fans, and honestly prefers the Gear Station back at Nimbasa which was also a train station with platforms but had no such crazy fans hanging around, which she feels is a more enjoyable tourist spot.

Just then, an attack is fire at her direction, and the girl bolts with a squeal while her Servine quickly jumps out of the way. Ingo, who is commanding his Klinklang to fight, states that their battle isn't over yet, and Emmet remarks that she may still lose if she starts to get distracted. White feels embarrassed that her mind has indeed drifted off from the battle with the Subway Bosses due to their arrival, and hurriedly gets back into this fight which she hopes to prove by wining that she has trained and equipped herself well.

White orders a Leaf Storm from Servine, and the attack hits Klinklang at its top-right minigear. Ingo frowns that White is aiming for the wrong place, and says her target should be Klinklang's red core where its energy focus is. He tells White that battling is something ruthless, and hopes she can remember that a slight act of carelessness is enough to cause one's demise. The black-suited Subway Boss then proceeds for a retaliation, and commands Klinklang to spin and charge up its energy for an attack. However, to his shock, the gear Pokemon fails to follow his order, and he turns around to discover with surprise that it is rendered unable to spin.

Emmet points out that the leaves from Leaf Storm have jammed the connection between Klinklang's minigear and its main gear, and White grabs the chance to call Servine forward for a finishing blow. The grass snake immediately whips out its two vines, and throws itself forward onto Klinklang. However, the collision is so hard that both Pokemon end up going down together, and Emmet announces that they have a draw. Ingo is frustrated that he got stumped by a slight mistake like that, and Emmet reminds him of his own words that a slight act of carelessness is enough to cause one's demise, which causes Ingo to go speechless.

Ingo congratulates White, and says although they had a draw, her performance was still very remarkable. White is overjoyed to hear that, and Emmet is happy to see that White has evolved from someone who knows nothing about battles into an expert who sees battles as a piece of cake. Ingo frowns at the remark, and thinks Emmet is exaggerating again. He tells White that they have some time to spare before the train heads back to Nimbasa City, and encourages the girl to rest, restore her Pokemon's health, or just tour around in town for now. White nods in response, and proceeds to send out all her Pokemon, which apart from Jessica, Brav and the Servine, also now includes a Stunfisk, an Alomomola and a Solosis.

Ingo can see that her newly caught team members are all looking bright and happy, and Emmet wonders if she has given them nicknames. White grins that she most certainly has, and introduces them as Dorothy the Stunfisk, Nancy the Alomomola, and Unibo the Solosis. She then steals a glance at Servine, and thinks to herself that although it followed her on its own will at first, without making clear whether it is a friend of foe, it has no doubt grown attached to her through their training together. She muses that building such kind of bond between humans and Pokemon must be what Pokemon battling is about, and decides to ask it to join her officially. She reaches out a hand to Servine, calling it Amanda, but the grass snake smacks her hand with its tail, and turns its head away with an arrogant look, making White wonder if it doesn't like the name, or she has been too optimistic about their relationship after all.

Just then, all of White's Pokemon pick up something in the air, and suddenly start to walk off with pleasant looks on their faces. White wonders what is going on, and quickly follows. She soon hears a soft melody coming from afar, and recognizes it as the sound of a flute. She closes her eyes at the delightful tune, and finds that it can sooth the hearts of its listeners. She can see that her Pokemon are also captured by its beauty, and probably yearn to get closer for a listen. She follows the source of the music, and soon spots the flautist's silhouette on top of a footbridge.

White walks up to the bridge, wanting to meet the person who plays such lovely music, and bolts in surprise when she sees that it is someone she knows, a young girl with short blonde hair wearing a green cap, who is accompanied by a Litwick and an Oshawott, the latter holding up the music sheets for its trainer. White gasps that it is Bianca, Black's childhood companion whom she has met in both Striaton and Castelia, and the in that instant, Bianca spots White too, recognizing her as the president. White grin that Bianca should just call her White, and Bianca laughs that it's been a while since they met.

White compliments on the beauty of Bianca's music, and Bianca explains that she got the music sheets of the tune from the town gates, which actually sounds very much like a lullaby to the sleeping trains here. White can tell that Bianca must be an expert in musical instruments, and Bianca grins with embarrassment that she has practiced many kinds of them, including the piano and the guitar, although she must confess that her skills are just mediocre at best. Bianca is glad that White likes her performance nevertheless, and in that instant, another crowd of crazy train fans start to come from the town center towards the rail yard, all desperate to take photos of the rare subway train. They flood onto the footbridge like a herd of wild animals, and while White is squeezed against the side, Bianca is sent spinning around in circles. When the crowd clears, White cries out in horror, and sees that Bianca has been knocked near unconscious on the ground.

A while later, back inside the cabin of the Battle Subway, Bianca takes a seat, and White hopes that she is feeling better. She voices out her rage at the bad manners of the railway fans, but Bianca assures her she is alright now. The blonde girl remarks that she actually finds it amazing that the fans can be so devoted to their dreams, and can see their absolute determination to take snapshots of the beautiful train. In contrast, she herself has nothing that is of absolute importance, and in a way she envies those who do.

In that instant, Emmet marches over in his robotic way, and says he believes that White and Bianca are going to have an interesting girls-talk. He says he is just getting closer for a better listen and tells them to carry on, but White pushes him away without hesitation, and Ingo helps by dragging him partner away by the collar. All the while, Bianca watches their interaction with widened eyes and her mouth gaped open, startled that the Subway Boss can be so nosey, and yet White also shows no mercy at his intrusive behavior.

White takes a seat next to Bianca, and says if she is talking about absolute determination, it only reminds her of Black, who makes a daily declaration on his goal, which he calls his routine towards his dreams. She believes that it is an extreme form of absolute determination, and Bianca agrees wholeheartedly. Bianca wonders if White has anything she wants to do in life, and White replies that although she is currently taking a break from it, the entertainment business is where her dream lies. Bianca feels happy for White, but sighs that she herself doesn't have a clear goal in life. She remarks that Black is someone who has an absolute dream, and Cheren is a gentle person who always extends his care and help to people and things around him. In contrast, she is someone who only knows how to count on others.

Bianca wonders if White knows why she is in Anville, and reveals that she is actually running away from something. White bolts with surprise, and asks if it is Team Plasma, but Bianca suddenly breaks into tears, and cries that it is her own father, which causes White to collapse. Bianca explains that her father has been overprotective of her since she was little, and has always objected to her going on a journey. The man has repeatedly chased her down in hopes of bringing her back home, and her journey has thus so far been all about fleeing and running away. She is certain that her father must be looking for her somewhere now, and finds it sad that the only thing she has achieved on her journey is escaping from her father, not to mention being ambushed by Team Plasma and having her Pokemon snatched. As a result, she has never gotten a chance to polish her battling skills, and proves her point by sending out Litwick and Oshawott, and ordering them to fight.

The little otter picks up its scalchop to strike at Litwick, and deals a series of scratches. Litwick then retaliates by tackling Oshawott, and after bumping into each other a few times, both Pokemon drop to the ground, exhausted. White can see what Bianca means, and Bianca starts to sob, recalling how she vowed to her father that she will figure out what she wants to do in life on his journey, but has obviously failed. In addition to that, she has not fulfilled the task bestowed upon her by Prof. Juniper either, and deems herself a complete failure.

Watching Bianca crying uncontrollably, White tries to comfort her, and Bianca says she really hopes that there is something she could work towards. In that instant, White gets an idea, and calls out to Ingo and Emmet. The two, who have been standing just outside the cabin door this whole time, respond immediately and Emmet marches in to ask what it is he could do for her. White wants to know if this train could go to Castelia City, and the Subway Bosses wonder where she wants to go. White grins that she is heading for Café Sonata, and the two men proceed to make arrangements for her. White then returns to Bianca's side, and requests that she plays the tune for her once more, which she will record on her Xtransceiver this time. Bianca collects herself, and picks up the flute to start playing. As the melody flows, it catches the attention of a humanoid creature outside, and it secretly jumps on board the subway train as it begins to head towards Castelia City.

Sometime later, having arrived in Castelia City, White and Bianca walk on Narrow Street, and Bianca wants to know where they are going as she has quite bad memories about this dark alley. White replies that she is bringing her somewhere to perform, and says Bianca is different from ordinary performers in that when she plays the music, she isn't just hitting the notes but is delivering something which could strike at people's hearts. Bianca grins that White is just saying that to comfort her, but White states that she is not joking and reminds Bianca that she is a manager in the entertainment business, which is why she can see beyond technique and looks and recognize true talent.

Soon, they arrive in front of a small bistro named Café Sonata, and White explains that it is a live house which has nurtured countless top-class musicians. Earlier, she has sent the clip of Bianca's performance to the house Guitarist of the café, and the man could not wait to hear Bianca play in person, which she considers a really great start.

With that, White enters Café Sonata to announce her arrival, but to her shock, the whole place is turned upside down, and the house Guitarist is sprawled across the stage, his right hand jammed under a fallen overhead speaker. The Guitarist warns White to beware, and in that instant, something ambushes White from behind, causing Bianca to scream in horror. Fortunately, White manages to jump out of the way in time, and turns around to see that her attacker is a wild Vullaby. She then hurries on stage with Bianca to help free the Guitarist's hand from the speaker, and the man voices out his frustration about the situation. The fact is, he has been waiting to meet the mirage Pokemon, whom he believes will come one day, and has thus kept on playing the guitar in this store. Finally, his lucky day comes and he gets to meet the mirage Pokemon, but an intruder interrupts and even keeps chasing after the mirage Pokemon.

White wonders what mirage Pokemon he is talking about, and at that moment, Bianca hears a melody coming from above. She looks up to see a humanoid Pokemon with green long hair clutching tight onto the ceiling lamp, and notices that it is desperately trying to escape from Vullaby who keeps pecking from below. The girl also realizes that the Pokemon is not actually singing, but crying out for help. The Guitarist states that it is Meloetta, the melody Pokemon, and says it is widely believed that its voice has inspired many famous songs.

Just then, Vullaby manages to hop onto the lamp, and prepares to lash out at Meloetta. White sends out Dorothy to fight and protect the mirage Pokemon, but the Stunfisk is easily kicked away by Vullaby. Meloetta makes use of Vullaby's momentary distraction to leap off the lamp, and takes shelter behind Bianca. Bianca can see the terror in Meloetta's eyes, but doesn't know what she could do to help it. The Guitarist grunts that the day he dreamt of finally comes, and he could have a chance to play the song he wanted to perform with Meloetta. However, thanks to his hand injury, he will not be able to do it now, and thinks that fate is really cruel.

Bianca sees the man's frustration, and after a moment of thought, decides to ask for the music notes of the song. She states that the only thing she can do now is to play the song in place of him, and try her best to finish the piece without giving up. With that, she picks up the guitar, and stares at the music notes as she gets ready to strike the chords…

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500: VS Meloetta I

Volume 48