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Inside the Mistralton Cave, Trish of the Riches holds the two fire torches in hand, and voices out her determination as she charges towards Virizion and Terrakion with her Heatmor. In that instant, the four-legged creature that has been watching her from behind leaps forward, and knocks both the woman and her Heatmor down, even kicking away her fire torches. It then reveals itself to be a blue goat-like creature, and stands in front of Virizion and Terrakion to tower over her.

Black gasps that it is the third Pokemon, and Shoko exclaims that its name is Cobalion, who is the usual resident of this Guidance Chamber. She believes that Virizion, who usually resides at the Rumination Field, and Terrakion, who lives at the Trial Chamber, must have to come to meet up with Cobalion, and Black could feel the authority it exudes from its body. Its presence is in fact so intimidating that he could barely make a step closer, and wonders just kind of Pokemon it is.

Suddenly, an explosion goes off next to them, and everyone bolts to their feet. Shoko cries out in horror, wondering what is going on, and Black realizes that Trish's dropped fire torches must have ignited something inflammable. Shoko hurries over to Trish, asking her to leave, but the woman strongly refuses, and says it will be against the idea of adventure if one turns away when presented with the chance to battle three legendary Pokemon. She states that she will live out the meaning of romance if she perseveres and puts her life at stake in this perilous situation, and Shoko is upset that she is still so stubborn. Trish barks that Shoko has too short-sighted in her vision, and Shoko retaliates that Trish's senseless actions will only cause trouble for others, a remark which instantly ticks off the woman.

Shoko and Trish's quarrel causes Cobalion, Virizion and Terrakion to shake their heads in disgust, and Black cuts in to stop them, yelling that it is not the time to fight now. Just then, he notices that one of Shoko's Patrats is missing, and soon discovers that it is trapped on a ledge which is now surrounded by the flames. Shoko cries out in horror, and Black hurriedly sends out Costa to help. The Carracosta unleashes a powerful blast of water from its mouth, but the attack barely does anything to the sea of flames.

Trish pushes Black away, and says her Heatmor is a fire type who can manage to walk through the flames with ease. She ushers Heatmor forward, but fails to see the hesitation and reluctance on the anteater Pokemon's face. Shoko stops Trish, saying that it is not a wise move, but Trish retorts that she knows her Pokemon well. Shoko barks that Trish cannot always let her ego blind her decision, and Trish is clearly infuriated by the accusation. In that instant, something knocks both Shoko and Trish out of the way, and Black sees that Virizion has leapt towards the trapped Patrat to pick it off the ledge onto its back. Terrakion then rams hard onto one of the side walls, and Black cries that it has created a path to escape for them. However, the flames has suddenly surged so high that it is impossible even for Virizion to jump out, and Black notices that Cobalion is also working to move a giant boulder.

The blue goat thrusts it head upwards to hurl the boulder in the air, and subsequently charges up to shatter it with its powerful horns, which creates a shower of stones and dust to put out most of the flames in the area. Virizion grabs the chance to dash into the escape route with Patrat still on its back, and Terrakion and Cobalion swiftly follow suit. Black tells Shoko and Trish to flee as well, and says he will stay behind with Costa to take care of the remaining embers. Shoko nods, and gathers her three remaining Patrats to head towards the escape route together with Trish and her Heatmor.

Once outside, Shoko sees her other Patrat sitting on a rock waiting for her, and Trish is glad that it is alright. The two realize at that moment that they have clasped hands with each other in joy, and quickly turn their heads away after remembering their fight. Shoko runs over to Patrat, but Cobalion suddenly shows up to tower over her, and causes her to drop to her knees in fear. Trish soon sees that Terrakion and Virizion have also come, and the three legendary Pokemon start to circle them. Then, the four-legged creatures stir up a powerful gust to blind Shoko and Trish's vision, and when the two open up their eyes again, they discover with shock that the Patrats and Heatmor are all gone.

A moment later, Black comes out from the Mistralton Cave to join them, and is surprised to see that both Shoko and Trish are holding each other in tears. He wonders what is going on, but the two ladies are sobbing so hard that they could hardly say anything. A voice then comes on to say that Cobalion, Terrakion and Virizion must have taken their Pokemon away, and everyone turns around to see a bearded middle-aged man, who is accompanied by Iris and her Fraxure. Black bolts in recognition that it is Professor Cedric Juniper, and rushes over to introduce himself, stating that he has received both the Pokedex and Bo from Prof. Aurea Juniper. He adds that he has been practicing outside his Science Lab since he was a little boy, and Cedric grins that he has heard all about it from his daughter.

Black wants to know what the professor meant just now about Cobalion, Terrakion and Virizion, and Cedric explains that the three legendary creatures are Pokemon who are antagonistic towards humans. Black, Shoko and Trish are shocked to hear that, and Cedric explains that although Pokemon and humans now live together and help out each other in harmony, there was a time when things were completely different. Long ago, two opposing human factions were at war, their strife resulting in a fire which not only burnt the forests and the plains, but threatened the lives of many wild Pokemon. However, the humans remained oblivious to the cries and suffering of Pokemon, and continued to fight. Finally, the three Pokemon appeared. They helped their wild companions and brought them to safety, far away from the reaches of humans' war. They also stepped into the humans' territory to trample them, until the war was finally brought to an end. Since then, the three held the belief that Pokemon would only suffer if they stay around humans, and even today, they still perceive the relationship between humans and Pokemon that way, which is a sad thing.

Black is astonished to hear how Cobalion, Terrakion and Virizion hated humans, and Trish believes that it is all her fault. She remarks that if she hadn't let her arrogance get in the way, she would not have lost her Pokemon. Shoko tells her not to be so hard on herself, and says her strong character has actually been what's supporting her all this time. She reminds Trish of how she helped her develop the Patrat Show, and how she brought her talent to the eyes of others on the bridge because she believed in her. Shoko sobs that she wouldn't be what she is without Trish, and Trish cries that she should be the one saying that. The woman remarks that as a member of the Riches, she has never suffered any pain, and really yearns to have a talent like Shoko, which is why the more she is with the girl, the more she yearns to achieve something of value in her life. She reveals that it is because of Shoko that she decided to pursue her dream of adventure and romance, and if it wasn't for Shoko, she would just be a useless girl who sits around and wastes time. Shoko argues that Trish already did well, since she at least attempted to help Patrat who was trapped by the flames when she herself could do nothing, and in that instant, both ladies break out into tears as they hug, realizing how important they are to one other.

Black's face lights up when he sees the scene, and tells Cedric Juniper that this is what they should tell the three Pokemon, that the two have stopped fighting and became friends again. With that, he asks Musha to clamp on his head, and Shoko and Trish bolt at what he is doing. Cedric recalls hearing about it from his daughter, and Iris, who has seen it herself before in Castelia, simply grins.

After a while, Black states that he knows what to do now, and points out at the torn leaves and severed bushes ahead. He compares them to the cuts on his trousers, and believes that they are all made by Virizion when it cleared its path to run off. He leads the group to follow the trail of plantation which show similar cut marks, and after walking a few yards, suddenly finds a sharp object pointing at his face, which forces him to screech to a halt. In front of him, Cobalion keeps him at bay with the sharp horns on its head, while Terrakion and Virizion stand at the back with Heatmor and the four Patrats.

Black begs the three to return the Pokemon to their trainers, and promise that they will never fight and make their Pokemon suffer again. He then corrects himself in saying that Shoko and Trish didn't really fight, but simply had an argument because they really cared about each other as friends. In other words, although they quarreled, they didn't really fight. Black realizes that he isn't really making sense, and believes that the more important thing is how Heatmor and the Patrats feel. He hopes that the three will listen to their wishes, and Heatmor and the Patrats start to mutter something in their language to Virizion and Terrakion while Shoko and Trish watch in anxiety. Finally, Virizion and Terrakion nod in approval, and the Pokemon all run back to their trainers, who also rush forward to hug them.

Black is thankful that the legendary Pokemon understand after all, but Cobalion suddenly hoists him up by his jacket with its horn, startling him. The blue goat keeps him suspended for a moment, and steals a glance at Terrakion and Virizion, who both nod with content grins. Cobalion then releases Black, and in a swirl of wind, all three Pokemon vanish from the scene.

Later, Shoko thanks Black, and says she will use her newfound courage to improve her Patrat Show. Trish grins that she will support Shoko all the way, and believes that her skills should extend to other kinds of Pokemon as well. Shoko waves goodbye to Black, grateful for their encounter, and Black laughs in content as he waves back. However, Iris mocks that he shouldn't really laugh, and reminds him of his plan to capture the legendary Pokemon, who have now gone off somewhere unknown. Black freezes at the comment, and cries that he has indeed forgotten all about it.

And so, after hearing Black out, the legendary Cobalion, Terrakion and Virizion dash off into the land. It is unknown whether Black's words got through to them, and whether or not it changed their trust in humans. However, as the entire region of Unova is about to fall into wicked hands, the Sacred Swords trio get themselves ready to take part in the big fight against evil…

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us

507: VS Cobalion & Terrakion & Virizion II

Volume 49