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At the sight of Alder lying on the ground next to his fallen Bouffalant, Escavalier and Vanilluxe, Black gasps in horror, and wonders who did this to the Unova Champion. He directs his gaze forward, and bolts in shock when he sees N. Marshal turns around in surprise to see Black, White and Iris, and the three quickly get down from the cliff with the help of Brav and Fraxure to join the Elite 4 member.

Black requests to know what is going on, and Marshal explains that his mentor is currently having a field battle with N. Unfortunately, his mentor seems to be at a disadvantage right now. Black grunts that N must have resorted to sly and despicable tricks again, and Iris rushes over to check on Alder, whom she calls gramps. The man feels grateful to see Iris, and tells her not to worry. He grins that he just got himself caught up in the collateral damage from Zorua's attack, and jokes that although he was quick and adept in his younger days, age has certainly taken a toll on his body.

The Unova Champion states that he is having a proper Pokemon battle with N which is in accordance to the rules, and says there is always a winner and a loser in a match, telling the kids not to fret about it. White wants to know why Iris called Alder gramps, and Marshal explains that it is how the girl likes to address both Drayden, the Opelucid City's mayor, and his mentor. Iris states that Drayden is her gramps who saw the ability in her to wield dragon types. On the other hand, Alder is her gramps who taught her about the spirit. She feels upset that someone is hurting her beloved gramps like that, and shoots an angry look at N.

Alder regains his stance to send out Accelgor, who charges forward to lash out at N's Archeops. Archeops easily jumps out of the way, and retaliates with a swing, but Accelgor makes a quick evasion as well, and White can see that both Pokemon possess amazing agility. Accelgor continues to chase down Archeops, and suddenly shoots out a blast of liquid which hits the ancient bird directly in the chest. Archeops widens its eyes in pain, and as the liquid soaks through its fur, it collapses onto the ground, fainting.

N recognizes the move as Acid Spray, and White reads from her Pokedex that it is an attack where the user spits out a fluid that can melt the target. Black remembers it as one of Alder's signature attacks, and is glad that one of N's Pokemon is knocked out. Marshal states that it is a 4 on 4 double-battle, but his mentor only has Accelgor left while N still has Zorua and can send out another Pokemon. The Elite 4 member has a bad feeling about what N is going to use next, and in that instant, Zekrom spreads its wings to go airborne.

It is only in that moment that Black, White and Iris notice the presence of the black dragon, and Black gasps in realization that it is the legendary Zekrom. Suddenly, something stirs in his bag, and he reaches in to find the Light Stone shaking and giving off an intense glow. Iris exclaims at the stone is reacting vigorously, and in the next instant, Reshiram materializes out from the Light Stone and heads straight towards Zekrom. However, as Zekrom lets out a roar and stares down at it, Reshiram's eyes widen with astonishment, and the white dragon mysteriously retreats back into the ancient artifact.

Black pants to catch his breath as the intense energy left behind by Reshiram radiates through his body, and N is bemused to see that the boy has possession of the Light Stone. Alder grins that Black shouldn't try to help him even though he is losing, but N states that Black will not be able to help because he has failed to restore Reshiram from the Light Stone. Still, he finds it surprising and baffling that Reshiram has chosen Black, and decides that it is another unsolved equation he needs to tackle.

The young man remarks that they seem to be under the assumption that he will use Zekrom as his fourth Pokemon, but it is not what he has planned. He beckons to something which has been hiding behind a rock all this time, and both Black and White bolt in shock when it reveals itself to be Gigi.

The little Tepig leaps into battle next to Zorua, and together they start charging towards Accelgor. Marshal is bewildered that N has chosen to use two basic stage Pokemon, but Iris notices that both Pokemon seem to be unbelievable fast, even exceeding the speed of Alder's Accelgor, who is famous for its agility.

Alder knows that his Accelgor is weak towards Tepig's fire attacks, and decides to knock out his threat first. Accelgor unleashes an Acid Spray on Gigi, which hits directly and causes White to look away, but to everyone's surprise, another Gigi appears behind Accelgor, and the one which Accelgor attacked grows two red spots between its eyebrows, revealing itself to be Zorua in disguise. Black gasps that it is Zorua's Illusion trick, and in that instant, Gigi blows out a blast of fire from its snout, and engulfs Accelgor in flames.

The shell out Pokemon collapses onto the ground, and struggles to get up as its body hurts from the burns. It sees Alder beckoning to it, and hurriedly moves over, but to its shock, Alder suddenly grows two red spots between his eyebrows, and morphs back into Zorua before delivering a deadly blow on it. Accelgor faints on the ground, next to Bouffalant, Escavalier and Vanilluxe, and Marshal gasps in disbelief that all four Pokemon of his mentor have fainted, which means that his mentor has lost against N.

The young man grins that everyone at the scene can serve as his witness, and says he has finally surpassed the Champion. He states that Team Plasma has always tried to spread their 'Ideals' on the correct way for Pokemon to live, which is to be liberated from selfish humans who trap them in Pokeballs. Now that he has beaten the Champion, who stands at the peak of all these selfish trainers, he can finally prove to them that the 'Ideals' of Team Plasma is the right way. From now on, people will understand Team Plasma's 'Ideals', and liberate all their Pokemon. N addresses to his father Ghetsis in his mind, and says a world where Pokemon can live happily ever after shall now begin.

N then bends down to Gigi, and compliments on its success in surpassing the Champion. He recalls hearing its voice within, and seeing this day in his mind when they met in Nimbasa. He turns to White, asking what she thinks of Gigi's splendid work, and wonders why she isn't congratulating her dear friend on having accomplished something with its talents. Marshal raises an eyebrow at N's remark as he remembers what happened to White in Nimbasa, and the girl confirms his suspicion that this is the Tepig who left her and chose to go with N.

N believes that White must still think Gigi is only meant for the show business and wants it to come back to her like she did, but White denies it, and says to be fair, she was in no position to judge Gigi's choice back in Nimbasa because she herself knew nothing about Pokemon battling. For that reason, she has in fact started to explore and learn about it since she parted ways with Gigi.

N trusts her words, and states that he could see her efforts simply by looking at her Pokemon, especially the Servine he left her with, which has now evolved into a Serperior. He remarks that they seem to have developed both experience and trust in her with time, and says he could even sense that she is starting to hear the voices of her Pokemon.

White appreciates his compliment, but wishes to tell Gigi what she has been wanting to say all this time. She tells the little Tepig that it is alright that it chooses its own path, and wants it to keep going if battling is what it wants. However, if it decides to return to the show business some day, it is always welcome to come back to her. When that happens, she will not allow N to interfere anymore, and will fight to protect Gigi's wish.

N feels impressed by what White says, and places his hands on her shoulders. He thinks that they are actually not in opposing positions, as White apparently shares his 'Ideals'. N's words upset Black, however, and he quickly pulls White away, telling N to keep his hands off his President.

N simply turns away in response, and at that moment, a familiar voice shouts that Black cannot let the opportunity slip past him. Without warning, a Samurott appears, and stops N in his tracks by smashing the boulder in front of him with one of its seamitars. Prof. Cedric Juniper then enters the scene, and says he seems to have arrived at the right time.

Black is surprised by the professor's sudden appearance, and recognizes the giant blue sea lion as the final evolution form of Oshawott. He wonders where it came from, but Cedric states that he will explain later. He reminds Black of his desire to rescue the Gymleaders, and says in order to do that, he must locate the lair of Team Plasma where they are held captive. Right now, they are given the perfect chance, for if they defeat the King of Team Plasma, N, they will be able to learn of the whereabouts of Team Plasma's castle.

With that, Samurott takes lead, and both Bo and Amanda stand by its side, ready to work together…

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us

509: VS Archeops

Volume 49