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At the Unova Pokemon League, everyone gasps in astonishment as the Light Stone in Black's bagpack glows and materializes into the legendary white dragon, Reshiram. Black picks Cheren up into his arms, who remains unconscious, and Reshiram slowly lands itself onto the glass rooftop of the building, its presence drawing exclamation from the Elite 4, Cedric and Aurea Juniper, Fennel and Amanita, Petash, Looker, the Announcer, Secretta and Zinzolin.

The legendary dragon's weight soon proves to be too much for the thin glass rooftop to bear, and it cracks and shatters into pieces. With Brav's help, Black descends back onto the arena stage together with Reshiram, and as soon as he touches ground, Zinzolin marvels that the boy's determined cry has made Reshiram return to its true form from the Light Stone. Black is less than amused however, and after carefully placing Cheren down, turns to glare at the robed man, whom he initially addresses as Gray, but then corrects himself as Zinzolin, one of Team Plasma's Seven Sages. He accuses the man for tampering with the mind of his good friend for his own amusement and desire, and vows to make him pay.

At that moment, Black's capsule moves to the top of the finalists' board, signifying his victory over Cheren, and Zinzolin congratulates the boy for finally accomplishing his dream in conquering the League. The unfortunate thing is, not a single audience is present to witness his moment. Black glances over to see that the audience stands have been emptied out, and Secretta informs him that everyone has been evacuated to safety under the guidance of Drayden and Iris, just in case something bad should happen. Black feels grateful about the arrangement, for it spares him the concern of acting out his anger in the presence of innocent bystanders. With that, he storms towards Zinzolin and grabs him by the collar, demanding to know where the Gymleaders are, and where the Hoodman has taken White to.

Meanwhile, underground beneath the Pokemon League building, Brycen ventures downwards in total darkness, and makes another attempt to contact White on her Xtransceiver. However, he receives no reply, and starts to get worried about the girl since he has not been able to reach her ever since she informed that she was spying on a conversation between the Hoodman and the contestant Gray. It turns out that when Brycen was waiting for White in the backstage corridors, he sensed a rumbling underground, and rationalized that something must be lurking underneath. With the help of his Beartic, he created an opening on the floor, and indeed found a vast space underground, which he is currently navigating through via the ice chain of his Cryogonal.

Soon, the Icirrus Gymleader reaches the bottom, and eases himself off Cryogonal's chain. He places his hand on the floor to discover in astonishment that he is standing on artificial ground, and at that moment, bright light pours in from his right side, outlining the silhouettes of five robed men. The men voice out their surprise about Brycen's visit, and believe they may have to change their impression of Gymleaders. They always thought that Gymleaders are nothing but sloppy and careless people, but Brycen's ability to detect their presence, as well as the courage he possesses to come investigate on his own really opened their eyes. Brycen realizes that he has found a secret hideout of Team Plasma, and quickly orders his Cryogonal to attack. However, just before its ice chain strikes, a man screams out, and Brycen sees that the robed man has used Lenora's husband, Hawes, as a shield. He orders Cryogonal to halt its chain immediately, and before he could make another move, Ghetsis materializes behind him with his Hydreigon, and welcomes the Icirrus Gymleader to their Castle.

Back inside the stadium, Zinzolin has revealed to Black that the Gymleaders are being held captive at Team Plasma's Castle, and Black demands to know where this Castle is. Zinzolin grins that he shall guide him to it since he asked, and secretly activates a device in his tied-up hands. Secretta quickly snatches the device away to see that it is some sort of remote control, but it is already too late to reverse the switch. Black grunts in frustration that Zinzolin must have used the device to call for his comrades, and the Sage giggles that his guess is correct.

In that instant, a powerful quake rumbles across the entire League, and the ground around the building begins to crack outwards, forming deep crevices in every direction like a spider web. Standing on one of the pillars with his Druddigon to guide the League spectators to safety, Drayden gasps in shock and wonders what is going on. Before long, the tops of a fortress-like building emerge from the ground, and rapidly rise to height like a wall of skyscrapers. The structure quickly surrounds the entire League, essentially sealing it off from its perimeters, and gradually shows its full form as a giant castle, encasing the whole Pokemon League like an external shell.

Black exclaims in bewilderment at the sudden appearance of the towering structure, and Zinzolin grins that perhaps he made a mistake when he said it was Team Plasma's Castle, for to be exact, it is the Castle of their King, N. The building's rise soon comes to a halt, and panels start to open up along its mid-length. Numerous flights of staircases rapidly shoot out from the openings to extend towards the Pokemon League building, and break through its side walls while demolishing structures along their path. People scream in a frenzy as they try to run away from the invading staircases, and one boy trips on himself just as a staircase is about to strike him. Fortunately, Drayden jumps in to scoop him out of the way before the metallic staircase impales him, and in no time, the Castle attaches itself completely to the League via its staircases like a parasite would to a host.

Drayden urgently contacts Iris via his Xtransceiver, and asks if the spectators are alright. Iris responds with a terrified and slightly sobbing tone, and says she has no idea but is glad that they have at least evacuated everyone to the central pedestal. She suddenly lets out a gasp, and Drayden wants to know what is wrong. However, Iris doesn't really have to give an answer, for the Opelucid Gymleader soon finds himself surrounded by Team Plasma Grunts, and he looks up to see that an army of Plasma Grunts have descended from the castle to the central pedestal via the staircases to corner in on everyone.

At the top of the Castle, N gazes upon the happenings beneath him, and comments that the stage is set just like his father has pictured and described. He wonders if this is good enough, and wishes to know the opinions of Anthea and Concordia, the goddesses of love and peace. Concordia tells N not to worry, and Anthea assures him that everything is currently at their best shape. N rationalizes that they are correct, and turns to his partner, the legendary black dragon, Zekrom. He states that it is time for them to act, since Reshiram, the cardinal opposite of Zekrom, has apparently returned to its full form already.

Down below, Reshiram's eyes widen in alert as it suddenly senses something. It quickly spins it head upwards towards the top of the Castle, and Black wonders what is wrong. Zinzolin grins that the white dragon must have detected their King's presence, and Black bolts in shock that N has arrived. A voice confirms his suspicion, and as Black turns around, he sees Ghetsis and the five remaining Sages descending on one of the staircases from the Castle towards him. On top of the fortress-like building, N sits on the shoulder of Zekrom, and towers over everything with the dragon's domineering appearance.

Ghetsis's Hydreigon hurls someone onto the ground in front of Black, and the boy gasps in surprise that it is Lenora's husband, Hawes. The man feels grateful to see Black again, but reveals in tears that although Brycen has succeeded in locating them earlier, the Icirrus Gymleader became a hostage himself to keep him unharmed. Ghetsis states that by dethroning the Champion and taking actions to suppress the League, Team Plasma has brought across a clear message about their perspectives to the people of Unova. Yet, in order to fully manifest their 'Ideals' and perfect their movement, it is necessary to destroy the flawed image of Gymleaders, who are regarded as city representatives that people look up to, and keepers of Badges that determine a trainer's eligibility for the despicable League. With that, the area near the opening to the staircase unveils the six captured Gymleaders, Lenora, Burgh, Elesa, Clay, Skyla and Brycen, who are all bound to wooden planks by thick ropes around their wrists and ankles.

At that moment, Reshiram becomes unsettled, and without another word, hovers up to meet Zekrom at the top of the Castle. Outside the Elite 4 chambers, Marshal, Grimsley, Caitlin and Shauntal have gathered and witnessed the shocking rise of the Team Plasma Castle. Marshal turns to his comrades, and cannot believe that they still plan not to interfere with Team Plasma's actions with all this going on. Caitlin admits that what Team Plasma did was too much for expressing one's own 'Ideals', and Shauntal states that she is ready for a big fight which would surely spark inspiration for her next novel. Marshal wants to know what Grimsley's standpoint is, and the dark Pokemon master responds by snapping his fingers and telling Shauntal to help them go airborne with Golurk.

Shauntal wastes no time in sending out the giant golem, who quickly retracts into its rocket form, and starts carrying the Elite 4 towards the Castle. However, someone riding on a Klinklang intercepts their path, and Marshal grunts in both shock and annoyance that it is the Hoodman. The Hoodman states that since he has made it to the League, he really wishes to see how each of the Elite 4 brings out the strength in their Pokemon. With that, he releases three Pokemon from inside his robe, and to the Elite 4's astonishment, they turn out to be the legendary Landorus, Thundurus and Tornadus.

The Hoodman begins to retreat as soon as he sends out the genies, and Grimsley decides to give chase since there are three opponents, which only requires three of them to take on. Almost immediately, the legendary Pokemon begin their assault, and Marshal sends out Conkeldurr to fight Landorus, Caitlin orders Gothitelle to handle Thundurus while Shauntal calls forward her Chandelure to battle Tornadus. Speeding away on Klinklang, the Hoodman thinks to himself that the three beings are currently in their Incarnate Formes, which implies that they are incarnations of what they truly are. As he has already discovered a possible method to return them to their Therian Formes, he really hopes that he could give it a try with this wonderful opportunity.

Back at the League's central pedestal, Ghetsis makes his way down the stairs and towers over Black and his team. He believes that Black must feel troubled as to whether he should go up to fight their King or stay down there to rescue the Gymleaders. However, he states that Black will actually not be able to achieve either, and signals to his Hydreigon, who immediately lashes out to strike at Black's team, and knocks everybody down with its tremendous force.

Ghetsis grins that although Black has assisted in the manifestation of 'Truth' and allowed Reshiram to revert from the Light Stone into its real form, he is of no use in the current setting anymore. He points that with the remaining Gymleader and his apprentice being caught up in safeguarding the League's spectators, the Champion Alder having gone missing, and the Elite 4 busy taking on the legendary Pokemon, there really is no one left at the scene who has to power to resist Team Plasma.

At that moment, several voices come from behind to disagree with Ghetsis's opinion and deem his claim flawed. They state that although they are no Champion, no Elite 4, no Gymleader, and do not even possess any particularly remarkable skill, they possess the virtues that every Pokemon trainer has: dreams, and the powerful heart and spirit that is filled with fondness for Pokemon.

The Seven Sages are baffled by what is going on, and turn around to see that seven trainers and their Pokemon have somehow climbed onto the staircase behind them. The seven state their unwillingness to yield to Team Plasma's evil plot, and voice out their determination to rescue the Gymleaders. With that, Hiker Andy and his Cottonee, Baker Chris and her Shelmet, Janitor Geoffrey and his Trubbish, Biker Jeremy and his Scraggy, Doctor Logan and his Gothorita, Riches Trish and her Heatmor, and Patrat Showgirl Shoko and her team of Patrats get ready to lend their skills in this final showdown with Team Plasma…

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520: Zekrom VS Reshiram I

Volume 51