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At the Pokemon League, Team Plasma has cornered in on all the League audience at the central pedestal outside the Elite 4 chambers, while keeping the only trainers who oppose them busy. Just when the Seven Sages believe they have everything under control, Hiker Andy, Baker Chris, Janitor Geoffrey, Biker Jeremy, Doctor Logan, Riches Trish and Patrat Showgirl Shoko show up on the stairs between the Sages and the Gymleaders, and voice out their determination to rescue the Gymleaders. Without another word, they start dashing up the flight of stairs with their Pokemon and head to where the Gymleaders are held captive.

Black gasps in shock at the unexpected arrival of these friends whom he encountered on his journey, but before he could say anything, Geoffrey and Chris urge him to get moving and do his part. Andy reminds him that he has his own opponent to face, and Black quickly snaps himself out of his trance, refocusing on what's going on above. High up in the air, Zekrom and Reshiram hover over the Pokemon League, staring down at one another, and Black spots his destined opponent, N, sitting on the left shoulder of the black dragon. He retrieves his team members into their Pokeballs except Brav, and tells the giant eagle to take him up to where Reshiram is.

Down at the pedestal, people are starting to get unsettled by the sight of the two dragons facing off each other, which is strongly reminiscent of the legend of the founding of Unova. The Team Plasma Grunts declare that this will indeed be a memorable day to Team Plasma, which they shall call the 'New Foundation Day', and points out that the person who is riding the black dragon is the King of Team Plasma, the hero of 'Ideals'.

One man wonders which dragon will win, and another quickly snaps that it isn't the time to make such guesses. However, a young woman states that she believes Reshiram will emerge victorious, and another boy quickly protests that Zekrom will obviously prevail. An old man bets on Reshiram winning, and soon, the crowd gets divided on whom they think would gain victory, each side cheering for the dragon that they support. Iris and Drayden feel troubled and embarrassed by the behavior of the crowd, and the Sages Bronius, Rood, Gorm, Giallo and Ryoku sigh in unison at how mundane the people of Unova are. They believe that everyone is clearly too unenlightened to comprehend the significance behind the battle between Ideals and Truth, and this great battle is obviously not for them to witness. Ghetsis points out that people are foolish beings, which is why they need someone to guide to towards the right path. For that to happen, they must eliminate all those who would delude them, like the seven trainers who are trying to get in their way now.

Ghetsis frees Zinzolin from his restraints with Hydreigon, and Zinzolin wishes to explain himself. However, Ghetsis has no intention of questioning him about his unapproved solo mission right now, and tells him to go ahead to join the battle. With that, the Seven Sages each send out a Pokemon to attack, which consists of Ghetsis's Seismitoad, Rood's Lampent, Bronius's Amoonguss, Giallo's Zweilous, Ryoku's Scolipede, Gorm's Mandibuzz and Zinzolin's Cryogonal.

They materialize in front of the seven trainers to intercept their path, and quickly engage in close up battles with their Pokemon. The trainers are clearly caught by surprise by their ambushers, and Trish and Jeremy believe it will be a tough fight since they have equal numbers on both sides. Geoffrey orders a Clear Smog from his Trubbish, but barely affects Ryoku's Scolipede. Rood counters with Lampent's Hex, which instantly knocks back the trash bag Pokemon. The clash catches Black's attention from above, and the boy quickly sends out Bo, Costa, Musha and Tula to assist his friends. Bo and Tula intercept Mandibuzz as it is about to attack Cottonee, and Andy thanks Black for his help.

Brav gets a bit worried by Black's decision to divert his forces, but Black assures it that it will be alright, since the crowd of Pokemon who usually follows N is obviously missing, which means Zekrom is N's only Pokemon. Black believes that he should battle with Reshiram alone as well, and retrieves Brav into its Pokeball as he hops onto the back of the white dragon.

Facing N, Black feels overwhelmed that this time has finally come, and couldn't stop his body from trembling. The truth is, he still has trouble believing that he is partnering up with the legendary Reshiram to battle its legendary counterpart, Zekrom, who has joined forces with N. Although the battle hasn't really started, the mere power exuded by both dragons is already taking a toll on his body and mind, and he is using his every might to stay focused on the dragon of 'Truth'.

In contrast, N is completely at ease sitting on the shoulder of the dragon of 'Ideals'. He notices the anxiety and agony on Black's face, and states that his body and mind are bailing out on him because he is not listening to the voice of his friend, Reshiram.

At that moment, Reshiram lets out a roar, and charges forward with a kick. Zekrom fends off the attack with its right arm, and the impact causes Black to tumble backwards. Reshiram does a somersault in the air, and builds up a ball of flame in its mouth before firing it off towards Zekrom. The move strikes Zekrom directly in the chest, causing an explosion, and Black wonders if it scored a hit. However, when the smoke clears, he sees that despite the damage, Zekrom is still standing, and N grins that perhaps Black is unable to hear Reshiram's voice after all. With that, he orders a Dragon Pulse from Zekrom, and forces Reshiram to dodge and angle its flight, which nearly throws Black off its back again. Black feels frustrated that staying balanced on Reshiram is tough enough, and sincerely hopes that the white dragon would tell him what to do.

Down below, Cedric Juniper watches the fight between the dragons, and feels worried for Black, who clearly has trouble harnessing Reshiram's power. He wishes that he could render help in some way, but lacks a means to travel by air. Just then, a voice offers to help, and Cedric turns around to see that it is Luke Kermit, one of the finalists beaten by Black. With the help of his Croagunk, the man takes out a large hot-air balloon resembling a Drifblim, and says it is called the Mimic Balloon Type F, Gadget 13 of the International Police Arms. Cedric gasps in shock that Luke is part of the international police force, and the man, who is Looker in disguise, is astonished that he got busted. Croagunk does a face-palm, and doesn't understand how its trainer could be so stupid, since anyone could have made the connection when he mentioned the gadget origin.

Still, Looker attempts to maintain his disguise, and insists that he is just an ordinary League contestant. He sidetracks Cedric's questions, and urges him to climb into the balloon if he wants to assist Black. At that moment, Petash comes running over with his Deino, and yells that he would like to help as well. The PokeManiac throws himself into the hot-air balloon's basket just as it is taking off, and nearly crushes Looker and Cedric.

Meanwhile, Reshiram has gained a distance between itself and Zekrom, and Black has time to muse from his memory that Reshiram was one of the dragons involved in the legend of Unova's foundation. According to the myth, two twin princes built Unova with the help of a powerful dragon, but when the princes began to seek different things, the legendary dragon split into two, and each followed a prince. If he remembers correctly, Reshiram stayed with the younger prince who sought 'Truth', and it would appear that he is the only trainer since the legendary prince who has sat on Reshiram's back. He is curious to know if the prince suffered just like he does now, and wonders what kind of attitude he battled with. More important, Black really wishes to understand why Reshiram has chosen him out of so many trainers.

Just then, Black hears his name called, and looks over to see the Drifblim-shaped hot-air balloon hovering close. On it, Cedric Juniper, Looker and Petash holler that they have come to help, and proceed to call forward Croagunk, Samurott, and Deino to attack Zekrom. Samurott pulls out a seamitar from its foreleg sheaths, and swings it hard to deliver a slash. However, Zekrom easily blocks it out with its arm, and even shatters the seamitar into pieces. Cedric Juniper gasps in shock at the dragon's tough exterior, and Zekrom delivers a swing, which sends the three Pokemon flying backwards, Croagunk and Deino tumbling into their trainers, and Samurott crashing into the hot-air balloon.

Watching from Reshiram's back, Black sees that although the Pokemon all have strong battling will, their powers are simply no match for the legendary Zekrom. He knows that Reshiram is the only one they can count on, and really wishes to understand its mind, even more so than its strength and weakness, or how to attack or defend properly.

At that moment, Zekrom's turbine-like tail begins to flash and spin, which causes Cedric to let out a gasp. In the next instant, a powerful bolt of electricity crashes down from above and strikes at Reshiram, causing it to shriek in pain and once again throws Black off his balance. Looker, Petash and Cedric watch in bewilderment as Black narrowly halts his fall by grabbing onto Reshiram's tail. Yet, the white dragon's tail suddenly flares into a shade of red and rapidly heats up. Black quickly leaps to his feet as he feels it burning him, and demands to know what is going on.

Cedric realizes that Black really knows little about the legendary dragons, and tells the boy to give him his Pokedex. Black doesn't understand why the professor would want to check his device at such a critical time, and Cedric explains that being at this critical time is exact the reason why. Black sends Brav out to bring his Pokedex over to Cedric, and Looker wants to know what he plans to do. Cedric explains that battling isn't really his strength as Black pointed out, but he is a scholar, and he will use his knowledge and research work to help. He begins performing an update to Black's Pokedex, and installs information about Zekrom and Reshiram which he collected from ruins, scriptures and legends that have been passed down through generations. He believes that by knowing about the biology and characteristics of the dragons, Black may find it easier to understand the mind of Reshiram.

In no time, the update is complete, and Cedric has Brav deliver the Dex back to Black. Black quickly accesses the new information, and learns that although the two are dragon types, they each embody an extra element which governs the nature of their attacks. For Zekrom, it is electric, and its turbine-like tail works like a generator which can create a large amount of powerful electricity. As for Reshiram, it controls fire, and its torch-like tail is capable of generating an enormous body of heat energy, which was exactly what happened when he fell onto its tail earlier. Clearly, when Zekrom attack struck it, its emotions were stirred up, causing its tail to flare and release the intense heat.

As Black reads on, he soon understands that Reshiram chose him as its trainer when it was still in the Light Stone form because he is someone who understands his Pokemon through the Pokedex and by engaging in battles with them, a perspective which is directly in conflict with what Team Plasma and N preach. N has been clear on his 'Ideals' all along, which made him connect with Zekrom right away and allowed the black dragon to revert from its stone form immediately. On the other hand, he has not been in touch with his 'Truth' when he encountered the Light Stone, which is why Reshiram stayed in its stone form, waiting for him to come to terms to with his 'Truth'. Now, he realizes that it doesn't really matter why Reshiram chose him or in what attitude he should approach the battle with. The only thing he needs to know is that this is a fateful battle which he doesn't want to lose, and he shall give his best to synchronize his thoughts with Reshiram to defeat Zekrom.

With that, Black clutches onto the dragon of 'Truth' with determination, and declares that things will get serious from now on. Black's change in emotions alerts N, and he senses that the boy may have finally heard Reshiram's voice, which means that he has truly become the hero of 'Truth' whom Reshiram selects.

The two legendary dragons once again lash out at one another, and Black notices that Zekrom's tail is spinning and flashing in an intense blue light again. According to the Pokedex, this means that Zekrom has generated a huge amount of electricity in its body, and it is currently in its Overdrive state. In the next instant, a powerful bolt of electricity crashes down from above, and zaps both Reshiram and Black so quickly that it is almost impossible to evade. Black grunts in agony, and reads from the Dex that the attack is called Fusion Bolt, which is the signature and exclusive attack of Zekrom in its Overdrive state, a move which rapidly creates thunderclouds to send down deadly lightning bolts.

Black sees that Reshiram's injuries are starting to take a toll on its body, and knows that it cannot take another hit from Zekrom. He looks over to the black dragon, and sees that Reshiram's repeated attacks have also worn it down to a similar condition. Currently, just like Zekrom, Reshiram is in its Overdrive state with its tail flaring in red, and it is capable of unleashing Fusion Flare, which is the counterpart signature move to Fusion Bolt. When Fusion Flare and Fusion Bolt are both used, the attack which is delivered later will have its power doubled, and it is thus important to act at the precise timing. However, the problem is N never gives direct orders to his Pokemon, which makes it hard to know when Zekrom attacks.

Reshiram and Zekrom continue to stare down at one another, both panting for breath, while Looker, Cedric and Petash watch intently. Black focuses on the facial expressions of N and Zekrom, and suddenly notices the black dragon beginning to stir. Knowing that it is his only chance, he cries out to Reshiram, and in the next split second, the dragon of 'Truth' angles its body sideways, and manages to dodge the bolt of electricity striking down from the skies. At the same time, it spits out flaring blaze towards Zekrom, and engulfs it in an envelope of searing flames.

The attack hits the dragon of 'Ideals' with tremendous force, and causes it to slowly tumble backwards. Grateful that they have pulled off their stunt successfully, Black feels elated, and shares a grin with Reshiram, the white dragon who has finally found its hero of 'Truth' whom it can lend its powers to…

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521: Zekrom VS Reshiram II

Volume 51